Thursday 4 July 2013

Organic Surge Eye Gel

Organic Surge Eye Gel* - £8.49

Due to my incredibly bad hayfever I dread every Summer. You can hear me sneezing from a mile away and wearing eye makeup is a nightmare because my eyes get incredibly itchy. Every year I end up trying loads of new products in an attempt to diminish my symptoms. One product that has helped to soothe my red irritated eyes is Organic Surge's Eye Gel. This is a clear lightweight gel that instantly cools the under eye area upon application. It feels especially good if you keep it chilled in the fridge beforehand. It comes with a pump applicator which I like a lot as it's more hygienic than a pot and you can easily distribute the right amount of product. I find that about half a pump is just enough for both of my eyes.

I think that this is a brilliant eye gel if you suffer from puffy eyes as it really works to visibly reduce puffiness and tighten the under eye area. It's so nice to use in the morning if you haven't gotten enough sleep. I much prefer gels to eye creams because I generally find them to be more hydrating and they act as a better base for makeup, especially concealer. A good eye gel like this can smooth down the under eye area and reduce fine lines so that concealer won't collect in them. As a result I look much more awake and well rested. This absorbs really easily too so you don't have to wait around for ages before applying your makeup.

Organic Surge are known for using a lot of natural ingredients in their products. Their Eye Gel is no exception. It contains things such as aloe vera, green tea, witch hazel and menthol which together help to naturally reduce inflammation, puffiness, sagging and dehydration. I was slightly worried that menthol would sting my eyes a bit but it just feels very refreshing and I've had no adverse effects from it. The star ingredient in this product is eyebright - a herb well known for it's ability to reduce puffiness & redness. It has an overall brightening effect on the eye area and is especially good for those of us with allergies. This gel is such a welcome relief to my poorly itchy eyes. If you suffer with hayfever too then you'll know how plain awful it can make you feel. This has helped my eyes to look and feel so much better lately. I no longer have random people on the street asking me if I'm upset! Now if only I could find an antihistamine that can actually stop my hideous sneezing!

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  1. This sounds so amazing. I love the product contains aloe vera and green tea and all those other goodies.


  2. Great review i love natural ingredients and aloe vera is one of my favourite things to put on my skin.

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  3. this sounds really good, i also suffer from hayfever and something like this would really help me out xxxx

  4. This sounds great, I keep meaning to try Organic Surge products!

  5. My boyfriend has awful hayfever so this might help his sore eyes - i'll suggest it to him!

  6. This sounds like a cure for my horrendous hayfever! I desperately need something to soothe my puffy eyes. Lovely post!

  7. I really liked the Organic Surge products, I have reviewed they foam bath on my blog.
    This sounds very special and I do totally understand how you feel..itchy eyes and sry skin, never been so bad like this summer for me.
    I will definitely give this a try :)

    Ila x

  8. Damn I wish i'd purchased this with my order a few weeks ago! I've been suffering from itchy eyes lately and this may have worked. Thanks for the idea :)

  9. This sounds SO good, I've been really impressed with all the Organic Surge products I've tried before so I think I'll have to give this a go too!

    Jennie xo |

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