Sunday 19 September 2010

White Rose Centre & Rock 'N' Rose Haul

Recently I've been looking for a part time job because we're looking for a larger place to rent and we also want to buy a car. I applied for one at the White Rose Centre in Leeds but considering I'd never visited here before I thought I would go check it out. It only took 15 mins on the bus so I knew I would be able to get here easily if I did get the job. I must say I loved it, me and Chloe spent hours walking around. I was also impressed by the MASSIVE Sainsbury's, bigger than any I've seen, even the one in Croydon. Heres some of the things I bought:

Urban Decay Naked Palette - I got this from Debenhams. I've seen this on countless blogs and I was really excited to see it in a shop for the first time. The colours are as lovely as everyone says and I don't feel the need to buy a million different Mac neutrals anymore - this palette has it all.

Satchel Bag - I bought this bag from Topshop for £55. I really wanted a traditional satchel bag as opposed to the Alexa style ones. This one is really gorgeous. It looks amazing (as it should for the price!) but the leather is a bit rough. Hopefully it will soften with use.

Love Ring - Another Topshop purchase. I saw this on their website ages ago and thought it was the perfect two finger ring. But it sold out and I never saw it again... until now. I love it, its really comfy too.

Lingerie - Bought some nice lingerie from Ann Summers. They had a 20% discount on that day so everything was dead cheap! I'm a bit obsessed with nice lingerie at the moment. I think its due to wearing the same 3 horrible nursing bras for the past 6 months!

I also had a delivery from Rock 'N' Rose. I ordered a scrabble ring with an A on it (for Andy obvs) and a wishbone bracelet. I used to have a really nice red kabbalah bracelet with a heart on it which was supposed to protect me from the 'evil eye' but Andy broke it on our first date. He drunkenly told me I wouldn't need it anymore... Ever since I've wanted a nice bracelet that was similar as they're comfy and I don't have to bother taking it off while I sleep, shower, etc.