Wednesday 26 February 2014

Organic Surge Overnight Sensation Night Cream

Organic Surge Overnight Sensation Night Cream* - £8.99

My favourite ever night cream is Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins & I'm not sure that anything will change that anytime soon. So how does this offering from Organic Surge compare? They both claim to rehydrate & restore your skin overnight, leaving it looking brighter & more radiant come morning. Despite their vastly different price points they have surprisingly similar results. In some ways Overnight Sensation is the better choice. It's suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Like every other Organic Surge product it is untouched by harsh chemicals. The ingredients of this cream are 98.99% natural. Origins are often mistakenly thought of as a natural skincare brand due to the abundance of plant extracts & essential oils in their products. It's certainly no bad thing that their products aren't natural but if that is a concern for you then Organic Surge are a great alternative.

The key ingredient in Overnight Sensation is organic rose geranium oil. This restores the skin's natural balance & helps to boost sluggish skin circulation. It gives the cream the most beautiful rose scent which reminds me of Turkish Delight. It also features green tea & chamomile to naturally reduce any inflammation. The moisturising element comes from a blend of natural glycerine, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, jojoba seed oil, grapeseed oil & vitamin E. The cream itself is fairly thick & rich. It feels very comforting on the skin & eliminates any dryness. It immediately makes my skin feel softer & more hydrated. It does leave a bit of residue on the surface of my skin so it does take a while to sink in properly. Every last drop gets absorbed by the time I've woken up though and then my skin is left looking & feeling amazing. I get a bit nervous about switching moisturisers in case it breaks me out but my skin has been loving it. It definitely lives up to it's promise of making your skin look healthier in the morning which is why I feel it is comparable to Night-A-Mins. It's not quite as moisturising by itself because it doesn't really melt into your skin in the same way but that is easily corrected.

As with all my night creams I prefer to mix this with a facial oil to boost it's hydrating & healing properties. Things like Trilogy Rosehip Oil or Balance Me Radiance Face Oil work really nicely with it. Mixed with a face oil, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between Night-A-Mins & Overnight Sensation. An oil adds that melty texture Overnight Sensation lacks on it's own. The main giveaway would be the scent. Personally I still favour Night-A-Mins but for the price this Organic Surge night cream is pretty fantastic.

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Monday 24 February 2014

ELF Mineral Lipstick In Rich Raspberry

ELF Rich Raspberry Lipstick
ELF Rich Raspberry Lipstick
ELF Rich Raspberry Lipstick
ELF Rich Raspberry Lipstick
ELF Rich Raspberry Lipstick
ELF Mineral Lipstick in Rich Raspberry* - £5

On the whole ELF are a bit hit & miss with their products. What else would you expect considering their price point? Something they always seem to get right are lip products. They have such a great range of textures, colours & finishes with nothing costing more than a fiver. I've spoken before about my love for their Studio Matte Lip Pencils but right now I'm rather fond of their Mineral Lipsticks. Here I have the shade Rich Raspberry which is a deep berry pink colour. It looks quite reddish in tone when swatched but combined with the natural colour in my lips it becomes a much brighter punchier pink. I love the sheen this gives to my lips & the colour is just so beautiful.

For £5 this lipstick is amazing quality. It applies very smoothly & contains a whole host of moisturising ingredients including jojoba oil, coconut oil, castor oil, shea butter, olive oil & vitamin E. The formula feels very much like a lip conditioner. It hydrates your lips & keeps them feeling soft long after the lipstick has worn off. Despite the buttery soft feel of the lipstick it's actually very pigmented & not sheer like other balmy formulas. It wears well without leaving a ring around your lips. It disappears completely after eating but otherwise I can get about four hours of wear from it. All of the ELF mineral products are free from parabens, preservatives & chemical dyes so you can feel safe about putting this on your lips. Due to the lack of preservatives ELF claim that this lipstick only has a three month shelf life. It's a good job they're cheap then!

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Sunday 23 February 2014

Love Me Beauty Box February 2014 + 10% Discount Code

Love Me Beauty Box* - £10 + £2.95 Delivery

This month's Love Me Beauty box had a Valentine's theme complete with some gorgeous red packaging & a special surprise product. If you're fed up of beauty boxes containing tiny samples of products you don't care about then you should probably think about switching to Love Me Beauty. Every month they offer you a choice of three different menus so you know exactly what to expect when you open your package. They consistently provide subscribers with full size products & generous samples so you will always get your money's worth. I opted for menu one this month & here is what I received:

Inner Me Beautify Me Vitamin Complex
Everyone who knows me knows that I am a crazy supplement junkie so I was really excited to see this included in the box. This packet contains a two week supply of pills that provide you with nutrients that aim to improve your hair, skin & nails. I found myself nodding along to the ingredient list as it contains things like Biotin, Zinc, Copper & Selenium which are things I've taken with great results. It was brilliant to get this as a sample because the pack normally costs £15 - more than the price of the entire beauty box! For that reason I personally wouldn't repurchase it because I can get these things cheaper & in higher quantities from Holland & Barrett. However if you're not well-versed in the world of health supplements then this is a very simplified way of getting the nutrients you need.

Percy & Reed No-Fuss Flawlessness Dry Conditioner
I was very intrigued by this product. We've all heard of dry shampoo but dry conditioner? It seems like a weird concept & the results are pretty weird too. It has that same powdery feeling as dry shampoo & it does get rid of excess oils. It refreshes the hair and adds some volume, texture & movement. If you're doing a hairstyle that requires unwashed hair like a beehive then this could be quite useful. Considering this is a conditioner though it's supposed to make your hair super soft & shiny. Instead my hair was drier & matter than ever. The smell is horrendous so even if it did make my hair soft I wouldn't use it again. It made me feel quite nauseous and I wanted to go & wash my hair right away just to get rid of it. I was really disappointed by this as there are several Percy & Reed products that I do like. Not a fan.

Murad Osmolyte Tonic
This month Love Me Beauty decided to give everyone a surprise item which is a 'hero product' that their subscribers have loved. This product differs in every box. I received a bottle of Murad's Osmolyte Tonic as my surprise item & I was very pleased to see this pop up again. This is a very refreshing & cooling spray toner. It helps to plump up & firm the skin. At the same time it also helps to reduce irritation & calm any blemishes. It's kinda like Hydraluron in a bottle. Great stuff!

La Claree Oliv Smooth Day Face Care
This moisturiser has a light mousse texture yet it feels incredibly hydrating on the skin. It dries down to a matte finish & is easily absorbed. It makes my skin feel very soft & smooth without being greasy at all. It features olive leaf extract & lots of other lovely natural ingredients. You only need a tiny amount for your whole face & neck so this little pot should last a while. I really like it & will definitely be checking out the brand's other products.

The Bakewell Soap Company May Chang Multi-Purpose Pocket Balm
I'm a big fan of multi-purpose balm products, they're such a handbag staple for me. Each box menu has a different variety of this balm. I'm a sucker for citrus scents so I chose the May Chang balm. It smells absolutely incredible! It can be used almost anywhere - lips, hands, nails & body. It provides some welcome relief & soothing hydration to any dry, flaky, itchy or irritable skin without feeling greasy. This really is such a lovely product & that refreshing citrus scent is far too good to resist.

As always this Valentine's edition was excellent value for money & I really liked most of the products. I loved receiving that Murad toner again & the May Chang balm now has a permanent home in my handbag. You can subscribe to Love Me Beauty for £10 a month plus £2.95 delivery with no minimum subscription term. Love Me Beauty have kindly given me a special discount code so you can get 10% off your first box! Just enter SV10 at the checkout. Visit the Love Me Beauty website to find out more.

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Saturday 22 February 2014

Black Dahlia

Playsuit - Fashion Union* / Shoes - All Saints / Necklace - eBay

I'm a bit late with this but here is what I wore on Valentine's Day. I absolutely love this floral playsuit from Fashion Union. I was lusting after a similar one from Topshop for ages but this one is just as lovely & a lot cheaper too. Playsuits are always a great choice because I think they're really flattering on my figure & they're comfortable enough for some effortless chic. This one has a really cool cutout detail on the chest for flashing a sly bit of cleavage haha. I just paired it with this heart selector necklace & my trusty snakeskin brogues from All Saints. They're a bit battered now but I still love them.

I ended up having a a pretty amazing Valentine's Day. I wasn't expecting anything other than a card so it was so nice to be treated to a couple of presents, a box of choccies & a home cooked meal. I do the cooking all day every day so it was lovely to have a night off for once. I felt really special & very lucky to have such a brilliant boyfriend. Guess who had to do the washing up though!

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Thursday 20 February 2014

Real Techniques Retractable Brushes & Silicone Liner Brush

Real Techniques have completely taken over my brush collection. I still feel that MAC's eye brushes are far superior & I'll never give up my Sigma Tapered Highlighter Brush but for makeup brushes on any budget you can't beat Real Techniques. They are well made, soft, easy to clean & have never shed a single hair on my face. Real Techniques started off as Sam from Pixiwoo's brush line but now Nic is also a part of the team & these are the first brushes that they have designed together. Three of the new brushes are retractable & have a lid. If you're fed up of your makeup brushes getting squished at the bottom of your bag or just want to keep them clean then these are the perfect solution. The Silicone Liner Brush is another new addition & it's probably my favourite out of the four.

Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush

Kabuki brushes should be a staple in everyone's brush collection. They're the ultimate multi-tasking brush. This brush can be used for liquid foundation, mineral foundation, setting powder, contouring or blush application. Personally I like to use this for precision powder application. It's my new favourite partner for my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. It feels incredibly soft on the skin so it blends like a dream. The angled shape means that you can really get into the hollows of your cheeks & it works just as well on the apples of your cheeks. The longer handle makes this easier to use than the original Real Techniques Kabuki Brush. The bristles are softer, more densely packed & have a better shape so I'd definitely recommend buying this retractable one over the old one.

Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer Brush

I wasn't too sure about buying this brush because I've never used a bronzer in my entire life. I embrace the pale at all times. The shape & duo-fibre bristles reminded me of the MAC 187 brush so I decided to buy it anyway. Duo-fibres are great because the white bristles pick up the powder & the black bristles help to blend the product into the skin, giving you a beautifully blended, flawless finish. I used to use my 187 to stipple my liquid foundations & the Retractable Bronzer Brush works just as well for doing this. It does seem to suck up a bit more foundation though so you'll end up using more product. This chunky brush works really well with contouring powders to add some definition to your face. The bristles are not as densely packed as the other Real Techniques brushes. This helps you to get a light & natural finish but it lacks precision. I also tried using this with cream blushes & highlighters and I loved the result. It works brilliantly with the NARS Illuminators to add a gorgeous glow to your face. This brush is pretty huge though so I personally wouldn't take it out with me.

Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush

Real Techniques carry a couple of small brushes that can be used as lip brushes. I normally go for the Detailer or Accent Brush. However this one is much better than either of those due to the inclusion of a lid. I think that lip brushes should always have some kind of lid or retractable feature. Otherwise you can easily end up with red lipstick smeared over everything else in your makeup bag. This keeps everything neat & hygienic. The shape is quite similar to the Detailer Brush found in the Core Collection but the tip is slightly more rounded. It's a great size & does it's job very well. I always need to top up my lippie throughout the day so this is such a brilliant brush for travelling with.

Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush

First there came the Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush in the Starter Set - it was rubbish. Things were much improved with the launch of the Fine Liner Brush. Finally we have the new Silicone Liner Brush which is easily the best Real Techniques eyeliner brush currently available. Instead of being an actual brush, this has a soft pointed silicone nib. The tip is very fine so you can get right up to your lashes with it. It doesn't drag along the eyelid at all resulting in super smooth liner application. I can vary the thickness of line or shape of my flick with the greatest of ease. The silicone material makes it so easy to clean. If you don't own a gel liner you can just mix an eyeshadow with water or Illamasqua Sealing Gel & this brush will do the rest. It is a truly fantastic addition to the Real Techniques range.

In general I find that the individual Real Techniques brushes tend to be better quality than the sets & these new additions definitely do not disappoint. The retractable brushes might be seen as gimmicky but it's a genuinely helpful feature that makes them both portable & hygienic. I wasn't too sure about the Bronzer Brush to begin with but I would thoroughly recommend buying all of these brushes. If you ever do your makeup on the go or are staying over at someone else's house then these brushes would be indispensable to you. I ended up ordering mine from Love Makeup because my local Boots were being slow. I have since seen them in many branches of Boots so it should be much easier to get your hands on them by now!

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Wednesday 19 February 2014

Anastasia Brow Wiz In Medium Ash

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash - £15.50

Anastasia Brow Wiz is a product that has been on my wishlist for the longest time. I've heard nothing but good things about it for quite a few years now. With the launch of the new Anastasia DipBrow Pomade (review coming soon!) I decided to save on shipping & order both products together. Eyebrow product overkill? Not at all if you're a curious brow lover like me. Anastasia Soare is the queen of eyebrows & her products truly are the crème de la crème. I love her Tinted Brow Gel for some quick & easy definition when I'm short on time. However in my opinion a pair of beautifully groomed brows can make or break your face so it is important to fill them in properly.

Having plucked my eyebrows into oblivion as a teenager I've tried a fair few eyebrow pencils over the years. They're a quicker option than brow powders & a lot more portable making them better for touch ups. Pencils can look a lot harsher than powders though so it's important to fill in your brows with light feathery strokes rather than like you're colouring something in with a Sharpie. One of the reasons why I like Brow Wiz so much is because the results are very natural looking. The nib is incredibly fine allowing you to draw on tiny individual hairs. It makes it so easy to achieve the exact shape you want without any harsh lines. The colour intensity is buildable so you can create a more dramatic eyebrow if you so wish. The formula of the pencil is so smooth & extremely long lasting. This stuff will not smudge or fade whatsoever. Plus the tip is retractable which saves product & means you never have to sharpen it. On the other end there's a great little spoolie to brush through your eyebrows with. It helps to neaten up the hairs before filling them in & then blends the pencil perfectly through your brows. Just finish it all off with some clear brow gel for some immaculate looking eyebrows that will last all day long.

One part of filling in your eyebrows that is often overlooked is colour choice. It's so important to get it right or you can end up looking really weird, as I've had to learn the hard way! A lot of drugstore brow pencils have a lot of red in them or are just way too dark. Anastasia Brow Wiz comes in six different colours & shade selection is a breeze because they offer suggestions for every hair colour. Obviously my hair is bleached blonde but I keep my eyebrows au natural colour-wise. Bleached brows are never a good look! I prefer to stick to light ashy brown shades & then I can build them up to match the natural colour. Medium Ash is suggested for anyone with light to medium brown or silver hair. It's absolutely perfect for me. The only downside to this pencil is that you get less than 1g of product. You only need to wind up the nib a tiny bit though so it should last quite a while. Honestly this eyebrow pencil is worth every penny & it's easy to see why it's such a cult product. If you're in need of better brows, then Anastasia is definitely the way to go.

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Tuesday 18 February 2014

Illamasqua Hydra Veil

Illamasqua Hydra Veil - £27

I consider Illamasqua to be one of the greatest innovators in the cosmetics industry. Their products & campaigns always think completely outside the box. You're unlikely to find such a fantastic array of colours & textures from any other brand. Hydra Veil is one of their most amazing creations. It's kinda like a hybrid between a skincare product & a primer. It has a thick gel texture that feels incredibly cooling & refreshing upon application. You only need a tiny bit for your whole face, the little spoon included in the pot picks up the perfect amount. If you take a chunk of the gel out, it will actually resurface itself so it'll look brand new again next time you use it! It immediately floods your skin with hydration & features firming marine algae to reduce inflammation. It makes my skin feel much plumper & smoother. You can even use it around your eyes to de-puff the area. However these skincare benefits are not long term which is why it acts more like a primer. You put it on just before your base and as a result your foundation will apply more smoothly & easily, with a much fresher appearance.

Whenever I've had my makeup done at an Illamasqua counter they've applied it using their highlighter brush & then used the same brush to apply Skin Base Foundation but I prefer to apply Hydra Veil with just my fingers. I'm a big fan of the Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation (read my really old review here) but I always had a bit of a problem with it clinging to any dry patches on my face. Even though my skincare routine has improved over the past few years I still had the same problem until I tried using Skin Base with this product. I kinda wish that Skin Base could've been originally formulated with this stuff mixed in, although I doubt that would've been possible. Hydra Veil doesn't just work with Skin Base (although they are a magical pair!), you can use it before applying any foundation for an instant hydration boost. If you have any foundations that cling to your skin or become patchy throughout the day then this will sort them out a treat. It smooths over any dry or flaky areas allowing you to get a truly flawless finish to your foundation.

My base makeup simply glides over my skin whenever I use this product. I find that I can blend out my foundation faster with it & my face looks much better in the end. It totally stops any cakeyness in it's tracks. If silicone primers aren't your thing then this is a brilliant alternative. It feels so much lighter on the skin. The watery consistency means that it is suitable for all skin types. Anyone with dry skin would probably benefit most from it though. Unlike a traditional primer, Hydra Veil does not claim to greatly increase the longevity or adhesion of your makeup. However by temporarily treating any drier patches your foundation will stay looking fresher for longer. Skincare products with hyaluronic acid are your best bet if your skin is chronically dehydrated but if you need a quick fix then you can't get a better product than Hydra Veil.

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Saturday 15 February 2014

Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer

Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer* - £28

A few years ago the thought of using a sheer coverage foundation would've made me run a mile. If it wasn't Estee Lauder Double Wear, I just didn't want to know. Nowadays my skin is a lot clearer, smoother & well looked after so I've found that I can actually get away with using a lighter base. One product that always caught my eye was the Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer. I finally feel skin confident enough to wear this & it looks so beautiful on the skin. The packaging is a straight up copy of La Prairie's Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation minus the insane £136 price tag. I used to love playing with that foundation in House Of Fraser until I saw how much it actually cost! Anyway the packaging is really cool because you get both a foundation & concealer housed together in one convenient bottle. The foundation part comes with a spatula so you can easily get the right amount of product out of the bottle in a hygienic way. There's even a little mirror in the top so this would be a fantastic product to travel with.

There are only five shades of the Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer available. I use Porcelain which is the lightest one. I often struggle to find foundations that are pale enough for me so I'm very pleased to say that it matches my skin colour exactly. As I mentioned the foundation itself is very sheer. I would say the coverage is maybe one step up from a tinted moisturiser or BB cream. It applies really nicely with just your fingers but I always prefer to use a buffing brush. It builds well without looking cakey but never fully covers any redness present. The texture is very runny & wet. Although it feels light & fresh on the skin, I feel like it never completely sets & is slightly tacky to the touch. I've not powdered it in the above photo so you can see how it looks straight on the skin but normally I would always set it properly. My t-zone looks just a tiny bit too shiny otherwise. It feels very hydrating so I would say that anyone without oily skin would fare well with this foundation. On my combination skin it lasts about six hours without primer or setting powder. One of my favourite things about this foundation is the gorgeous dewy glow it gives to the skin. It makes my face look really healthy & radiant. It has a luminescent, light-reflecting finish which gives such a lovely youthful appearance. It would be ideal for anyone with mature skin but looks just as nice on us young'uns.

The little concealer is absolutely brilliant on blemishes! Where the foundation fails to cover redness, this concealer totally corrects it. Anyone who subscribes to the Lisa Eldridge method of using a light foundation & then doing pinpoint concealing would love this product. The texture is very creamy & it melts into the skin. It blends really well with the foundation & helps to give the appearance of naturally clear skin. However I don't find that the concealer is that effective under my eyes. It just doesn't cover my dark circles as much as I would like & it is very prone to creasing. If you do use it under your eyes then setting it with a good powder is absolutely imperative. It works well with a bit of Bobbi Brown Corrector underneath or a few dabs of Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer blended on top if, like me, you do need some extra coverage there. In the above picture I'm just wearing the Daniel Sandler concealer with some Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder on top. It looks okay but I personally prefer my dark circles to be completely covered. Considering you're getting both a foundation & a concealer, the £28 price tag is very reasonable. I love how the foundation & concealer look on my skin although they're definitely reserved for good skin days. Anyone with excessive blemishes, redness or scarring should probably steer clear but if you've not found your perfect sheer coverage base products yet, then this could be exactly what you're looking for.

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Friday 14 February 2014

nu³ - The Nutrition Experts

Although my Instagram feed tends to be full of junk, I'm actually really into health food. I've often mentioned my expensive trips to Holland & Barrett to stock up on chia seeds, supplements & natural beauty products. As much as I love that store their stock is often quite limited. Like almost every other shop on the UK high street, if you're looking for something specific you're probably better off looking online. For example protein powders are something I always buy online because they're much cheaper and there's loads more types & flavours available. I buy from quite a few different health & nutrition websites. I was recently introduced to nu³. They're a German based company who specialise in organic/natural beauty, food & fitness products. As well as having a huge range of products, they also have a live chat feature so you can get free advice from industry experts. nu³ are currently a leading supplier of supplements throughout Europe. To celebrate the recent launch of their UK e-store, they sent me a few different products to try out.

Coconut water is one of my very favourite drinks. It's incredibly refreshing & is the perfect thing to rehydrate you after a workout. I'd never tried Kulau Pure Coconut Water* before but it tastes really great. I often take a carton with me to the gym but if I'm at home I love using coconut water as a smoothie base. For a really quick & nutritious but also delicious smoothie I blend together a carton of coconut water, one banana & a cup of frozen blueberries. It's super easy and really good for you.

I drink Yogi Tea nearly every night. Their Cinnamon & Chocolate teas are firm favourites of mine. They're really good at curbing sugar cravings after dinner & are very calming before bed. Bright Mood* is a new flavour to me but I liked the sound of it's mood enhancing properties. It's flavoured with cinnamon, hops, orange peel, cardamom, fennel, licorice, basil & lavender. The tea bags smell pretty horrid but the taste is a lot more palatable.

I'm a big fan of Burt's Bees so I was excited to try their Hand Salve*. I love Burt's Bees hand products especially their Beeswax & Banana Hand Creme and Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme. This product is a rich balm that would be perfect for anyone with really dry hands & it's extremely effective on cuticles too. It has a gorgeous lavender & rosemary scent to keep your hands smelling lovely all day long.

Weleda are a natural & organic skincare brand. They also create holistic remedies & homeopathic medicine which I think is really cool. I've tried a couple of their products before & really rate their baby range. Weleda Skin Food* is an incredibly thick face & body cream. This is one of Weleda’s oldest products & was originally formulated in 1926. It often pops up backstage at London Fashion Week. It's quite hard to spread so it's best used on really dry patches such as elbows, knees & feet. It's very moisturising & calms any irritation. It features plant extracts of viola, chamomile & calendula to soothe the skin & restore smoothness. It also contains pansy extract which is well known for it's antiseptic properties. I really like this product & apparently Adele loves it too!

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Thursday 13 February 2014

Flamingo Candles Love Potion

Flamingo Candles Love Potion Glitter Valentine Candle* - £13

I can't say I'm that into Valentine's Day. I think you should show your affection for someone every day of the year. That being said, I will get upset if I don't get at least a card haha. I love anything with hearts on it so instead I look forward to Valentine's Day because all the shops are filled with lots of lovely heart motif items. I'm slightly candle obsessed so I was overjoyed when this beautiful glittery pink jar popped through my door. I've mentioned my love for Flamingo Candles a few times before. These EcoSoya soy wax candles feature a natural cotton wick which provides you with a cleaner, longer & non-toxic burn. They're a great alternative to paraffin wax candles. Not only that but every single one I own smells absolutely gorgeous.

For Valentine's Day Flamingo Candles have brought out a special Love Potion candle. The scent is a sugary sweet mixture of candy, vanilla & pear. I found it a little bit sickly in the jar but once lit it promptly delivers a wonderful sweet & fruity fragrance all around the room. It's just like being in a sweet shop! I can detect some muskiness too which makes it a little bit sexy. It is the perfect Valentine’s candle. One area where Flamingo Candles really excel over other soy candle brands is scent throw, they really know how to fill a room. Each of the classic square jar candles offers 50 hours burn time which is just brilliant for the price.

The jars from their regular candle collection are insanely cute with their colourful waxes & plastic flamingos. Love Potion is even more adorable because of the little heart in the middle of the flamingo! They've also added some pink glitter particles to the soy wax. Once lit the melted wax turns bright pink & super glittery. It looks incredible! Anything pink & sparkly is guaranteed to be good. I loved the sweet scent of Love Potion so I'll definitely be buying some of their new Candy Shop candles too. Pear Drops sounds lush, I do love a good old pear Kopparberg or two!

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Tuesday 11 February 2014

Current Skincare Routine

At long last I have returned to YouTube! I've finally got a bit more time to film videos so hopefully this'll be more of a regular thing from now on. I decided to do an updated skincare routine because I've not posted a full routine for a couple of years now & a lot of the products I use have changed. Sorry if I come across as a bit of a goon, I was really nervous for some reason haha. Don't forget to give it up a thumbs up if you like it & subscribe to my channel.

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