Wednesday 19 October 2011

September Favourites

HD Brows Kit
As everyone knows these babies were sent out in the September GlossyBox. I was so happy to receive this item as I've wanted to get an HD Brows treatment for ages now. I got sent Foxy which is meant for brunettes but as my eyebrows are naturally so dark I can just about get away with using the ash shade in the bottom right corner. The other colours in the palette are far too warm for me. I would've preferred the one for blondes but oh wells. The powders are highly pigmented and last all day. You need a light hand to apply this as its so easy to overdo your brows. I don't really rate the little brush that came with the kit as I think a firmer brush is required to really do your eyebrows properly. This really is a great little kit though, well worth the GlossyBox subscription fee. As long as you get the right set of shades for you then it'll work perfectly and if you don't, they double up as some rather lovely matte eyeshadows.

Sigma F80
I'm sure everyone has already read about a million reviews of this brush, after all thats what made me want to purchase one myself. I bought it mainly to apply my Illamasqua Skin Base foundation with as I wanted to see if there was anything that would blend it better than the MAC 187 brush. This certainly makes the application a lot quicker and makes it look even more flawless than usual. I love dense the bristles are which makes it really good for buffing in makeup. A great partner for a great foundation.

Aveeno Cream
Finally cracked what was causing my eczema to flare up: our leather sofas! Apparently there was some kind of spray used on certain leather sofas which can cause eczema & rashes in lots of people. So I've made sure theres always a throw on top to protect my legs with & as well as using my Neal's Yard Stellaria cream I started using this Aveeno Cream. It contains Collodial Oatmeal which is really good for moisturising anywhere on your body. It has also helped to fade the scarring of where the rash was. I love the smell of it too.

L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Silver Shampoo
I try a hell of a lot of different silver shampoos in order to keep my hair as white as possible. I always find that if I leave them on for too long they end up toning my hair pink or purple. This one is the holy grail of silver shampoos. It doesn't make my hair turn any colour other than proper silver. It costs about a tenner so its a bit more expensive than some of them out there but it works so much better. If you want really white hair, this is the one to get.

Charles Worthington Salon At Home Strength & Repair Kit
I only bought this because Boots were selling it for £13 instead of the RRP of £20. My hair has been coming out loads lately & its starting to feel a bit fine. I think its because the bleach is starting to take its toll. I figured that maybe this could help. It contains some hair repair oil, 4 shower caps, shampoo & conditioner, so theres enough there for 4 applications. You cover your hair with the oil & put a shower cap on top. Then leave it for about 10 mins or more if you want it to penetrate deeper. You then wash your hair with the shampoo & conditioner which you leave on for 5 mins. It leaves my hair feeling really soft, strong & thicker too. The amount of hair I lose each day has noticeably decreased since I started using this treatment. I think once my pack runs out I'll be buying another box but I'll probably buy it now while its still on offer.

Chai Tea Lattes
I am a total Starbucks addict & find it hard to walk past one without going in for my usual grande caramel macchiato. If I eat in I always get a cinnamon roll & an equally sweet chai tea latte. However there are no Starbucks in Huddersfield (I know right, what fresh hell is this?!) so I have to get my fix at home. Pretty much every supermarket sells Drink Me Chai's Spiced Chai Latte and it is amazing. If you've never had a Chai Latte before its basically like normal tea but with sweet spices to give it a nice kick. Its so similar to the one Starbucks do but super cheap. I like mine in a massive spotty Emma Bridgewater mug.


  1. Aw the L'Oreal shampoo turns my hair purple :( aha xx

  2. oo definitely going to invest in the hair repair kit! my hair got so so damaged where I'd bend yin it for years! so now its being completely grown out so something like that would make it super nice! xo

  3. I love your cup! It is super cute and definitely makes every single morning happier :)

  4. I love Aveno Cream. It completely got rid of all my dry skin patches. xxx

  5. Chai Tea Latte sounds sooo good! and perfect for winter when its freezing outside! :) xx

  6. the f80 brush will always be my favourite except its so damn hard to clean!!

  7. I love the brows kit, I will be trying it out! :)

    Emma x

  8. Im really dying to buy the Sigma brush ... great to read another glowing review xox

  9. I have the Drink me chai tea latte! It's sososo good, but never beats homemade chai - it's really worth making that if you're a chai lover like me! xxx

  10. I am SHOCKED you don't have a starbucks! Also like you though, everytime I walk by, I have to get one! So now I change my route LOL.x

  11. I didn't know you could buy the Charles Worthington kits already so your review is so helpful to me (am definitely considering getting one now!) I also love Chia Tea too :) thought it was exclusive to Starbucks untill i also bought that powder mix haha x x

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  13. I'm a huge fan of sweet chai lattes too, they're delicious! I might try that silver shampoo, I haven't liked the ones I've tried!

    Have a lovely evening!

  14. Oh,I ♥ chai latte and I absolutely love your blog!