Saturday 29 August 2015

Mhoho Jewellery

Whenever I'm feeling a bit bored I love having a look through Etsy for cool new things to buy. There's an endless supply of handmade goods & vintage treasures to be found on there & I can spend hours adding things to my favourites list. I think it's important to support small independent shops plus you can buy stuff that nobody else owns. I often use Etsy for things like stationery, homeware & accessories but the main thing I search for is jewellery. One of my most recent Etsy discoveries is Mhoho Jewellery which is a UK based shop owned by the lovely Jenny. Mhoho means 'by me' so the name acknowledges all the hard work that Jenny puts into her jewellery as she designs & handcrafts everything herself. Her shop is home to a unique collection of quirky & playful jewellery. Many of the pieces are personalised, engraved or hand-stamped. The designs are eclectic & the materials used are all high quality. There are so many stunning pieces to choose from & almost everything fits in with my own personal style. I chose a couple of pieces which came packaged in this adorable little gift box. She even threw in a bag of sweets which is always appreciated! The attention to detail & personal touches like these really make you feel valued as a customer. Whether you're buying a treat for yourself or a present for a someone else, you're bound to fall in love with Mhoho Jewellery.

When I first checked out the shop I immediately found myself drawn to the gold name necklace*. I love anything personalised, especially jewellery. It's such a cute way of making sure that no one will ever forget your name. I used to have a name necklace from Argos that I wore to death & it completely fell to pieces. The chain snapped so I bought a new one & a couple of months later that one broke too! After spending £100 on subpar necklaces I kinda gave up as I couldn't find another gold name necklace in a style I liked. So I was overjoyed when Jenny kindly offered to make me a new one! It's made from 9ct gold & I went for the 16" chain. The actual name part is quite thick & very sturdy so it won't get bent out of shape like my old necklaces. I think it looks utterly beautiful & I love the italic script font. The style is exactly what I was after. It's such a classic piece & goes with absolutely everything. I've been wearing this necklace constantly & have had so many compliments on it. Obviously as this is a custom made piece it'll take a little bit longer to be delivered but it's well worth waiting for!

Mhoho Jewellery also have so many gorgeous looking rings! There's loads of different styles available including some lovely engraved brass rings as well as druzy & large gemstone rings. I currently have a huge obsession with plain midi rings as I love their simple & minimalistic aesthetic. I got both the set of gold midi rings* & the set of silver midi rings*. Whenever I really like a piece of jewellery I often buy it in both gold & silver to match whatever I'm wearing. The thin bands can be easily stacked together or layered with other rings. They can be worn pushed against one another or spaced out like I'm wearing them here. I think that the three gold rings stacked together look totally chic. These are the kind of rings that I like to wear on an everyday basis as they're so comfortable on my fingers & don't get in the way but still add a little something extra to any outfit. I'm so pleased with all the pieces I received from Mhoho Jewellery & Jenny is such a sweetheart. Her shop is must-have on your Etsy favourites list!

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  1. These are all such stunning pieces! As a huge sex and the city fan I have always wanted one of those name necklaces too, they're so cute! x

    1. haha yes! i think sex & the city is the reason i wanted one in the first place! x

  2. This is lovely! I've seen some tacky personalised necklaces in my time (regretfully I've even owned some), but this is gorgeous! A bank holiday treat may be in order... x

    Violence & Fashion

  3. What beautiful jewellery! I've just headed over and favourited the shop for future reference x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty