Friday 4 July 2014

June Favourites

Essie Spin The Bottle*
This Summer is all about nude shades for me. My current favourite nail polish is Essie's Spin The Bottle. It's a milky creamy peach colour that blends in well with my skintone. I actually really like the mannequin hands look haha. Unlike many nude polishes this goes fully opaque in two coats. I can't stand sheer polishes so this is much more my style. It's such a flattering colour & would look perfect adorning your digits whilst relaxing on the beach. Check out my swatches here.

Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake in Motto
I'm becoming slightly obsessed with trying new brow products much like the way that I compulsively purchased nearly every highlighter going a couple of years ago. If I want to use a powder on my eyebrows I normally go for MAC Omega eyeshadow as it's a very natural looking soft taupe shade. I've had my eye on Illamasqua's Eye Brow Cakes for quite a while though as I really love those dramatic Illamasqua style brows. As I have ashy blonde hair & dark eyebrows I went for the shade Motto. It looks very grey in the pan but it actually works brilliantly on anyone with cool-toned hair. There's no red tones or warmth in it at all. The power is buttery soft & very easy to apply. It is highly pigmented & stays put all day long. You can use it wet or dry depending on how you want your brows to look. Mix it with a drop of Illamasqua Sealing Gel for extra drama. I think the texture is what makes it superior to my good old MAC Omega. Somehow it's easier to get really thick & full brows that still look natural. There's something special about these Eye Brow Cakes, I can't recommend them enough!

Claudia Louch Chamomile Face Wash*
To give my skin a break from all the acid treatments I like to balance out my skincare routine with some gentler products. This is a soothing gel cleanser from Claudia Louch's botanical skincare range. The combination of chamomile, red clover, elderflower extracts & white willow bark extract really calms everything down & naturally relieves any inflammation in the skin. People tend to think of gel cleansers as something that will strip the skin but as all the Claudia Louch products are 94% natural & free from harsh chemicals that isn't an issue here. It cleanses without leaving my face feeling dry or taut, simply nourished & refreshed. This would be a really brilliant cleanser for anyone with sensitive skin. Full review here.

Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner
When I recently repurchased my fave Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash I noticed that Gorgeous Shop had a special offer on where you could get both the cleanser & this toner for just £25. I've always wanted to try one of Elemis' toners so it was too good a deal to pass up. The Soothing Apricot Toner maintains the skin's pH level without alcohol or harsh chemicals so it doesn't strip the skin of it's natural oils. It is very gentle so it would be suitable for those with sensitive, delicate or hormonal skin. As the name suggests this toner has a delicious apricot scent & feels very calming on the skin. It helps to reduce redness & soothe any irritation. You can apply it with some cotton wool or by spraying it directly on your face. It makes my skin feel a bit sticky but that soon goes away after I apply my moisturiser. I sometimes take this out with me to cool down as the temperature rises. A quick spritz of this toner keeps my skin looking fresh & radiant, lovely!

SkinChemists Rapid Facial*
This face mask is simply incredible and so it should be considering it's insane price tag. If you have blemishes, blackheads, blocked pores, congestion or dull skin then this stuff will work wonders for you. This mask uses glycolic acid to chemically exfoliate the skin & it also contains some grainy particles for a bit of manual exfoliation too. It feels very tingly on the skin but it doesn't make my face look red or irritated at all. It completely clears out the skin & resurfaces it leaving your face feeling super smooth. My skin is left looking glowy & bright too. The results are almost as good as going for a proper spa facial. If only it came with a fluffy white gown & some brownies! Make sure you check out the SkinChemists special offers page as they often lower the price of their products to just £19.99. Read my full review here.

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  1. I adore the elemis toner, i purchased it with the wash to and just lovee them both, and I love the sound of essie spin the bottle xx


  2. I use the same shade of Illamasqua's Eye Brow Cake and it really is so good! It's the only thing I've found that perfectly matches my brows x

  3. The rapid facial sounds amazing! I've been looking for a mask like that for while I'll defiantly try it out!

  4. That Essie is such a pretty shade! So classic :)

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  5. Would like to try the Brow Cake!