Sunday 15 January 2012

Glossybox & Men's Glossybox December 2011

I've been a subscriber to Glossybox since they started back in May last year. I never posted full reviews about the boxes I received as there are already so many out there that I didn't want to just regurgitate what was already on pretty much every beauty blog I read. I've enjoyed many of the products I got to try out through them so I'm keeping my subscription on for this year. Many samples are also still sitting inside those pretty pink boxes stacked up in my living room but it was inevitable that I wouldn't like everything. Personally I think that Glossybox provide the best service with the most interesting samples so I don't feel the need to sign up for any of the others. This year I'm gonna start doing indepth Glossybox posts but I figured I would start with the most recent one from December because I've had enough time to fully test out all of the products.

Cargo Lipgloss in Serengeti
I'm always up for trying new lip products and I've never tried any of Cargo's products before. The lipgloss I received is a very pretty baby pink colour with a decent amount of shimmer. It doesn't really add much colour to my lips but it does make them really shiny and healthy looking. Its not overly sticky and doesn't have a horrible smell or taste which is always a bonus.

Blink + Go Hi-Definition Mascara
I've been meaning to buy a waterproof mascara for when me & Chloe go swimming but its always something I forget to pick up. Now I don't have to. This mascara makes my lashes look really long and properly black. I'm not sure if all waterproof mascaras are like this but I found it really hard to get off at night and I couldn't pick it off without pulling out loads of my eyelashes with it (which is a disgusting habit of mine but I don't like it if I can't do it!). I'm gonna save this just for when I go swimming as I much prefer my Lancome Doll Eyes for everyday wear.

Deborah Lippman Razzle Dazzle Nail Polish & Stripped To Go Sachet
I think most people would agree that this was the standout product of the December Glossybox. I was really excited to receive this as I don't own any other Deborah Lippman polishes. I've often found myself lusting after Across The Universe & Bad Romance because they are such gorgeous glitter polishes but the price has always put me off. This is a mini bottle but I think this is a great size and I hope I can find some other mini bottles of her polishes. The colour is so lovely & the glitter looks ever so pretty on my nails. I also got a little remover mitt which actually managed to get rid of all the glitter from this polish without too much effort.

MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Moisturising Face Bace
I've recently become a bit obsessed with trying out new primers in an attempt to make my skin look its best. I've never tried any of the MeMeMe products either so wasn't sure how good this would be. The first thing I noticed was the strong citrus smell. Although I love citrus scents in shower gels & bath products I'm not a big fan of it being on my face. This is supposed to work as both a moisturiser and a primer so that intrigued me. The texture is more like a moisturiser as its a thick cream as opposed to the silky feel of a primer. It did my makeup look smooth and last most of the day but theres plenty of other primers out there that will do the same thing for less money, don't feel tacky on my skin, completely hide my pores and don't make me smell like a lemon.

Rituals Foaming Shower Gel
I am so in love with the scent of this shower gel. For me the most important thing when it comes to choosing a shower gel is how good it smells and this one is amazing. This is the indian rose & sweet almond oil one. Its a light floral scent that really lingers on your skin & in the bathroom. I like that it foams but the only bad thing is that it squirts absolutely everywhere.

Overall I was really happy with this box. From past experiences I think the boxes are best and keep the most amount of people happy when everyone receives products of a similar type & value. I really liked the red packaging for the Christmas box, definitely made it feel a bit more special.

I was also offered the chance to review the recently launched Glossybox for men. I gave it to my partner Andy as one of his Christmas presents. He's also the reason this review has taken so long because he's always at work... or asleep. The men's boxes are being sent out quarterly & contain seven deluxe samples. I think this amount of stuff and frequency of delivery is appropriate for the audience but perhaps the price might be too high. Including delivery one box would cost you £17.95 which is a lot more than the women's Glossybox and I'm not sure that the price is justified by the size of the samples.

Goldwell StyleSign Lagoom Jam Volume Gel
Andy uses gel in his hair every day as he likes to wear it spiked upwards. He wasn't a big fan of the scent of the product but I thought it smelled really nice, it was probably a bit too sweet for him. He was however really impressed with how much volume it gave his hair. The second he put a tiny amount in his hair it looked huge and it stayed upright all day long. He's now using this as his everyday hair product & will probably repurchase it.

Shaveworks The Cool Fix
This is a gel that is supposed to help cool down your face after shaving, reduce redness & treat ingrown hairs. He said it felt tingly on his skin and was nice & refreshing after a shave. It didn't really get rid of any redness or bumps. He didn't like the smell at all so wouldn't use it again even though it was soothing on his skin.

Murad Clarifying Mask
This is the one product I couldn't get Andy to try out for me. So I used it on myself as it doesn't say that its specifically meant for men. This mask is part of an acne treatment and it contains sulfur which was something I often looked for in products when I used get more spots. It made my face feel really clean afterwards but not tight at all. I really liked this product and might look into some of the other Murad skincare range.

Monu Vitru Conditioning Body Wash
Andy liked the citrus scent of this product which was refreshing but still manly. It left his skin clean and soft. Not bad but probably wouldn't repurchase it.

Monu Vitru Energy Rub
Monu's Energy Rub is a really interesting product. Again it has a nice smell that is manly. Andy works as a retail manager so he's on his feet for about 10 hours every working day. This often leaves him with aching legs so he was happy to try this one out. He said it felt like just rubbing water on his leg but it also felt very cooling and did actually stop his leg muscles from aching.

Goldwell Dualsenses Shampoo
This is a two in one shampoo for hair and body. Andy said this was okay but no better than the stuff he normally uses from Sainsburys.

Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme & La Nuit De L'Homme
I really liked the aftershave samples because I actually bought Andy a bottle of YSL's L'Homme for Christmas a couple of years ago. I remember spending quite a while in Harvey Nicks trying to decide between L'Homme and La Nuit De L'Homme because they both smell so good. Andy says that he definitely prefers the original L'Homme as the other one is a bit overpowering. Both have really good staying power. Andy told me to make sure I include the phrase 'smells nicey picey' in this product review.

Overall Andy thinks that there was some interesting samples in this box from brands that he probably wouldn't of gone for himself. More often than not he buys whatever toiletries are the cheapest at the time but he does enjoy trying out new things. Personally I'm not entirely sure whether this is something that men themselves would bother to subscribe to. I think if you want to treat your boyfriend or you're short on ideas for their birthday then this would be a great present to get them. The products in the box were good to try out because you don't see all of these brands on the shelves in Boots which is probably as far as most men would go for picking up some new toiletries. And if it helps to make Andy take better care of himself then I'm all for it haha!


  1. Ahhh this months GlossyBox looks totally amaze! And OMG do I spot Deborah Lippmann?! Super tempted to sign up! xo

  2. The mens Glossybox looks pretty good but I agree about the price! No man I know would pay that much for samples. I don't think they get excited over products like that in the same way girls do!

    I've got lots of un-used samples too but I recently found a Facebook page where you list what you've got and swap for things that you want! It's great for getting a product from another box that you aren't subscribed to aswell! The girls are all lovely too and (touch wood) I haven't had any problems in the swaps I've done so far. Here's the link:

  3. I always pick off my mascara too, I thought I was the only one haha! I was pleasantly surprised by that mascara, it was really good for separating & lengthening but I would have liked a little bit more volume. Loved the shower gel too, it smells so good. Usually I don't like receiving body/skincare products but I think the shower gel was actually my favourite thing from this box!

    Gillian x

  4. Great to see the Mens Glossybox, I've been telling my bf about it, this is the second boyfriend blog takeover I've seen this week on the beauty box front, I may have to convince mine to do the same!

  5. Ooo I love the Deborah Lippman polish, that looks amazing! Would love to see it swatched! I didn't know remover mitts existed but I sure could use one for getting glitter off.

  6. The Glossy Box looks amazing and I really need to try that Deborah Lippman polish! I love anything with glitter!