Saturday 3 November 2012

October Favourites

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
I'd wanted to try one of Urban Decay's setting sprays for ages and I finally decided to pick this up last month. You simply apply your makeup as usual and then spray this all over your face about four times. It really does help to keep your makeup in place for longer and leaves your face looking fresher. It also stops your skin from looking powdery. Its a godsend on nights out! It was manufactured by Skindinavia who make setting sprays that many professional makeup artists use on photo shoots and wedding days. The formula is pretty much the same as their original sprays so this is definitely something to check out if your makeup doesn't last quite as long as you'd like or you need to look perfect all day long.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask
One of my favourite things in life is trying out new face masks. Nothing makes me feel more pampered and relaxed at home. This is a bit more than your average clay mask. It contains active charcoal which really draws out the impurities from deep inside your skin. Origins recommend using this after exfoliating and steaming your face. It looks quite scary when it dries, like a matte black foundation. I feel like it really makes a difference to the amount of blackheads on my nose and dramatically reduces any painful spots. I used it again last night when I had a couple of painful red spots under the skin between my eyebrows and on my chin. They've completely stopped hurting and cleared up. It wasn't as effective on the non-painful spots but this is a good one for eliminating all the gunk thats trapped under your skin.

Caudalie Divine Oil
This multi-purpose beauty oil is nothing short of a miracle worker. You can use this literally anywhere. Personally I like to put one spray in my hair every morning to give it a quick shine boost. Its also helped to get rid of the eczema I sometimes get on my leg. Its perfect to rub on your body after a shower as its a dry oil so you don't end up feeling greasy at all. The spray top makes it easy to apply it to all those hard to reach areas. Its fab on dry areas like elbows & knees. Plus it smells... divine!

As a devotee of the Caroline Hirons school of skincare I had to pick up this serum. I really like how it makes my skin feel. Hydraluron is essentially pure Hyaluronic Acid. This ingredient is capable of absorbing up to 1000 times its weight in water. This means that when you apply moisturiser on top of it, the acid keeps the moisture there resulting in soft supple skin. You have to use it alongside your normal moisturiser because its meant for below-surface hydration. If you use it alone it just makes your face feel really tight. Its pretty pricey and despite the big box, you only get this tiny tube. Although you only need a tiny blob for your whole face I feel like the tube is rapidly emptying already. I definitely feel like this is doing more for my skin than some of the other serums I've tried though so this could become an expensive new habit!

Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment
I'd heard so many good things about the original Make A Difference Rejuvenating Treatment but by the time I managed to pick up a jar Origins had changed the formula. I was bit wary of trying it out incase it wasn't as good as I'd heard the previous version was but its a really lovely product. It adds a great deal of moisture to my skin which is definitely getting dried out by a combo of central heating and icy winds. The one thing I don't like about it is that I always have to wash my hands after applying it because I hate how sticky it makes them feel. However my face feels nicely hydrated and very smooth. It sits really nicely under my makeup and feels almost like a primer. I prefer to use it at night though because it does lack SPF. This product preceded by a blob of Hydraluron is a brilliant combo for keeping dry and dehydrated Winter skin at bay.


  1. Both the Origins products sound so good, I'm determined to get my hands on some soon. I especially want the spot treatment XO

  2. I've been eyeing up the hydraluron but the tiny tube really puts me off! It sounds absolutely amazing though and could be just the thing I need this winter! Great post lovely, I always adore your favourites, you have such good taste in products! <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. I really love the sound of the divine oil and would love to try it, but I've read it's rose scented and there's nothing I hate more than rose scented things! :(

  4. I debated on getting the Origins mask in the recent Sephore F&F sale -- and ended up passing on it because I had already spent so much. Definitely regretting that. It's on my to-get list when another sale comes around!

  5. im so desperate to try the divine oil!

  6. The origins clear improvement mask is flat out one of the best face masks I have ever used, period. x

  7. Im glad you were able to briefly review some of these products. I'm very interested in trying some origins products so I was very happy to see this post!!
    I'm a new follower :)

  8. I have the Hydraluron and love it! I really want to try the Origins Clear Improvement mask.


  9. They look cool!

  10. The UD and Origins products are on my wishlist, so it's great to see a positive review on them. I didn't know that about the setting spray, it jut makes me want it more! Hehe xo

  11. I might try the Origins mask because I have blackheads and hate them!

  12. I've never used a setting spray before, might need to as my make up needs to stay on longer on a night out! I hear nothing but good reviews of Origins, I really want to try them!

    p.s I'm currently running a giveaway to win a mac lipstick of your choice. Check out my blog if you're interested xx

    1. love the sound of the setting spray and that improvement mask. Going shopping tomorrow so might splash out x

  13. I really want to try the Caudalie Divine Oil, it sounds lovely xx

  14. this Origin mask sounds amazing ! xx

  15. I must try that Caudalie oil, I have a patch of weird dry/bumpy (lovely!) skin on my left arm so have been looking for something to help with that xx

  16. is the origins moisturiser worth the hefty £33 price tag? I really want to try it but I'm a little unsure.
    Love your blog :)