Sunday 3 May 2015

Arran Aromatics Just Grapefruit Reed Diffuser & Scented Candle

Arran Aromatics Just Grapefruit Reed Diffuser* / Arran Aromatics Just Grapefruit Scented Candle*

I've been doing lots of Spring cleaning lately in an attempt to clear out all the masses of junk around my house. 'Tidy house, tidy mind' and all that! Things are looking a lot better now but I've been after a fresh new scent to fragrance my home with as a nice finishing touch. Citrus scents are my absolute fave & Arran Aromatics must know me down to a T because they recently sent me some of their Perfumer Just Grapefruit products. The Perfumer range is formulated using the highest quality ingredients & the packaging is inspired by contemporary Scottish design. Just Grapefruit is a beautiful zingy fragrance made from a blend of pink grapefruit oil. The fruity fresh scent is incredibly uplifting & makes me feel more energised. It is sweet yet tangy & instantly brightens up the atmosphere of any room.

The Just Grapefruit Reed Diffuser is a fantastic product because it continually infuses your home with fragrance. Just pop the reeds into the glass jar & rotate them every few days to spread that grapefruity goodness. I've placed mine in the living room so that everyone can enjoy it's glorious aroma. It's a zesty olfactory treat that hits you whenever you re-enter the room. I find that it really helps to lift my spirits & motivates me to get on with my work. This gorgeous grapefruit scent is exactly what I've been craving & I can't get enough of it!

Equally as lovely is the Just Grapefruit Scented Candle which offers up to 35 hours of burn time. The fragrance is gentler than that of the reed diffuser but it's still very crisp & refreshing. I've mainly been burning this in the kitchen as it is best suited to smaller spaces. I like my kitchen to look & smell as clean as possible before I start making a new meal. This scented candle helps to freshen up the area and banishes old cooking smells too.

If you enjoy citrus scents as much as I do then either of these products would be the perfect way to freshen up your home this Spring. They are available for purchase directly from the Arran Aromatics website. The reed diffuser costs £22.50 & the scented candle is £20. You can also buy a small travel candle for just £5. As a grapefruit lover I can't think of anything I'd rather fragrance my living space with. Arran Aromatics really do make some of the best smelling products out there & they're luxurious yet affordable. Right I'm off to devour another one of these delicious fruits!

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