Wednesday 13 April 2011

Favourite Mario Badescu Products

I've always had combination skin that is prone to breakouts and not much would work on it, even my many attempts to clear it with expensive brands such as Dermalogica and Bliss. I heard about Mario Badescu online 3 years ago just before my first trip to New York. Mario Badescu is not exactly a household name in the UK. In America his products are well known as many celebrities are devotees of the brand. Seeing that they had a spa on East 52nd Street I decided to pop in one day and try some of their products. I originally purchased the Acne Repair kit and the effect on my skin was nothing short of miraculous. Now I hardly ever get spots! Since then I've tried various other products in the line, some great, some not so great. Here are 7 of the products that I really love.

Glycolic Foaming Cleanser
To get my skin feeling really clean I prefer gel based cleansers to creamy ones. It might just be me but I think they leave my skin feeling a lot cleaner. This is a really powerful one for when your skin looks really dull. It does make my skin feel quite stripped so its best to only use this once or twice a week, anymore than that and I would imagine your skin would feel quite sensitive. It contains glycolic acid which will completely remove any build up on the surface of your skin. This acid actually helps to exfoliate your skin so it looks really smooth and fresh afterwards. Although it can be used on all types of skin, I wouldn't say this cleanser is for everyone as it is uber-powerful. But it is ideal for when you're having a really crappy skin day or if you haven't been looking after your skin properly for a few days.

Special Cucumber Lotion
This is my favourite skin product ever! Nothing beats this. When I bought my acne repair kit I got a free sample of the normal cucumber lotion and I was really impressed with how it removed any makeup I had missed whilst cleansing and was clearing up my spots. Then I heard that they did an even more powerful version called the special cucumber lotion. I bought this and have never looked back. This is basically a toner which is perfect for combination or oily skin. As well as cucumber it contains sulphur which is brilliant at drying up any existing spots. I've found that I don't get as many spots either since applying this to my skin day and night. Now I only get the odd hormonal one on my jawline. You might think that such a powerful spot fighting toner would be harsh on your skin but this is actually quite gentle and doesn't dry out my skin at all. I don't actually use a moisturiser at night because my skin feels perfect just after using this. This product is a godsend, and it lasts absolutely ages. I think one bottle normally lasts me about 9 months. Cannot recommend this enough!

Drying Cream
This stuff absolutely stinks of sulphur but don't let that put you off. This is a thick peachy coloured cream that is pretty good at sorting spots if you've popped them and are left with a big red bump. The best thing about this is that it also conceals your spots. Its a perfect base for when you want to wear makeup but have a horrible spot you don't want to aggravate any more. It will help to clear it right up and look a lot better too.

Silver Powder
This is a really interesting product. Its an oil absorbing powder that actually unclogs blackheads. To apply it you have to dip some cotton wool into some water and then dip this into the powder. Then you pat it onto your nose, chin or anywhere else with blackheads, leave it for 10 minutes then use toner to wipe it off. It can be difficult to remove and I often end up with a patchy white face if I don't wipe it off enough. I find this does get rid of most of my blackheads for a couple of days but then they do always come back. It is also great at making your pores look a lot smaller. Its perfect for special occasions when your skin has to look flawless.

Healing Cream
This green cream is really soothing on your skin. Its main purpose is to aid your skin's natural healing process. It is great at reducing acne scarring and minimising general redness. It also helps to prevent spots from forming on areas where you normally breakout. I find if I've gone overboard with spot treatments and my skins feeling a bit raw this soothes my skin and makes it feel normal again. I wouldn't say this product is essential for spot fighting but it really helps to calm down my skin after a spot has cleared.

Drying Lotion
I think this is the product that Mario Badescu are known for. This product is meant for whiteheads and it basically gets rid of them overnight. The bottle looks really weird as theres loads of pink stuff at the bottom and some kind of liquid on top. To use it you mustn't shake it up, instead you have to get a cotton bud and dip it into the pink stuff at the bottom. Then you dab this onto a spot without rubbing it in. It contains calamine which helps to dry up spots and calm the area around it. I think this is a fabulous product but I don't really get whiteheads so don't find much use for this. However when I have had them it gets rid of them in no time flat. It does sting when you first apply it but it soon dries and you just forget about it. Its stays a bright pink colour on your skin so I wouldn't recommend wearing this during the day unless you want loads of obnoxious questions about the random pink dots on your skin!

Buffering Lotion
This is my favourite spot treatment ever. As I said, I don't really get whiteheads, I get the horrible deep spots instead. Therefore this spot treatment is a lot more effective on my skin than the drying lotion. This one you do have to shake up and it becomes an opaque white liquid. You then squeeze a couple of drops onto the affected area and rub it in. It absorbs into my skin really fast so you don't have to worry about it getting all over your pillow. Sometimes if my skin looks really crappy I just rub it all over my face and by morning I look normal again. It contains nourishing B vitamins and amino acids for healthy skin as well as soothing anti-inflammatory herbal extracts to promote healing. It really penetrates deep into the skin to get rid of any cystic acne you have. It works really fast and my spots normally go in a couple of days. I also wear this under makeup as it doesn't really show up on your skin once its been rubbed in. Another highly recommended product for anyone with cystic acne.

I'm not quite sure why the brand isn't really well known over here. I imagine its due to availability since it is quite limited. Luckily when I lived in Leeds the Harvey Nicks there started stocking some of the range but the best stockist I've found online is BeautyBay. Hopefully this post will have introduced some of you to Mario Badescu because I really am a big fan of their skincare products. They're not too expensive compared to some brands out there but their stuff does work really well on my skin and every product I've tried lasts for absolutely ages.


  1. Great post Caroline!

    I have been intrigued by the Mario Badescu products for a while now, I even considered ordering some from the States a year or two back but never got round to it as the shipping charges were extortionate!

    Thanks for the reviews on the products, they were really helpful! I might have to order something when payday rolls around again (I always seem to be waiting for payday...)


  2. Interesting post! I'm interested in the Silver Powder but now that you say the blackheads come back, I'm not sure... )=

  3. Have never heard of the silver powder but it does seem really interesting, especially as I suffer mainly from blackheads rather than spots. Great post, very informative, thank you x

  4. i am so happy to read this! i am currently on the look out for new products and i think this is the one! x

  5. I have the worst skin ever so I'm definitely going to take a look at this!

  6. Oh wow this was such an interesting post. I have quite oily skin and on off spots, which I have literally tried and failed to find a cure for, so this is an eye opener as I've never heard of this brand before. I might have to try some of these products out. Thanks for sharing x

  7. I have used the Silver Powder, Drying Lotion, and though you didn't mention it...the Whitening Mask (which is for acne scarring). I love these products. They really work! And to Gaby...blackheads are just apart of the makeup of your skin. They happen and they will reoccur. But, the Silver Powder reduces the count and the appearance of them. It's a great product trust me.

  8. and oh...they give free samples so if you want to order one product (not necessarily the silver powder), you can order that AND get three free samples. So if you're unsure about a product you can test it out. Unfortunately I believe that the Silver Powder and Drying Lotion are not available for sampling. But honestly, I recommend you try both. They are amazing!

  9. I have used Mario Badescu products in the past and love them too. It's a shame they're not widely available in the UK.
    Buffering Lotion and that cucumber lotion are excellent.
    Thanks for reminding me - might see if I can find them online :-)


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