Friday 16 December 2011

Object Of Desire: Christmas Edition

Marc Jacobs Oh Lola Perfume
I used to have a bottle of the original Lola perfume as I really loved the scent. But it pales in comparison to Oh Lola. Its so much lighter, sweeter and fruitier which is definitely the type of perfume I normally go for. I tend to alternate between which perfume I use every week so theres always room for another in my collection.

Amazon Kindle
I do love reading and the physical quality of flicking through a book. However I hate the clutter that stems from having loads of books laying around the house. I would give my books away to the charity shop but what if I want to read them again? Thats why I would love to get a Kindle. You can keep all your books in one small space and you can take them all with you wherever you go. When I'm traveling theres only so many times I can refresh twitter without going a bit mental so this would be a much more intellectually challenging way to pass the time.

Antique Silver Knuckle Ring
I've been a bit obsessed with rings for a while now but I only have a couple of long ones. I really like this one from Love Hearts & Crosses as it looks quite elegant and its pretty cheap too. Perfect stocking filler.

Nintendo 3DS Limited Edition Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Bundle
I already have a pink DS but its the huge crappy original one from 2005. When it was announced that Ocarina Of Time was gonna be rereleased on the new 3DS I knew I had to get one. I'd been holding out for a pink one but a special 3DS with a Zelda design seems infinitely cooler.

Canon 600D Camera
I currently use a Canon 400D camera which I've had for many years. Before that I had a 300D but I've never felt the need to upgrade from the 400D until now. I want a 600D because the images it can produce are really high quality and the HD video is ridiculously clear. I'd love to start doing Youtube videos and feel that if I had a good quality video camera it would really help me get into it.

Vivetta Cat Skirt
I adore pretty much all of Vivetta's clothes but this cat skirt is just perfection. I don't think theres a cuter piece of clothing out there. It comes in a few colours but if you're gonna wear a skirt that looks like a cat's face it may as well be pink right?

Topshop Konfetti Fine Glitter Lace Ups
I like sparkly things. I like brogues. These babies marry the two beautifully. Topshop's shoes have become really expensive though so hopefully I'll get a Topshop gift card or something.

Sadly I don't think I'm gonna get any of these this year. I think I will probably invest in a Kindle next year if I get some money for Christmas because it does seem like a great thing to have. I would also like Joe Gilgun to be my boyfriend but something tells me thats not gonna happen either!


  1. I would love love loveee the camera, & the cat skirt!


  2. the camera and the shoes!!!!<3

  3. I really want a Kindle too. I think it would be a bit weird not having actual books, but it would definitely encourage me to read more if I could just keep it in my bag all the time for whenever I had a spare 10 minutes.
    Love the glittery shoes too, amazing!

    Gillian x

  4. So many pretty things, love the ring and shoes! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  5. D'aw that cat skirt looks amazing! I'd love Oh Lola for Christmas, it's so sweet and cutesy (if that makes sense?!), smells like jelly beans to me haha. xx

  6. ooh how much I want a new camera! And a kindle would be lovely! Good list.x

  7. I have a pink DS too from years ago, I think I got it in 2005 too. Totally gutted that the new zelda can't be played on the "regular" DS. I don't think theres much use of our's now.... I think I will add this new limited edition box to my wishlist too! x

  8. Wow that cat skirt is truly amazing! I couldn't recommend the kindle more - I love books but who says you can't have both!?

  9. Definitely get a Kindle, I wish I had got one sooner xx

  10. Amazing list, those brogues are near on perfection, I'd not seen them before! I'm always concious of my feet looking big though haha x

  11. I'd kill for a 600D!! Way too broke at the moment, but one day. :)