Tuesday 29 November 2011

MÁDARA Moonkissed Tinting Lip Gloss

MÁDARA are a brand whose products are all natural, organic as well as eco-friendly. MÁDARA's founder, Lotte, started the company in Latvia after not being able to find any natural skincare products in the country. The company has won numerous awards for design and product and now produces certified eco cosmetics for your hair, body, face, lips as well as a unique range of baby products.

I was sent the Tinting Lip Gloss in the shade Moonkissed to try out. I really like that 100% of the ingredients used are of natural origin. I think its a given that natural products are just so much gentler and nicer to your skin than products filled with chemicals. Even the colours are natural, this lipgloss is tinted using Baltic rose hips. A quick look through the ingredients list and its plain to see that this product is going to make your lips soft and shiny. It contains things like lanolin, avocado oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E.

The first thing I noticed when applying this lipgloss was its wonderful smell. I'm guessing thats the rose hips. Its really sweet and almost reminds me of the smell of a sweet shop. The next thing I noticed was how immediately softer my lips felt. I've been struggling with chapped lips in this horrible weather but this seems to have almost dissolved the dry skin. I really love how silky it makes my lips feel, its a very fluid lipgloss. I wore it when I went out today and despite the horrible wind, my hair didn't get stuck to my lips once. Whilst the colour in the tube is absolutely gorgeous, it comes out as very sheer on your lips just giving them a very pretty rosy glow. It would look great over lipstick as well as on its own. I do really like the gold shimmer that runs throughout it but its so subtle that you wouldn't even notice it unless you were properly studying my lips. The shimmer and brilliant shine of the gloss do help to make your lips look fuller though so I guess it is noticeable in that respect.

Overall I would say that it is worth the £9.90 price tag as it does seem to moisturise my lips so much better than the likes of Blistex or Carmex. I know that because the colours are sourced naturally its going to be a limited range but I feel like I would like it so much more if there were more shades available. If natural skincare and cosmetics are your thing, MÁDARA are definitely a brand you should check out. MÁDARA cosmetics are available here with free shipping on all orders.


  1. so glad you are posting again, I missed reading honest reviews about products I love and maybe purchase.

  2. This looks lovely! The colour is gorgeous and really suits you (: I'm not usually a fan of glosses but might cave in the Christmas sales haha! xx

  3. I'm always after a good lipgloss - this looks fantastic!

  4. oooh this looks great, just a little flash of colour.I love your hair too!

  5. your hair colour is diiivine! love the lippy too x

  6. This sounds fab! It looks really good on you too, I don't tend to wear lipstick in the day so this would be a perfect alternative. Very cute.

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  7. I didn't know this brand, don't think it's sold in my country - Italy...anyway it looks cool, love the color of this gloss ! Only one day left to enter my Chanel & Too Faced Giveaway ! Why don't you join ? :)

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  8. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Lovely pics! Are you at Hudds uni? I used to go there xx