Thursday 26 June 2014

Flamingo Candles Peach Splash

Flamingo Candles Peach Splash Classic Square Jar Candle* - £12

In general I tend to think of candles as more of an Autumn/Winter thing. However when companies like Flamingo Candles bring out gorgeous arrays of Summery scents there's no reason why you can't burn some all year round. I've waxed lyrical (ho ho!) about their candles several times before. Their range of fragrances is amazing & each scent completely fills the room. Plus their square jar packaging looks so unique & those acrylic flamingos that adorn each candle are too darn cute. I used to be really into collecting Yankee Candles until the paraffin wax starting giving me headaches. I've since replaced all of them with Flamingo Candles as they are made using EcoSoya soy wax. Many consider soy wax to be one of the hardest waxes to attain a good scent throw from but Flamingo Candles have no problems in that area. They also feature a natural cotton wick which provides you with a cleaner, longer & non-toxic burn. Each of these classic square jar candles offers up to 50 hours of burn time. As you can see I've amassed quite the collection. They look so pretty on my mantlepiece & they last for absolutely ages.

For Spring/Summer 2014 Flamingo Candles brought out five fresh new fragrances. The collection encapsulates all the scents that we associate with the current season. The candles available in this range are Orange, Mandarin & Basil, Green Tea & Lemon, Pomegranate & White Fig, Cucumber & Melon and Peach Splash which is the one I that have here. The scent of this candle is described as a 'complex & full modern accord with notes of green leaf and sweet peach next to violet, rose, lily, jasmine, amber & warming patchouli'. It's a very fresh & floral scent experience which is perfect for perking up your house during the Summer. I was expecting it to be a bit peachier to be honest. In the jar it smells very fruity but when it's burning I can mainly detect notes of lily & jasmine. I really enjoy the light & uplifting aroma it offers. Whenever I burn it I end up craving some peach green tea, delish! I just adore this Summery candle. Flamingo Candles are such good quality yet incredibly purse friendly, I can't recommend them enough. Are you a fan of Flamingo Candles?

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  1. this looks great! i don't think i've ever had a peach candle before haha x

  2. The packaging of these candles is so cute! I like the sound of the whole soy wax thing, I didn't even know there were different types of wax haha x

    What Rachael Wrote

  3. Ohhh these look adorable! Where can I buy one in-store? And how many grams are each?:-) X

  4. I've never tried this brand but I am a flamingo fanatic so this is right up my alley!

    boho vanity ♡

  5. Looks great! I've only tried one candle from flamingo x

  6. Love flamingo candles, especially their white tea and mint. Yet to try their summery ones.

  7. This sounds amazing, I love peach scents!
    Water Painted Dreams xo