Monday 15 October 2012

How Pyjama Trends Have Changed

In the late 1800’s, the nightshirt was the only offering when it came to nightwear. However, times have changed and today’s pyjama selection has increased greatly.

India was the first country to introduce the two-piece cotton pyjama set before the trend quickly caught on in London and the rest of Europe. Since then, there have been a huge number of advancements and innovations in pyjama design. Different materials and fabrics are now readily available, with the likes of fleece and flannel being two of the most popular pyjama styles on the highstreet.

One of the most interesting advancements in the pyjama industry is the onesie or the all-in-one pyjama set-up. Such a style often comes complete with a hood, pockets and sometimes, even a bum flap.

Many people associate the onesie with junior sleepwear, but more and more adults are embracing the style. The name ‘onesie’ is now synonymous with full body sleep suits for people of all ages.

Adult all-in-ones tend to be popular with those that wish to invest in snug-fitting night attire. Such an ensemble will keep the wearer warm and comfortable during the colder months.

Some of the more recent styles come footed, which means there is no need for socks or slippers when wearing this exact set-up. In the last decade the mainstream popularity of the onesie has increased dramatically, with some even choosing to wear the garment whilst out and about.

The all-in-one suit is now considered an extremely hip nightwear option and one that is great for both camping and outdoor expeditions.

This versatile ensemble is not only stylish, it is also seen as very practical and as such, full body pyjamas are a great gift option. Sales in such a style of sleepwear have increased dramatically in the past year with this pace showing no sign of slacking.

Many choose to buy the onesie for a loved one. Sometimes there is nothing better than jumping into an inviting, snuggly all-in-one suit and chilling out around the house.

Onesies have also proved a popular option with celebrities and reality TV stars, with many photographed wearing this most comfortable of garments. As A-list stars reveal, this all-in-one nightwear option is very ‘of the moment’ and more and more fashionista’s are beginning to invest in the style. With Christmas on the way and colder weather already in force, sales for all-in-one night suits are only likely to increase. Its place as this season’s must-have gift item is assured!


  1. You have gotta love a onesie! Especially on these cold nights! :)



  2. Oh I love my pjs! Nice stretchy waistbands so I can stuff my face lol


  3. You should check out kigarumis. They have been around for yearsssss in Asia and the 'animal/character onesie' trend is from that.

    1. i've always wanted a kigu! The pink rabbit one preferably lol xx

    2. I have a Hello Kitty one :) x

  4. Ahh got to love a onesie! I'm dreaming about mine already! Saw a cute cat one in Primark the other day, if only they had a dog one!

  5. I love onesies but hate the ones with feet in, it gets too hot!

  6. I love onsies! But I'm so short and they're always far too long for me =( that being said, I've seen some epic Muppet ones in New Look recently in the teens section ;) xoxo

  7. This onesie trend is ridiculous, in 20 years time we're going to look back and think OH DEAR LORD WHY?! Also, wearing them in public and time other than halloween will never be OK.

  8. onesies especially make for brilliant fancy dress costumes ! xx

  9. I love onsies but don't actually own one yet. Need to get one soon as its getting chilly! The animal ones are so fun!
    Lianne x

  10. I'm usually one for sticking to the "typical" girlish nightwear such as silk pj's however for the winter months I don't really want a lot of skin showing so I am definitely considering jumping on the onesie bandwagon. I want to find a really pretty one though!