Wednesday 27 February 2013

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - £33

When Estee Lauder made the oh so silly decision to discontinue the lightest shade of their Double Wear foundation I felt a bit stuck. I've tried lots of foundations and theres still only a few select brands out there that make a shade light enough for me in a formula I like. As much as I sometimes complained about the matte finish & flash photography induced 'ghost face' that Double Wear delivered, it really was my favourite foundation. Nothing could compare to the shade, the coverage and the staying power of Double Wear. That was until I tried Laura Mercier's Silk Creme foundation. I'm a huge Laura Mercier fan and I used to love their Tinted Moisturiser when I was at school. Nowadays I like a bit more coverage due to my horrid freckles (nothing against freckles, I just don't like them on me!) so I was intrigued to try one of their proper foundations. I noticed Kate raving about Silk Creme and it looked lovely on her so I figured I would give it a go. I've been using this for a few months now and it has fast become a brilliant replacement for my beloved Double Wear.

Silk Creme is a medium to full coverage foundation with a luminous finish. As the name suggests it is a cream formula which means it blends out really nicely. It feels so soft and silky on the skin. It contains several silicones which add to that flawless polished look so it would be great for anyone with enlarged pores. Much like with a silicone based primer, it will help to fill in those areas and airbrush over them. It is highly pigmented so a tiny blob will cover your whole face. My favourite thing about this foundation is how radiant it makes my skin look. It boasts light-reflecting properties which add natural glowing highlights to your face without making it look greasy. Perfection.

I use the shade Soft Ivory which is the lightest available & a perfect match for me. First of all I love how well this colour balances out my skintone. My face was looking quite red and spotty before I applied my makeup this morning and now look at it! This is one of the areas in which Silk Creme is superior to Estee Lauder Double Wear as their old lightest shade Shell was fairly pink toned so it didn't completely eliminate my redness despite being a full coverage foundation. Soft Ivory is just as light coloured but its slightly more yellow toned. It matches up just as well but the extra yellowness really helps to even out my skin properly. I'm happy to report that it doesn't oxidise at all either so the colour in the tube will be the colour on your face. I've not concealed any of my blemishes other than with the foundation. I only used concealer & powder under my eyes so you can get a better idea of the glowing finish this gives to your skin.

When I first tried this foundation I used waaaay too much of it and it looked really streaky even after buffing it in for ages. I think the secret to this foundation is to use a really small amount and then build it up as you go. Lots of the reviews I read about this product suggested using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to apply it. But I actually prefer to apply Silk Creme in the same way I used to apply Double Wear - with a damp Beautyblender sponge. It even suggests applying it with a sponge on the back of the tube. Silk Creme was designed to give a luminous finish but the Beautyblender actually adds to that effect further and really smooths it out to give a truly flawless glowing look to your skin. Another advantage of this foundation is that it doesn't contain any SPF so it photographs beautifully. Then its just up to you whether you apply a moisturiser with SPF or not. As Silk Creme is a medium to full coverage foundation it is possible to build it up or wear it a bit sheerer. I find that it covers my blemishes, redness and scarring perfectly but no matter how much I layer it I can't seem to completely eliminate my freckles which is where Double Wear really excelled.

I'm so pleased with how long this lasts on my skin and I can go a whole day without having to top up at all. Thats pretty much a dealbreaker for me when it comes to foundations, I want to be able to apply something once in the morning & be done with it. This just stays looking really fresh all day long. However its not entirely transfer resistant so for that reason I would suggest you make sure you set it properly, either with powder or something like Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray. I prefer to use a spray as I don't want to lose that lovely luminous quality. I can't recommend trying out this foundation enough. It offers brilliant coverage but with a natural looking flawless finish. Isn't that what most of us want from a foundation? Don't let the price put you off because this really is a wonderful product and as you only need a tiny pea sized blob each time it will last for ages. Its well worth a cheeky trip to Space.NK!

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Tuesday 26 February 2013

Dreaming Of Another World

Vest - Primark / Top - Warehouse / Disco Pants - American Apparel / Jacket - H&M / Scarf - eBay
Necklace - Urban Outfitters / Ring - Regal Rose / Bracelet - H&M / Watch - Michael Kors

Today I wore this outfit for a quick trip to the post office & a mooch round the shops after Rhyme Time at the library. I got this lovely peter pan collar lace top from Warehouse about five years ago and its something I've never wanted to part with. Its so pretty & jazzes up any otherwise plain outfit. I probably shouldn't wear tight high waisted trousers as they just accentuate my huge hips but I still wear my Disco Pants all the time. I bought this little denim biker jacket from H&M last week. I just thought it was cute and makes a nice change from my leather jackets.

If I look a bit moody in these pictures its because my camera was refusing to focus today. All of the functions are controlled via touch screen rather than buttons so I think some settings got changed by accident! I've not really been up to much lately either. I spent pretty much all of last week packing up and posting the forty items I sold on eBay. I ended up making over £300 by selling my old camera, clothes & shoes so I think it was worth all the hours of hell. I did get worried about making a profit after spending over £130 just on postage but luckily it all paid off. Its a pain listing everything rather than putting stuff up on a blogsale but at least you can be sure that things will sell right away, even if its only for 99p. The rest of the time I've been marathoning every season of Rupaul's Drag Race. I am so obsessed with it. I wish I could be as half as fabulous as these fierce fishy queens. I kinda fancy trying out a drag makeup look, is that weird? I have so much respect for their extreme contouring skills. I even got up early today so I could watch the episode shown in America last night. Does anyone else watch it? I'm backing Jinkx Monsoon to win this season. She was brilliant as Little Edie!

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Monday 25 February 2013

DIY Candle Jars

The other week I picked up a couple of White Fig & Patchouli candles from Sainsburys during my weekly shop. When I buy candles I normally go for Yankee ones as they have the best scents in my opinion but I just couldn't resist these cute little jars. Especially when I saw that they were reduced to £3.33 each! As soon as I saw them I knew they'd be perfect for storing my cotton pads & buds. I'm not too fussed about skincare storage as I like to have the things I use regularly out for me to get to easily. I'm determined to keep up my skincare routine as its working really well so having everything out makes me much more inclined to actually use them. But cotton pads always come in those flimsy plastic wrappers that don't really have a home other than being stuffed into a drawer out of sight. So I wanted somewhere proper to store them on top of my bedside table. Turning an old candle into some new storage is really simple, I wish I'd tried doing it sooner.

Once your candle has completely burned out pop it into your fridge or freezer for a few hours. This will make the wax a lot harder than when it normally sets. Then you can use a butter knife to pop the wax out easily. After you've gotten all of the wax out, the next job is to remove the metal bit that holds the wick. Boil your kettle and fill each jar with hot water. Wait a few minutes for the boiled water to melt the glue holding the metal bit down. Pour the water out through a sieve to catch any little bits of leftover wax and use some kitchen roll to lift out the metal bit. Then you just need to give it a good wash out with some soap & a sponge. If theres any sticky bits left on the jar you can get rid of them with a baby wipe. Fill the jars up with your cotton pads & buds. Et voilà! You have your very own cute recycled storage, perfect for prettying up your dressing table.

You could use this kind of storage for so many different things depending on the size & shape of your candle pot. As well as cotton pads & buds you could put things such as jewellery, hair clips/bands, sweets, makeup brushes, eye/lip liners or pens inside. The possibilities are endless!

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Monday 18 February 2013

Skincare Haul

Sometimes everything seems to run out all at once. That's exactly what happened to me last week so I did a bit of a restock of some of my most essential skincare products. Me being me, I couldn't resist adding in a couple of new things as well. Here's what I purchased:

Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturiser / Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins

I was using the Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment but that product is more targeted towards people with combination/oily skin. My skin isn't really oily, more blemish-prone so I sometimes felt like my skin needed something more moisturising even after layering it up with some Hydraluron. But I did really enjoy using it & after applying it day and night for four months it finally ran out. I figured this was the perfect time to try out the proper moisturiser version of this product which is better for combination/dry skin. Its a bit thicker but sinks in just as nicely & really hydrates my skin. I'm using this as my day moisturiser when I don't want any SPF. To make it last longer than my old pot I decided to buy a separate dedicated night cream from Origins. I went for the High-Potency Night-A-Mins which is a really thick & luxurious feeling cream. This stuff is really amazing & leaves my skin feeling softer & looking brighter when I wake up in the morning.

REN Micro Polish Cleanser / Caudalie Beauty Elixir

I repurchased my regular REN cleanser last month and one of the samples I received with the product was their Micro Polish exfoliating cleanser. I loved it so much I decided to order a big tube of it. This makes my skin feel much smoother & helps to reduce the appearance of pores. It also brightens skin tone & makes my skin feel really clean. I'm not normally too fond of physical exfoliating products as they can be too harsh & I often find little grains left in my hair line, annoying! This stuff is just right & I like to use this a couple of times a week when my skins feeling a bit rough. Caudalie's Beauty Elixir is still a staple product for me and I'm addicted to how refreshed it makes my skin feel. This must be my fourth or fifth full size bottle.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold / Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex / Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+

My favourite ever skincare product, Alpha-H's Liquid Gold, finally ran out after first purchasing my bottle back in May last year! I only use it once a week now so that's probably why it's lasted so long. This stuff is really potent and has worked wonders on my blemishes & scarring. I couldn't not repurchase it. Another Alpha-H product I've heard a lot about is their Absolute Eye Complex which is a really cooling eye gel. It has had brilliant results when it comes to reducing dark circles, puffiness & wrinkles as well as milia. I'd wanted to buy this for ages and got the best deal! Salon Skincare have an offer on where you can buy full size bottles of Liquid Gold & Absolute Eye Complex for just £30! Together you'd normally have to pay about £65 for both of those products so its basically a BOGOF offer. I think its because Alpha-H have recently updated their packaging so they want to get rid of older stock but the products are exactly the same. I'm not particularly fussed about having nice looking products on my dressing table so this deal was perfect for me. I also got another bottle of their Daily Essential Moisturiser. This is my day moisturiser for when I want some SPF as it has factor 50+. It's great for my pale skin & doesn't have any of the unpleasantness that normally comes with sun protection products. It's an ideal partner for Liquid Gold as the glycolic acid in it can make your skin more susceptible to the sun. This bottle has lasted me about six months so it's well worth the money.

A ton of gift with purchase samples from Gatineau, Origins, Bliss & Caudalie

I also got a few samples with my orders from Origins & Salon Skincare. I've never really heard of Gatineau before so I'm interested to see how good their products are. I got a cute wash bag & headband with them too. I love Bliss products so I really like this little tube of their Snow Wonder hand cream. It's very moisturising! Origins currently have free delivery & two sample products when you spend £30. I got little tubes of Checks & Balances face wash & Modern Friction exfoliator. I've never tried these before either so I'm excited to see if they're any good.

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Friday 15 February 2013

Crystal Clear Lift Away The Years Event

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of a rather fantastic new skincare device by Crystal Clear. At the event I had the pleasure of meeting the MD of Crystal Clear, Sharon Hilditch MBE. Sharon has been working on this new anti-aging device for the past two years. It's called Lift Away The Years and is essentially a pen applicator for anti-aging serum that vibrates & has a rotating roller-ball head. It is clinically proven to increase skin firmness as well as reduce fine lines & wrinkles. It produces an instant firming & lifting effect to the whole face. This is a new innovative way of applying moisturiser & it is fascinating to see the difference it can make. Sharon's skin looks amazing so she's obviously doing something right!

After telling us a bit about the product Sharon gave us a live demonstration of how to use the pen. She placed one pump full of the Intense Anti-Aging Serum into the top of the applicator and showed us how it works. You basically turn it on, place the applicator onto your neck & massage upwards in circular motions. By starting at the bottom of your face & working upwards it helps to deliver the full lifting effect. You can also use it in short strokes to follow the contours of your face which will really help to focus on any problem areas you have. Increasing the pressure used on different areas feels really good, especially under the brow bone. Sharon then tried it out on all of us individually. It felt so relaxing & I could immediately see the difference. I don't have any wrinkles yet but my cheekbones were visibly lifted & my jawline looked tighter. Pretty amazing results for someone with a flabby round face! It also worked wonders on my laughter lines. Facial massage is something I've briefly dabbled with in the past but this just makes it so much simpler & it requires literally no effort. You can just do it whilst watching telly or browsing the internet. Plus you're applying your moisturiser at the same time. Win win!

Lift Away The Years works in two ways. The vibration helps the facial muscles to contract, stimulating blood flow in the skin. This tones the face restoring the contours & firming up any loose or flabby bits. The powerful serum inside the pen plumps fine lines & wrinkles from within and leaves your skin feeling super hydrated. The applicator also improves the absorption of product so your skin will fully benefit from your moisturiser. Impressive stuff huh?

Crystal Clear are a skincare brand most well known for their microdermabrasion salon treatments but they also produce four different ranges of products. These include anti-aging, blemish-prone & body care as well as a range of professional products. They are a salon brand so I've never actually had the chance to play with any of their products before. This was a great opportunity to find out more about the products and mentally add some of them to my ever-growing beauty wishlist. As someone with combination, blemish-prone skin I especially like the sound of the Defence Mask & Skin Brightening Complex.

The event was held at Room restaurant in Manchester which was such a lovely venue. They provided us with some really delicious canapés. I especially enjoyed the duck spring rolls, shots glasses of pumpkin soup & little cups of crème brûlée. I'll definitely have to pop back there sometime & try out the rest of the menu!

After the event we were all gifted one of the Lift Away The Years applicators and a full size bottle of the Intense Anti-Aging Serum to use inside of the pen. I also received a bottle of the Wipe Away The Years Cleansing Milk. I absolutely adore the smell of these skincare products! They both contain a complex of sweet orange, geranium, santal and grapefruit essential oils which help with the restructuring of skin. Apart from the lovely scent the most noticeable thing about these products is how soft & smooth they leave my skin feeling. The anti-aging serum is such a brilliant product. Its like a serum and moisturiser in one & is especially good for people with dehydrated skin. I really like it on its own but its even better when used in conjunction with the Lift Away The Years applicator. I've literally only been using these for a couple of days so its far too early to give you a full review of these products but I'm really loving them so far. I always think that prevention is better than cure so its important to start using anti-aging products around your mid-20s rather than when you're in your 40s. At 24 years old this is the perfect time for me to start using something like this. Lift Away The Years delivers instantly visible results so I'm excited to see the long term difference it will make to my skin.

Lift Away The Years will be available later this month & will retail at £79.99 including a 30ml bottle of Crystal Clear Intense Anti-Aging Serum.

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Thursday 14 February 2013

Neon Bible

Shirt - eBay / Jumper - Mary Jane Fashion* / Skirt - H&M / Shoes - Barratts*
Necklace - Gogo Phillip / Bracelet - H&M / Watch - Michael Kors 5055

This has been such a busy week & its completely flown by! I've just been working constantly & trying to potty train Chloe at the same time. Both are going pretty well haha. I did manage to pop over to Manchester last night for a skincare event about a brilliant new product from Crystal Clear. More about that tomorrow... Anyway I actually took these photos on Monday but I've only just found time to post tonight! I wear a lot of black clothing but when I do opt for a bit of colour, I like something bold. I'm particularly attracted to neon colours & I couldn't resist getting this neon coral jumper from Mary Jane Fashion. The colour is just stunning & I'm not sure the photos properly show just how bright it is. I got a size S but it is still absolutely huuuuuge! If you like big slouchy warm knitwear then you'll really love this. They also do a bright pink version which I kinda want too. I teamed it with my eBay knockoff version of that studded collar Zara shirt & my trusty pleated leather skirt from H&M.

I also got those gorgeous spiked flats from Barratts that featured in my shoe wishlist! So pretty! They look even better in real life. Their sparkliness greatly pleases my inner magpie. Speaking of shoes... I'm selling loads of my old pairs on eBay. The listings end tomorrow so check them out here. All of them have only been worn once or twice. I've had bags of stuff to sell littered around my room for months and I finally got round to putting some of them up on Monday. eBaying things takes bloody hours! I've got some more clothes to photograph & add if I can be bothered. Well making a bit of extra money is never a bad thing so I'm sure I'll do it soon enough! I'm so happy with my new shoes though & they more than make up for all the nice old pairs I'm getting rid of.


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Thursday 7 February 2013

Object Of Desire: Shoes

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Shoes are something I always covet. Like most other girls, no matter how many pairs I own I always want more. Unless you're buying from Primark all the time they can get pretty expensive so heres a list of some of the ones I'm lusting after at the minute. Hopefully I'll be able to resist buying them all!

01. I went to Leeds the other day and couldn't resist nipping into the awesome new Topshop there. Almost every sales assistant was wearing these heels & they look bloody amazing in real life. I'm sure the staff discount definitely lessens the pain of the £85(!) price tag.

02. Victoria posted about these in one of her recent eBay posts & it was love at first sight. I love chunky black boots & the buckle detail looks so cool. They look like something you'd find in Topshop for 80 odd quid but these are only £27 including postage! I can definitely see myself ordering a pair of these.

03. Jeffery Campbell make some absolutely stunning shoes. I'd love to get my hands on some Litas but they're way out of my price range. These have been reduced to a more reasonable £55 in the sale and would look killer on a night out.

04. I may have already ordered these gorgeous studded flats from Barratts! I really like that they have both gold spikes & crystal gems. I like a lot of embellishment on my shoes so these definitely fit the bill.

05. The studded platform on these Topshop shoes looks so cool. I've drooled over these instore and they seem like they would be fairly easy to walk in despite the massive heel.

06. I recently bought Chloe a pair of yellow Hunter wellies & they look so cute on her! Its made me really tempted to invest in my own pair but in the more classic glossy black colour.

07. I really love these nude suede shoes from Republic. I wear a lot of black clothes so I think its nice to wear something contrasting on my feet. I like the chunky heel & the big platform makes them look like they'd be really comfy. Perfect for dancing all night long in.

08. I'd love to get my hands on any of the Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes but these are such a nice colour & are exactly the kind of thing I go for during the day.

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Easy Contouring Products

Illamasqua Hollow Cream Pigment - £17 / Sleek Face Contour Kit - £6.49 / MAC Harmony Blusher - £17.50
NARS Douceur Blusher - £21 / Louise Young LY20 Super Fan Brush - £26

As the not so proud owner of a big roundy moon face I do like to contour my cheekbones now and then. I've always longed for a makeup technique that could slim my face down a tad (or to just have a less round face!) and it was only when I started watching YouTube makeup tutorials a few years ago that I discovered contouring. I find it fascinating to watch people's face shape change just by adding some brown powder underneath their cheekbones & jawline. Its something I've always struggled with though as it can be hard to find a contour colour that isn't too orange & a brush that doesn't make me look like I have an orange beard. I love Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow because it solves both of those problems in one go. Its the perfect colour for my skin & a quick swipe with my fingers allows for precise application. Its easily blended out and has superb staying power for a cream product. If you like the texture of Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel but find the colour too warm for you then Hollow Cream Pigment is a fab cool toned alternative.

If I'm going for a powder contour product then I really like the Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light. Light is quite a deceptive name as it is still a fairly dark colour but with enough blending it can look great. It is slightly warm in tone but most people would probably welcome the effect that gives. Sleek also make a Face Form Contour Kit which includes a blusher for just £10. I also like MAC's Harmony Blusher for a matter product but with the same warmth. It can be a bit dark on me so again lots of blending is key here. A lot of people rave about the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer but that was far too dark, orange & glittery for me. Same goes for NARS Laguna Bronzer. A NARS product that I do think works for contouring is their Douceur Blusher. It offers subtle colour and definition to the cheeks in one. Use it to sculpt the sides of your face rather than applying it to the apples of your cheeks. Its also very sheer so its hard to overdo it. The amount of pink in this product makes it look very natural, almost as if you were born with those cheekbones!

I've tried to contour my face with a lot of different brushes in the past. Various MAC MUA's had promised me that if I bought the rather expensive 138 or 168 brushes then my contouring troubles would be over but both left me with orange beard syndrome & a big hole in my bank account. I know a lot of people like it for contouring but I prefer to use the Real Techniques Contour Brush for blusher & concealer. I still really like the MAC 109 brush but no brush is as easy to use as the Louise Young LY20 Super Fan Brush. Seriously, it is an absolute dream! Its really well made & the bristles are so soft. The extreme width & fluffiness of this brush means that it is brilliant at blending. The shape allows you to follow the natural contours of your face with great ease. I just tap the very middle of the brush into my chosen contouring powder and the clean ends on either side blend it out perfectly. Using the LY20 is almost like Contouring For Dummies. I cannot emphasise enough just how foolproof this brush is. It can also be used to apply highlighter & setting powder so this brush is an absolute must have for me. If contouring is something you find difficult then this wonderful Louise Young brush could be the exact product you need in your arsenal.

Monday 4 February 2013

Currently Loving #1

Nakd Cocoa Delight Bars
I'm still on a health kick even though I have fallen off the wagon once or twice. My compulsion to scoff crisps and chocolate has really diminished but if I do feel the need for something a bit chocolatey I opt for one of these Nakd bars instead. They are made entirely of blended dates, cashews and raisins with a hint of cocoa powder. They're so yummy! I normally have one of these as my afternoon snack. They're a lot more filling than a chocolate bar so I actually feel satisfied after just one bar rather than bingeing on a whole pack of chocolate. My daughter loves them too & its a good way to get fruit into her when shes asking for chocolate. They are a bit pricey but I stocked up when Sainsburys were doing 2 packs for £3 recently. Nakd do loads of different flavours from Pecan Pie to Banana Bread but as a big chocolate fiend, Cocoa Delight is my fave.

Django Unchained
I'm a huge Tarantino fan and Django Unchained definitely didn't disappoint. I always enjoy the mix of violence & dark comedy in his work. Its about a black slave turned bounty hunter & is just as cool as it sounds. I really loved this film & I've already seen it twice. I thought both Christoph Waltz & Leonardo DiCaprio's performances were amazing. I can't believe that he actually cut his hand in that scene with the skull and just carried on going. How does he not have an Oscar already? The only thing I didn't love was Tarantino's awful Australian accent. Just why?! The soundtrack is an absolute killer, I've had it on repeat for a few weeks now. If you haven't already, go & see it now!!

My Mad Fat Diary
I stumbled across this programme on E4 the other day when the main character Rae got her period on her skirt in the 3rd episode & was instantly hooked. I could tell this would be a teenage experience that I would be able to relate to more than the likes of Skins. Its about an obese teenage girl in the 90s who has just spent time in a psychiatric hospital following a nervous breakdown & harming herself. The story follows her trying to make new friends & get a boyfriend without people finding out about her personal issues. Its very relatable & I love a bit of 90s nostalgia. The soundtrack is awesome & the dodgy fashion trends are spot on. I also read the book over the weekend and while it is good, I prefer the TV show so far. The show is a lot funnier & theres less of the constant teenage whinging. However in the book Rae is obsessed with Morrissey rather than Damon Albarn & we all know that Moz is king. I always end up reading books about these kind of issues such as Wasted, Girl Interrupted, Unbearable Lightness & Prozac Nation. I recommend checking them out if you're into that sorta thing too.

Yogi Cinnamon Spice Tea
I'm obsessed with putting cinnamon on my food, especially porridge & Greek yoghurt. I love the sweet & spicy smell of it too. I bought this tea a few weeks ago and I'm addicted to it, it tastes so good. It makes my whole drinks cupboard smell amazing! I always have a cup of this before I go to bed now. It really helps me to wind down at the end of the day & warms me up in my freezing bedroom.

The Book Of Mormon
I saw Les Mis the other week and it reminded me just how much I love musicals. I also love everything that the South Park guys do & had heard nothing but good things about their Broadway musical, The Book Of Mormon. So I found a sneaky cam recording that someone had uploaded online & watched the whole thing. It is absolutely hilarious! Its about a young Mormon missionary who is sent to Uganda & has to try and convert the people over there. It basically just takes the piss out of the LDS church but in a really enjoyable way. For a sneak peak check out this video of Andrew Rannells singing 'I Believe' at the Tony Awards. You might recognise him from Girls or The New Normal but he was also the original Elder Price on Broadway & his voice is stunning! I downloaded the original Broadway cast recording & I can't stop listening to it. The songs never fail to make me smile & I put them on when I'm doing boring tasks around the house like washing up haha. Its almost impossible to get tickets at the moment but I'm definitely gonna go see the West End production in August for my birthday.

Sunday 3 February 2013

January Favourites

Louise Young LY20 Super Fan Brush
I was lucky enough to win this brush in a Twitter competition over Christmas and it is a blinder, let me tell you! I'd actually wanted a fan brush for ages because I'd seen some people on YouTube using one for highlighting & contouring. I bought a cheap one off eBay which was horrific, it had scratchy bristles & a weird smell even after I washed it so I didn't feel very inclined to use it on my face. But this Louise Young one is something else! Its so soft & doesn't shed hairs all over your face. The shape is absolutely perfect for contouring with. I normally suck at contouring but this brush makes it so simple. Its really fluffy and blends out any harsh lines with the greatest of ease. Its even better than the MAC 109 brush.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
I know a lot of people find this little set of matte neutral colours quite boring but personally I adore this palette. The colours are perfect for daytime and can easily be built up for a smoky nighttime look too. I love the definition these shadows bring to my eyes without being harsh. Naked 2 is also a brilliant eyebrow colour because it is fairly similar to MAC Omega eyeshadow. I have used this palette every single day since I bought it which is surprising because I'm normally all about the shimmery eyeshadows. Its just a really handy set of eyeshadows and I think most people would love it if they gave it a chance. Full review here.

NARS Douceur Blusher
I finally bought this last month after lusting after it for a ridic amount of time. I figured I would never get a chance to purchase Tarte Exposed anytime soon so I went for a more readily available dupe. This sheer pinky brown colour is so soft & natural looking. I normally apply my blusher right on the apples of my cheeks but I prefer to use this one more like a contouring product. It sculpts your cheeks beautifully whilst still adding a little flush of colour. This + the Louise Young brush are a match made in heaven.

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub
This super salty tasting lip scrub is such a fab little product. Its perfect for prepping your lips with before applying lipstick. I use this followed by a coating of the NUXE Reve De Miel lip balm to keep my lips feeling soft & looking smooth. I think I heard this was a limited edition Christmas product but they still have it in stock on their website. Hopefully its here to stay because its far too delicious to be without.

MAC Lady Danger Lipstick
I'm officially a bright lipstick convert and this babealicious orangey red colour sits firmly at the top of the chart. I love how it brightens up my complexion and the formula is lovely for a matte finish lipstick. It really boosts my confidence too and makes me feel almost as badass as Walter White. Full review here.