Wednesday 8 July 2015

Helmies Nail Helmets

Helmies Nail Helmets - £7.99

I'm not sure what's wrong with me because when I first heard about Helmies I thought they were an excellent idea. I can spend ages manicuring my nails to perfection, only to smudge them five minutes later when I need to get on with things. It's an annoying ordeal & I seem to get dents or fabric imprints on my nails every time I paint them. No matter how many fast-dry top coats, drops or sprays I use, at least one nail always gets ruined. That's where these things come in. Helmies are soft silicone gel helmets that promise to protect your freshly painted nails from the perils of everyday life. They're kinda like thimbles but with the texture of Jelly Babies, right down to the powdery finish. The gel texture cushions your nails & allows them to finish drying without damage. On the underside of each helmet is a hole so that you can still use your laptop & smartphone or do whatever you need to do.

After painting your nails you have to wait until they are touch dry - roughly 15 minutes. Then you can slip your Helmies onto each finger. This is where the trouble begins. My fingers are a little bit chubby & yet at least half of these nail helmets are way too big for my fingers. They just slip off immediately after putting them on. The worst offender was my ring finger & I lost this helmet several times within the space of twenty minutes. That was how long I could stand to have them on my fingers before I got ridiculously fed up. The pack comes with two larger pink helmets for your big toes & two smaller pink helmets for your pinkie fingers. The rest are white & are exactly the same size. They really need to make a pack with smaller sizes as the pinkie helmets fit my fingers a lot better.

The hole on the bottom is even more useless. It's placed in an awkward position so I found it extremely difficult to type on my laptop & use my iPhone. One thing that I always struggle with after painting my nails is pulling my tights up & down when I need to use the bathroom. The helmets all fell off during this process & I'm lucky that none of them went in the toilet! The only way that these things can be useful is if you're planning on sitting perfectly still, in which case you may as well not have bothered putting them on in the first place.

If you can manage to keep these helmets on your fingers then they do actually work & your nails will be kept perfectly smudge-free. However for me, Helmies are totally impractical to use & a complete waste of money. Save your pennies for a proper gel manicure instead.

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  1. This is such an intriguing idea but doesn't sound like it works quite as well as it should. A shame, as I always accidentally scratch my nails after applying polish!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  2. Thank you for reviewing us. We are sorry that the helmies didn't fit your fingers. From looking at your photos your finger tips are slimmer than your fingers and we can see that they don't fit you well. We are bringing out a pack for smaller fingers next month along with a pedicure pack that allows you to wear closed toe shoes rather than flip flops post a pedicure and we will send you these when we have them. The helmies team.

  3. I wouldn't expect them to work while pulling up my tights. If it means that I don't have to sit with my hands spread in a fan for half an hour then they are for me. I smudge just be moving around and picking up a tea cup. They sound the answer to my dreams.

  4. Well said... I would better like gel manicure not useless helmies. But still it's something that I haven't used yet, so I should give it a try, I'm so curious, haha!

  5. Haha i had never heard of these before!!! They look hilarious.

    The perils of thinking your nails are dry and waking up the next day with fabric marks in them though :(

    Even though you said they're not great... I still kinda wanna give them a go!! lol

    HiddenFreckles xx

  6. This really confuses me as I have read amazing reviews in the beauty press about helmies. Maybe they were just too big for your fingers. I am going to give them a go as they seem really practical and don't cost much at all.

  7. What a shame, I'd rather just wait for the polish to dry!

    lillies and lipbalm