Saturday 12 January 2019

Simple Strategies For Expressing Your Personal Style

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There is no one else in the world quite like you & one of the best ways to express your unique personality is through the way that you dress. In fact, you can have a whole lot of fun when it comes to showing off your own personal style. I love over-accessorising my outfits to really make them stand out even if I'm just wearing something basic like jeans & a nice top. The process of customising your look is super simple & I thought I would quickly share some tips to help you express yourself through your accessories.

Jewellery can provide a little edge
When it comes to jewellery, our minds often go to delicate necklaces or Tiffany diamond rings. However it's crucial to remember that just like the rest of your outfit it can be used to reflect your own personal style especially if it is a bit edgy or left of the mainstream. After all, you can look equally as gorgeous as those with more traditional taste & feel more yourself by wearing jewellery in the form of piercings in the nose, lip or the top of the ear. You can even choose two or three items from the same helix piercing range & then layer them together for a truly customised look. Some pieces will also have a dual purpose so you can wear them in your ear one day & your nose the next, ensuring that you will never run out of options to express your own personal style. I used to have loads of different piercings including snakebites, an industrial & stretched ear lobes. I loved how they looked & really wish I hadn't taken them out, especially as I've now been left with random holes in my face!

Jazz up plain clothing with carefully placed accessories
Even the most boring of outfits can be lifted & personalised with some smart & funky accessories. I'm still obsessed with my gold name necklace, as there's nothing more personal than your own name. Jackets are a fab place for accessories, especially enamel pins or brooches. We're not talking your grandma's brooch here either, but chunky graphic designs made from plastic like these. Something that you can get customised with your own message or with a bold, kitsch design will make them particularly striking. You've probably seen my beloved Primark jacket (which I recently wore to death, literally!) about a million times in my outfit posts & most recently in this post here. I accessorised it with two eye-catching brooches & they're a great example of how easy it is to spice up a plain leather jacket. When I do eventually pick up a new leather jacket, you'd better believe I'll be accessorising it with these brooches again. They're also a great conversation starter. I mean, who doesn't love gin?!

Pick colours that you love & make you smile
Some folks only wear colours that they know will go well with their hair & skin tone. However if you really want to embrace the art of expressing yourself, it's best to pick colours, patterns & designs that make your heart sing! Who cares if you're just doing the weekly food shop? There's nothing wrong with a bit of glitter fabric if you're feeling the vibe! I'm talking bright bolds & neons, chunky rainbow embroidery à la Frida Kahlo & anything else that just makes you smile. After all, putting on an outfit that you love & that makes you feel confident each morning is one of the most positive ways to start the day.

Add a headscarf for an instantly retro look
Lastly, a quick & easy way to customise any outfit is to add a headscarf. It is also something that can help you to achieve a nice retro vibe as well. In fact, you may wish to head over to auction sites to find genuine retro scarves for this purpose. Although shops like Zara & Lush are doing some pretty good reproductions at the moment too. I picked up this spooky neon headscarf from Lush at Halloween & it's one of my favourite hair accessories right now. It definitely brightens up my day & has a bit of retro cool about it.

Oh & don't let not knowing how to tie them properly put you off, as I've got you covered with the video above. When I first got my headscarf I had no idea how to put it on either but it really is incredibly easy to figure out. So all you need to worry about is just being you!

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