Tuesday 16 September 2014

Chloe's First Day At School

Last Wednesday Chloe had her first ever day at infant school! The last four and a half years have been such a blur. I originally started this blog as something enjoyable to do whilst adjusting to the drastic life changes that came with having a newborn. Now here I am writing blog posts when she's busy learning & playing at school. I never noticed how fast time flies until I had Chloe. It seems like only yesterday that she was unable to crawl, walk, talk, go to the toilet or feed herself but now she's such a big girl & I'm glad that I chose to stay at home so that I didn't miss a single thing. She was only in for the afternoon session on her first day so we had some time to do a quick photoshoot in the morning. I know everyone complains about parents clogging up their Facebook feed with pictures of their child but starting school is such an important milestone & it's been so lovely seeing all the kiddies we know dressed up in their uniforms. I think she looks beautiful & ever so smart in her school uniform. I had to hunt down bits & pieces of it whenever they were in stock over the Summer. The back to school rush is a total nightmare! The worst part was trying to buy school shoes as her feet are very small & narrow. Eventually we got this pair from Clarks although she was a bit broken hearted that all the Lelli Kelly shoes were too big for her feet!

Chloe has been ridiculously excited about starting school for ages now. Ever since she had her last day at preschool back in July she's been constantly asking if it was time to go to her new school yet. This was a day that we've all been looking forward to. She couldn't wait to make some new friends and really wants to learn to read & write properly. She had a little wobble the night before starting saying she was a bit scared & nervous but I knew she'd be alright. I've also been counting down the days as I'd developed a bit of cabin fever. I couldn't go to the gym or do anything I wanted to by myself all Summer long. Once your kids start preschool you get used to having a few hours of freedom each week so the Summer holidays were very tiring. As a parent you definitely have mixed emotions about your child starting school. I've always been overprotective of her & I'm uncomfortable with other people looking after her as I feel like they won't do as good a job as I do or won't care if she gets injured. You can't help but wonder... will they make any friends? Will they grasp what they're being taught quickly? Will they eat their school dinner? Will they manage to go to the toilet on their own? Will they be able to get changed into their PE uniform? There's so many things to think about & it's been quite overwhelming for both of us. I knew in my heart that Chloe would be able to do all of those things though as she's grown up to be such a such clever, friendly and well behaved little girl.

I did feel sad leaving my beautiful girl but I didn't cry & neither did she. Her face was beaming from the second we dropped her off to the second we picked her up. Her school doesn't have an attached preschool so she only knew about five other children in her class. I did worry about her settling in with so many new names & faces to learn. But she quite happily hung up her coat on her own peg & put her book bag in her drawer before quickly joining in with all the other boys & girls. Her teachers seem really lovely too so I'm sure they'll be fab with her. It felt strange going home to an empty house again. I tidied & cleaned the house but once I was done it was only about 2pm and I had no idea what to do with myself for another hour! I ended up sitting down and watching daytime TV for a bit, I can't even remember the last time that happened. I couldn't wait to go and pick her up from school. I gave her the biggest kiss & cuddle when she came out of her classroom door. I felt so happy to see her again & relieved that she had enjoyed herself as much as we had all hoped she would. She's been going for almost a whole week now & she's been happy at school every single day. She was a little bit disappointed when she found out that she couldn't go to school at the weekend! I always look forward to getting my little girl back at the end of the day & finding out what she's been up to. She's been coming home with loads of brilliant drawings & creations so I think her skills have improved already. I hope she continues to love the educational experience & makes lots of new friends there. I'm just so incredibly proud of her & will miss being with her all the time. I love my little Chloe girl so much!

On the Monday of the week she started we decided to have one final treat day together. We love our days out shopping & I'm sure we'll both miss being able to travel to different places on the train whenever we feel like it. We went off to Leeds for a meal at Yo! Sushi which is Chloe's favourite restaurant. We've been there so many times together now that she can even use the adult chopsticks properly! Then we popped into The Entertainer & I bought her a cuddly Fluttershy from My Little Pony. House Of Fraser kindly sent over a voucher so that I could treat Chloe to some new clothes. I let her have free reign in their Leeds store and she chose this adorable pink kitten jumper by Billieblush. I love the cute little bow on the tail! She's a fashion blogger in the making haha!

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  1. Aw Caroline, she is adorable! xx

  2. Aww how lovely, I bet you're so proud xx


  3. Her ribbons are so cute and her eyelashes are to die for!!! So glad she's enjoying it.x

  4. What a lovely post! I'm glad Chloe is settling in nicely in school, I can only imagine how worrying it is. I have my little boy's name down for a place in the local creche for the last year, and now that there's a space since the beginning of the month I've been too afraid to let him go. He's quite a clingy little thing, so I was looking forward to having an hour or two to myself a week, but that wasn't to be (just yet!)

    Her little ribbons and socks are so cute! She's a beautiful little girl, and I'm sure she's sweet and smart to boot!


  5. Aw she's so cute, it's amazing that you're able to keep up with your blog whilst having a young daughter! And it's also really impressive that she can use the chopsticks at Yo! Sushi, even I can't do that...


  6. Aww bless her. How exciting for both of you!

    Cat from Outside, Beauty, Inside Health

  7. Oh she's such a cutie! She looks so grown up in her school uniform. :)

    I bet she's loving it!


  8. She's adorable!! Such a nice post! I was forgotten the first day of my little sister! Thank you for reminding me that special moment of her life! :)

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