Friday 19 December 2014

Claudia Louch Botanical Cleansing Lotion & Face Cream With Deep Line Complex

Claudia Louch Botanical Cleansing Lotion* - £37.40
Claudia Louch Botanical Face Cream With Deep Line Complex* - £61.50

Claudia Louch's luxury botanical skincare range has completely won me over this year. With their gentle yet effective approach, her products have become staples in my skincare routine. They offer a calming respite from all the BHAs/AHAs/retinol that I can't resist throwing on my face. In the Winter I like to switch up the products I'm using for slightly heavier & more nourishing formulas. The cold weather always dries out my skin so it's important to make adjustments. I've stuck by using a cleansing oil followed by a gel for washing my face as that seems to work best for my skin type. I was previously using the Claudia Louch Chamomile Facial Wash which is a straight up gel cleanser with lots of lovely anti-inflammatory ingredients. More recently I've been using this Botanical Cleansing Lotion which is suitable for all skin types. The texture still feels like that of a gel but the formula is a lot creamier and therefore more moisturising on the skin.

This lightly foaming creamy cleanser is derived from coconut & sugar beets. It also features a wonderful combination of chamomile, aloe, cucumber & green tea which help to soothe and deliver antioxidants to the skin. They give it a gorgeous natural scent too. A little bit of the Botanical Cleansing Lotion goes a very long way, I only need to use a tiny amount each time. It leaves my skin feeling really soft & perfectly clean. It has helped to reduce the redness in my face & put paid to any dry patches. It balances out my skin & generally makes it a lot happier. I have to admit I'm not totally crazy about it like I am with the Chamomile Facial Wash but that's just my personal preference. They're both excellent gentle cleansers & this one is great for the current climate. However when this huge tube runs out (which will take a long time with a whopping 240ml of product!) I'll definitely be repurchasing the chamomile one. Somehow it just leaves my skin feeling calmer & better refreshed.

I'm still using the Claudia Louch Protective Jojoba Day Moisturiser every morning. I was also using it at night in conjunction with a facial oil until last month when I added in the Botanical Face Cream With Deep Line Complex to my routine. Unlike the other two Claudia Louch moisturisers I've tried, I keep this product solely for use as a night cream. It has the most beautiful velvety texture & the rich formula is deeply hydrating on it's own. This moisturiser is ideal for skin that requires more oils without making it feel greasy. It absorbs into the skin & gets to work very quickly. The key active ingredient here is grape seed oil which has fantastic anti-ageing properties and helps to tighten, tone, hydrate & soothe the skin. Other natural active ingredients include aloe vera gel, jojoba oil, avocado oil, green tea, 4% African shea butter & vitamin E. I absolutely love the feel of this night cream & I don't feel the need to use any extra serums or oils alongside it. This product just makes my skin feel super smooth & really helps to plump it up. I can definitely notice a difference in the appearance of my fine lines when I use this. I think it would be ideal for anyone with normal, dry, sensitive or mature skin. My one niggle with this product is the smell. When I'm massaging it onto my skin I get the faint aroma of fish oil which is kinda odd because I'm pretty sure it's not on the ingredient list! Luckily it goes away as soon as I've finished applying the night cream but it just doesn't smell quite as nice as the other moisturisers from Claudia Louch. Apart from that I can't get enough of this indulgent night cream.

These two botanical skincare products have really helped to protect my skin from the harsh weather outside lately. They might be very expensive but they simply work wonders & are cornerstones in my Winter skincare routine. Claudia Louch has got me hooked on her high quality products & my skin has got a lot to thank her for!

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  1. The cleansing lotion in particular sounds lovely!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  2. these look and sound great x

  3. These look so gorgeous.

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