Thursday 21 February 2019

How To Improve Your Personal Presentation

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Fashion & beauty are things that some people just take to like a fish to water. Plenty of girls (and guys, too) are absolutely obsessed with customising their style so that they always look & feel their best. An ever increasing amount of services & industries exist specifically to serve that purpose & that's because there's such a high demand. Just think about all the aesthetic clinics that started popping up as soon as Kylie Jenner first started getting lip fillers. At the same time, however, some people are chronically unhappy with the way that they look & lack the confidence to actually take steps to improve the way that they present themselves to the world. Of course, this isn't good either. If you find that you've been unhappy with your presentation for some time now, here are a few tips to get you started on levelling up your look today.

Invest In Your Clothing
Some people are naturally driven to take a purely pragmatic approach towards their clothing choices. They will buy things because they perform a certain function or because they're within a certain price range and will pay just about no attention at all to how they actually look & feel. While it's good to be pragmatic at times, a total 'function over fashion' mindset & approach is not always a good thing. If your wardrobe makes you feel frumpy & unattractive, it's having a negative impact on your life as a whole & that's something that you need to weigh up against whatever benefits you may get from those clothes. Fashion should be a fun, creative outlet that allows you express your personality through your clothes. Start treating your clothing as a real investment instead & go for quality over quantity. That means quality in terms of appearance, as well as function. Only buy things that you actually like the look of & that make you feel good about yourself. Life is too short to be miserable in boring outfits that fail to spark joy. Take inspiration from Marie Kondo & discard the items that have served their purpose. Be willing to spend a bit more, for the greater benefits that come with this. And don't be afraid to return things to the shop!

Develop Your Confidence
A lot of the time when people aren't putting much thought into their presentation, it's because they have such low confidence & self-esteem that they feel it's futile or embarrassing to even try. This isn't a problem that can be solved overnight but it is something that you absolutely need to work on. If your confidence is chronically low, look into avenues to improve it. Consider going to see a therapist & take up hobbies that will make you feel good about yourself. Things like drama or exercise classes, adult choirs or book groups are all great ways to meet new people & learn a new skill that can help you to become the best version of yourself. Some of these hobbies might have nothing to do with the way that you look but personally I've found that blogging has greatly helped me to build my self-confidence. No matter how unstylish you think you are, there will be someone out there who loves the clothes that you wear or the way you've done your hair & makeup. Blogging, either through a traditional written blog or Instagram, gives people a place to comment on your personal presentation. It can be really scary to put yourself out there but on the whole, people will respond well to your bravery & the comments will be positive.

Take Advantage Of Modern Technology
There are a bunch of benefits that come with living in the digital age. These days there are numerous modern technologies that can help you to improve your looks & presentation almost effortlessly. Many of these benefits have to do with how easy it now is - with the help of certain technologies & techniques - to look your best. If you want to level up your look, investigate services that can help streamline this process. If you're self-conscious about your teeth but don't like the idea of wearing braces as an adult, consider Invisalign as an option. If you don't know much about makeup, start watching beauty gurus on YouTube. If you want to improve your personal style, start reading fashion blogs for inspiration. The Internet is a wonderful thing & it's one of the best ways to find out about the latest trends. Use it to your advantage & you'll be feeling better about yourself in no time at all!

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