Monday 6 October 2014

#MCM Man Crush Monday With New Look

Leather Jacket / Check Shirt / Black Skinny Jeans / Snakeskin Plimsolls / Belt / Leather Wrap Bracelet / Watch

It's Monday & #MCM means it's time to fawn over some hot men, yay! My current top three 'man crushes' would have to be Joe Gilgun from This Is England/Misfits, Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age and Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro. I clearly have a thing for men with tattoos & nice hair. In general I'd say I have a pretty weird taste in men (Steve Buscemi anyone?) but I imagine some of you will fancy at least one of those three. Of course a well dressed man is always more attractive to me. I tend to like guys with indie style sensibilities as I feel like that best compliments my own fashion choices. New Look have recently relaunched their menswear collection & to celebrate they wanted to see how I would style up my man crush. I think that any of the above guys would look great in what I've chosen. However my ultimate man crush would have to be my boyfriend Andy (gag haha!) & he is definitely in need of some new clothes. He's actually a fashion retail manager so he mainly just wears whatever uniform he's chosen for work. I wish I could get him to wear something like this but he's very stuck in his ways. Whenever I buy him something he nearly always returns it. I practically begged him to get the leather jacket but he point blank refused. He's just turned 30 so he thought that he would be too old for it. He's such a goon, I think he'd look amazing in it! So instead I let him have free reign of the New Look website & as he was in need of a new coat he chose this navy parka jacket*.

The jacket is a nice smart cover up that he can wear for work or on his days off. It's very practical for the coming season. Andy's fashion sense doesn't really extend beyond being practical so I guess that's why he chose it! Hopefully I can persuade him to go for some of the other pieces I've chosen from New Look as his wardrobe could really do with a revamp. First of all though I need to tackle that dreadful goatee...

Who's your pick for Man Crush Monday?

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  1. Good choices! :D

  2. I think we have the same taste in men! Josh Homme is a beaut.

  3. I never think of New Look for mens clothes, but they do have some nice bits. And hello Mr Homme!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

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