Friday, 16 March 2012

Philosophy's The Microdelivery Peel

Skincare is something I'm always willing to spend a bit of time and money on. I also invest a lot of money in makeup because I really dislike the way my face looks without it. I have loads of freckles & dark circles under my eyes so if I don't wear makeup I just get loads of 'oh you look tired' comments even if I'm brimming with energy. In Winter its a lot easier to make your skin look good. You can just whack on a full coverage foundation and bob's your uncle. As we get closer to Summer I prefer to wear a lighter foundation or tinted moisturiser but these definitely don't make my skin look anywhere near as flawless. This year I've decided to tackle the problem head on by trying to make my skin look as good as possible without makeup. That's why I felt the need to purchase Philosophy's The Microdelivery Peel kit.

I was given a demonstration of this product on my hand when I visited Boots in Manchester to purchase Philosophy's The Present primer. I'd never heard of The Microdelivery Peel before but the sales assistant thought my skin would really benefit from it. My hand felt ridiculously soft afterwards but I really didn't think it was worth the hefty price tag. So she popped some sample sachets in my bag so I could actually try it on my face. You can feel the transformation of your skin after the very first time you use it so this sample definitely sold the product to me. I then ordered my kit from the Philosophy website as they often have offers on.

The set comes in two parts. First of all you have a tub of Vitamin C/Peptide crystals. This is a citrus scented balm filled with tiny exfoliating crystals. You take a teaspoon sized amount from the pot and gently massage this all over your face (apart from the eye area) for one minute. This will exfoliate your face helping to get rid of any dead skin cells as well as delivering Vitamin C to brighten & stimulate collagen in your skin. Then you take a few drops from the bottle of Lactic/Salicylic Acid Activating Gel and massage this over the Vitamin C crystals. This makes it start to foam slightly and it gives off a slightly warm feeling to show that the crystals have been activated. The acid helps to deep clean your pores & infuse the Vitamin C into the skin. After 3 minutes you just wash this all off and you're left with beautiful baby soft skin.

This product claims to smooth & resurface rough skin, minimise the look of fine lines and make your skin tone look bright & even. I don't have any fine lines but it definitely delivers on the other two promises. My skin is left feeling so soft & smooth that I just want to touch it all day long. Any dry patches have immediately vanished & my blackheads are completely gone. My T-zone is normally the most congested part of my face but it looks clear & smooth after using this kit. Even my fingertips feel scarily smooth after using them to massage my face! It can also help to get rid of sun damage but using this product will leave your skin more sensitive to the sun so its extra important to apply a SPF afterwards.

The kit is rather expensive at £59 but you get a large number of treatments for that price as you only need a small amount of product each time. Its definitely cheaper than getting this done as a salon treatment but the effects look just as good. If you live near a Boots with a Philosophy counter see if you can get a sample sachet because its a lot of money to spend without trying something first. Although this kit is really effective you can only use it once a week. If you were to use it more than once a week you'd end up with a very red sensitive face. Its probably not suitable for people with very sensitive skin but it works perfectly on my normal/combination skin type. If your skin looks a bit dull or congested then this product could really work wonders on your skin. I use my Clarisonic on the other 6 days of the week to keep my skin as clean as possible. If you can't afford a Clarisonic I think that this could be a great alternative. Its the perfect product to use during your weekend pampering ritual to make your skin look & feel amazing for the week ahead. I find myself really looking forward to using it every week as a special skincare treat. You can purchase Philosophy products from larger Boots stores, QVC or from their website.


  1. I received this for my Birthday on Wednesday! xx

  2. oh wow I would loveee to try this! Might go hint for some samples in Boots :P I love all things exfoliating and treatments, I find them to be worth the money and its like having an at home facial :) xxx

  3. Looking forward to hearing about the results!
    Have a great weekend xoxo

  4. I have exactly the same problem with freckles and dark circles and hate wearing full coverage foundation through spring/ summer. I've often wondered about this kit but the price has always put me off. Thanks for the review :) x

  5. Seems like a really nice treatment for your face, great review!

  6. Thank-you for the comment, I'm so delighted you visited by blog because I literally adore yours and visit all the time! Oh wow, this looks so awesome, I really need to try Philosophy, they look like such a nice brand. I think I'm going to invest sometime soon in a better skin care regime..

    Lots of Love,

    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

  7. I would suggest the Olay Regenerist microdermabrasion peel as a decent dupe for this! I've been using it for over a year about once a week, and it's AMAZING. It's marketed as an anti-aging thingamibob, but it works great on younger skin as a a resurfacer, and is a heck of a lot cheaper :)

  8. I would suggest the Olay Regenerist microdermabrasion peel as a decent dupe for this! I've been using it for over a year about once a week, and it's AMAZING. It's marketed as an anti-aging thingamibob, but it works great on younger skin as a a resurfacer, and is a heck of a lot cheaper :)