Thursday 5 November 2015

October Favourites

Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer
The Anastasia DipBrow Pomade is my HG brow product. Nothing can compare to it in my opinion. I've recently noticed that a lot of people who use it like to carve out their eyebrows using concealer. This gives you an even cleaner line & highlights the brow bone. It can also hide eyebrow regrowth if you can't be bothered to pluck! Thick full coverage concealers are best for this job so I bought this one which is also from Anastasia. I got it in shade 0.5 which is actually light enough to work as a highlighter on my skin. It's really creamy & blendable but the concealer is solid in the pot so it's still easy to control. I also use it as a normal concealer on any blemishes & it covers everything beautifully. It doesn't work so well under the eyes as it can look a bit cakey in that area but if you want to carve out your brows to perfection then this is a great concealer to go for.

Salcura Bioskin DermaSerum*
As an eczema sufferer the combination of icy winds & central heating can wreak havoc on my skin & cause unsightly flareups. I've always been an advocate of natural solutions for this skin condition. In my experience they are 100% more effective than anything you can get from your GP. I mainly get eczema on my body but as the weather gets colder my face often becomes drier & more sensitive too. Whether you have eczema or not it's important to look after your skin & give it the hydration it needs at this time of year. I've been trying out a couple of products from Salcura's Bioskin range & their DermaSerum has really helped to nourish my dry skin. The gel serum feels very lightweight & has a strong herbal scent as it is packed full of high quality natural ingredients. It quickly targets any dry patches & soothes irritation. Unlike a lot of eczema treatments it isn't greasy or heavy so I feel comfortable using this on my skin every day. Although DermaSerum is aimed towards those with eczema & psoriasis it would also be ideal for anyone with dry or dehydrated skin as it helps to support overall healthy skin growth.

Scott Cornwall Precolour Protein Spray*
Anyone who dyes their hair on a regular basis will have compromised the condition of their locks. It doesn't matter if you have a full head of bleach, a few highlights or just dye it a slightly different shade, any chemical process damages your hair. Once the damage is done there are two things that your hair needs: protein & moisture. The combination of the two will keep your hair strong & soft. Protein is especially important as it can repair weak spots in the hair shaft, reducing the risk of breakage. However too much protein can also cause breakage so it's important to get the balance right! To add more protein to my hair I've been using this Precolour Protein Spray from Scott Cornwall. It's a leave-in conditioning treatment which helps to strengthen & protect damaged hair. You can just use it as a regular hair treatment but it is especially effective before dyeing your hair. It prepares the hair for any chemical treatments, limiting damage whilst giving you longer lasting colour. I used this spray before I dyed my hair grey & it definitely made the colour look more even as the protein filled in the parts that were over-processed. My hair looks much healthier now as the spray makes it feel super soft & gives it a wonderful shine. This product is an absolute must have for anyone who colours their hair!

Eucerin AQUAporin Active Revitalising Eye Care*
Eucerin are one of my all time favourite skincare brands. Their DermoPURIFYER & sun protection products are utterly fantastic so I was keen try out some of their other ranges. All skin types can become dehydrated so they created the AQUAporin Active range for anyone with dehydrated, sensitive skin. These products provide intense, long lasting hydration to keep the skin looking & feeling it's best. The most interesting & innovative product in this range has to be the Revitalising Eye Care. This is a moisturising eye cream that helps to reduce puffiness & the appearance of dark circles. The skin around our eyes is particularly thin & therefore more likely to display signs of tiredness. With regular use of a deeply hydrating eye cream like this one it is possible to make your eye area look fresher & by prepping the area properly your concealer will go on better as well. Along with lots of hydrating ingredients the Revitalising Eye Care also contains ginseng which really helps to cool & refresh the eyes, reducing any puffiness. What really makes this eye cream stand out is the cooling applicator tip. It feels incredible on the skin, like a mini massage for the eyes & it helps to distribute the product evenly. I like to keep all of my eye creams in the fridge so they're extra cold but you don't really need to do that with this one. The tip somehow stays cold so it's always ready to go! I think it's a truly brilliant product & it definitely makes me feel more awake first thing in the morning.

Ben Nye Cameo Luxury Powder
No matter how much or how little concealer I use underneath my eyes it always collects in the creases. I don't even have any wrinkles yet, it's just down to the shape of my eyes. After watching several YouTube videos on the subject I decided to try baking my concealer & I bought this Ben Nye powder to do it with. This stuff has the same formula as the infamous Banana Powder but the colour is more appropriate for my skin tone. Instead of using a brush I've been spritzing a triangular makeup sponge with MAC Fix+ & then dipping it into the powder. I can then push the powder into my skin before sweeping away the excess five minutes later. My base is left looking matte & smooth without a crease in sight. I didn't think that baking my makeup would be so effective but the first time I tried it I was completely wowed by how good my face looked. It is slightly more time consuming but if you want your makeup to look flawless all day long then you should really give this process a go. I would highly recommend the Ben Nye Luxury Powders for baking your makeup as they are micro-milled for a superior matte finish.

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  1. Oh Ben Nye powder used to be so popular, glad to see in again. I'm interested of the Eucerin eye cream , the brand makes such great products when it comes to skin care!

     Miriam ♥ A whole lot of serendipity

  2. I love the Eucerin eye cream, it really makes me feel more awake as it's so cooling! The Anastasia concealer looks great, I've never tried carving out my eyebrows but i love the look on other people!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  3. I really like the sound of that Anastasia concealer! I love the look of perfectly carved out eyebrows, it just looks so polished and neat. I may have to try this out and see how I make do!

    The Ben Nye powder also looks wonderful. I'd be interested in trying that out - I've never heard of the brand before but I'm intrigued. As usual, great post. I love reading all about peoples monthly favourites!

    emily | honey + flour

  4. I'm still yet to try the baking method myself, I never really like the look of too much powder. You may have just persuaded me to give it a go though x
    Beauty Wanderer

  5. I hadn't heard of the Anastasia Concealer but it sounds great x