Monday 22 August 2011


Dress - Missguided
Belt - Primark
Tights - New Look
Rings - Topshop, Me & Zena
Hair - Foxy Locks Extensions

Another day, another scandalously short dress from Missguided. I wore this yesterday to my nephew's christening (or christianing as a sign in the reception said). It was a lovely day, I'd never been to to a christening before so didn't really know what to expect but it was nice. A bit too god-centric for my liking but it wasn't really gonna be any other way! My nephew looked adorable in his little suit as did Chloe in her dress. Then there was a buffet afterwards which meant me spending time with loads of people who hate me so I had a bottle of magners, a vodka & coke & a smirnoff ice all before 1pm. Certainly made things more fun haha. Wish I could be that drunk every day!

This dress is a lot better fitting than the orange one in my last post. If you're on the larger side you need to stay away from any of Missguided's dresses marked S/M or M/L and get one thats labelled with an actual size number. I must admit I felt like a bit of a whore wearing this to a church but oh wells. I didn't wear my hair like this though, thats just todays added sluttery. I ordered some of the new platinum blonde extensions from Foxy Locks Extensions and they arrived this morning so I couldn't wait to try them on. I'd previously ordered the light ash blonde ones but they were just way too yellow for my hair. The platinum blonde is only a tiny bit yellower than my actual hair so its a great match. I felt the need to curl them though because I'm such a novice with extensions and couldn't get them to blend properly with my short hair. I used a Jose Eber curling wand which is really amazing, so quick & easy to use. My mum bought it for me years ago but its a similar model to this one. I'm well aware that I look a bit ridiculous but I've always wanted really long mermaid hair. My desire for white blonde hair means that it can never really grow past a certain length without looking like utter crap so extensions are a great alternative. I think I'm going to give these a bit of a trim though.

Thursday 18 August 2011


Dress - Missguided / Tights - Primark / Boots - Topshop
Necklace - Gogo Philip / Rings - Me & Zena

This is what I wore to celebrate my 23rd birthday on the 16th. I got this dress from Missguided. It is indecently short, quite possibly the shortest dress I own. Also its quite tight considering its M/L, so if you're ordering from their website always size up! I decided to get the orange one in an attempt to imitate my number one style icon/fave actress/girl crush Chloe Sevigny. This outfit is pretty different to her normal style but its always stuck in my head as one of her best looks. I wore my pair of Topshop Allegras with the dress. I bought these last week in Leeds before I had my hair done. They were the last pair of size 5s they had so I was ridiculously happy to get them. The girl who served me did that annoying thing of trying to get me to take out one of the Topshop cards to get the 15% discount. I asked her how much I would save so she worked it out on the till then after umming & ahhing about it I decided not the take the card but she left the discount on. Gotta love a sales assistant who just doesn't care haha.

I wasn't expecting to do anything on my birthday, infact I'd planned to just take Chloe to Eureka, the children's museum in Halifax. On my 21st I ended up walking around the railway museum in York so I figured I would carry on the tradition of going to shit museums on my birthday. Luckily I didn't have to. On Tuesday Andy bought me the ingredients to make a birthday fry up. I had to make it myself which was a bit of a pain but it was nice nonetheless. He also decided that a tub of Carte D'or was a satisfactory alternative to a birthday cake (wtf). He made up for it by taking me to Leeds to buy me a pressie. I chose a 100ml bottle of Flowerbomb which is something I'd asked for every birthday, Christmas, anniversary etc. since we've been together. Then he treated me to a meal at Yo Sushi. Japanese food is my fave so he did good, especially since they had some chocolate mochi on the belt. On Wednesday my mum and sister came up from London for the day. They brought me some more presents then we went for a meal at Eric's in Lindley. It was really good, I went for the rump steak sandwich and the best onion rings I've ever tasted. Not the most exciting birthday anyones ever had but it was nice anyway.

Monday 15 August 2011

New Hair & Doll Eyes

Makeup - MAC Strobe Cream, Estee Lauder Double Wear, MAC Pearl Cream Colour Base, NARS Deep Throat Blush, Dior Amber Diamond, MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Light, MAC Brow Shader Browning/Porcelaine, MAC Clear Brow Set, Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara, L'Oreal Carbon Gloss Super Liner, MAC Hue Lipstick, Sleek Minx Pout Paint
Top - New Look

Last Tuesday I went to Leeds to get my hair done at Cutting Room Creative. Gotta give them props for speed, I was only in there for three & a half hours whereas normally it takes about five. As well as getting my roots done & hair toned silver I decided to get a full fringe cut again. I was longing for the days when my hair looked like this. I'm still undecided on it. Sometimes I think it looks amazing & sometimes I look at myself and all I can think is 'pig in a wig' as coined by someone on twitter. Seems the perils of having a short fringe & a round face are widespread. I think it looks better since I've washed & blowdryed it myself as fresh cut fringes often look a bit Wurzel Gummidge in my opinion. Backcomb In A Bottle is saving my life right now because if it gets flat it looks a bit lego-ish & Lee Stafford's Bleach Blonde shampoo has made the colour look a bit pinker than when it was first done but I like it. I'm just willing my hair to get growing now!

On my way home I popped into Harvey Nicks & Boots to get a few goodies. I finally bought some Shu Uemura eyelash curlers (how cool is the packaging?!) & Dior Amber Diamond which have been on my wishlist since pretty much forever. Maybe its sad (actually it is) but I feel like my life is a tiny bit more complete now I have Amber Diamond in my collection. I think this is the highlighter I've long been searching for. It gives me the most beautiful glow which is just inbetween natural & disco ball. Me gusta. I bought Lancome's Doll Eyes mascara mainly because I was suckered in by the name. I'd heard that the brush took like 7 years to perfect so I figured it must be fairly good if its been in production for that long. It wasn't what I was expecting in that I thought it would instantly give me thick luscious falsie style lashes but I do really like it. Its very lengthening & separates the lashes wonderfully. I had to really layer it on to get the kind of look I personally like as it pretty much refuses to clump. The brush kinda glides through your lashes and I think the best thing about it is how it makes your lashes look really long. The best way to describe it is as a push up bra for your lashes. Overall though I think its great and if you need lots of length this would be a great mascara to buy. If you like lots of volume this product layers beautifully without giving you horrible spider lashes. It might work better in conjunction with a more volumising mascara but I'm yet to try that out. Doll Eyes doesn't quite live up to my expectations from its name but its brilliant all the same.

Monday 8 August 2011

Love Is A Laserquest

Top - Dorothy Perkins / Pinafore - Topshop

I've been looking for the perfect Alexa Chung style dungaree dress for a while now. I finally managed to order this one from Topshop. They only had it in Petite for ages and even though I'm only 5' 4" it was waaay too short for me. To be honest the normal size one is a bit on the short side too but its fine if you wear tights with it. This is so much nicer than any other dungaree dress I've ever seen. I love that the denim is actually made of jersey so its really comfortable to wear. This whole outfit is really comfy, perfect for lazing about in. I got this top from Dorothy Perkins, it was rather difficult to find a plain stripey top around here probably due to the lack of H&M. I'm glad I got this one though as its ridiculously soft and the arms aren't tight at all.

I also finally got around to trying out my new Illamasqua nail polishes. I bought Collide (the pink one) and Jo'mina (the purple one) last month but never got round to wearing them. The hype about Jo'mina is very much justified, its so different to pretty much every purple polish out there. Can't wait to try out Collide too, totes couldn't resist adding another neon to my collection! I also found THE perfect falsies to put it on. The Nailene petite square nails are so short, it feels like I'm not wearing any but my nails look about a million times better than normal. I can still use my laptop, phone, do the dishes etc. and they don't get in the way at all. You have to cut your own nails really short in order to wear them but I prefer having these on to having my own long nails that just split all the time. I bought mine from here.

Monday 1 August 2011

July Favourites

The Little Bubble Co. Coconut Creme Shower Gel
After my yearly supply of Lush's Snow Fairy shower gel ran out a few weeks ago I wanted something that smelled just as sweet. I got this shower gel in Boots and it very much fits the bill. The smell is a wonderful mix of coconut and cream soda. It lingers on my skin and down the hallway after I've had a wash. It was only £2 as well so a its a lot cheaper than Lush's offering. Come Christmas season I'll probably be going back to Snow Fairy but its nice to know theres another sickly sweet alternative out there.

Mama Mio O Mega Body Buff
I got this free in a GlossyBox and I really think its an amazing scrub. I'd been wanting to try some Mama Mio products for a long time as I heard they make a really good stretch mark cream but the price always put me off. I don't actually like this as a body scrub, I prefer Soap & Glory's The Breakfast Scrub again because of its delicious smell. However this is the most powerful face scrub I've ever tried. I use it in the shower so I'm not left with any scrubby bits in my hairline. It really makes my face feel smooth and obliterates any blackheads I have on my nose. As much as I love the product not even Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant is as good as this. If you got this free in your GlossyBox, give it a go on your face!

Neal's Yard Remedies Stellaria Cream
I've had really bad eczema my whole life. I had horrible patches of it on my elbows and on the backs of my legs. It used to be red, itchy, painful and weeping. I managed to get rid of it a few years ago using some Pure Vitamin E oil from Holland & Barrett but they've since changed their skincare products and no longer sell that exact oil. But last month I got an awful patch on my thigh and no amount of Vitamin E oil would shift it. I'm a firm believer in the use of herbal products so I decided to give something from Neal's Yard Remedies a try. It has worked wonders. My patch of eczema has very nearly completely cleared up in just a couple of weeks. The active ingredient in this cream is chickweed. It doesn't smell of anything unlike some the horrible creams my GP made me use as a child. It absorbs into the skin really quickly, is very soothing and calming and keeps the area perfectly moisturised. The only downside is how quickly I've gone through this one tube. It cost about £7 so its a bit pricey for the amount you get but I'll definitely be buying another though because it really does work that well.

MAC Strobe Cream
Can you believe I've only just bought this product? Considering I have quite the MAC collection, I find it weird that I'd never even considered buying it before. I'm currently on a quest for the perfect highlighter as I love the look of really glowy skin. I read a few reviews of this on the internet and this seemed like it could be the answer. You can use it as a moisturiser, cheek highlighter or you can mix it in with your foundation. I bought the miniature size tube from the Sized To Go collection just incase I didn't like it but it really does look lovely mixed in with Estee Lauder DoubleWear & Illamasqua Skin Base foundations. This is now something I use everyday and could not be without!

MAC Pearl Cream Colour Base
After I've applied my foundation mixed with Strobe Cream I like to apply this cream highlighter on my cheeks and down the middle of my nose. I got this ages ago but never really saw its beauty until trying it on top of Strobe Cream. I then like to put a powder highlighter on top of that to really emphasize the glow. I think I just like looking like a disco ball tbh. But it does make me look a million times healthier and in my opinion prettier.

Soreen Banana Loaf
I used to love normal Soreen but omg this is so much better! I like to slice it up, put it in the microwave for 20 secs and spread some margarine on top. Its orgasmic, like the best homemade banana loaf you've ever tasted but bought from a shop!

Angry Boys
I <3 Chris Lilley. What else needs to be said?