Sunday, 25 January 2015

How To Extend The Life Of Your Cosmetics

The Pro Hygiene Collection Antibacterial Makeup Spray - £10

Over the years I've accumulated a ridiculous amount of beauty products. I'm not a makeup artist & have no interest in ever becoming one so it seems kinda pointless to keep hold of so much stuff. I've been trying to clear out some of my vast beauty collection recently and makeup is always the hardest category for me to dispose of. I've spent a lot on these products and by getting rid of them it's like I'm literally chucking my money in the bin. Some things really do need to be binned like weird smelling lipsticks & old mascaras but it is possible to keep hold of some older products with the help of this wonderful Antibacterial Makeup Spray from The Pro Hygiene Collection. I love their Makeup Brush Cleaner which is great for spot cleaning your makeup brushes and when I spotted this spray on Feel Unique I figured it could save some of the products that I couldn't bear to be parted with.

This antibacterial spray kills 99.99% of germs within 60 seconds of application without affecting product performance. Once used it also inhibits regrowth of bacteria on the surface of makeup products. You can use it on gels, creams, pencils, powders & lipsticks. As well as makeup you can use this product to sanitise tools such as pencil sharpeners, eyelash curlers & tweezers. The main things you can't use it on are mascara & lip gloss. Since getting this product I've been on a huge hygiene kick, spraying all my makeup after use & disinfecting all the older products in my collection. It's so quick & easy to use and it won't ruin your products either.

One of those products that I definitely had to save was this MAC Royal Assets eyeshadow palette from their Antiquitease Holiday 2007 collection. That means I've had this palette for seven whole years. Pretty gross, right? But those colours are totally beautiful & as this was a limited edition palette it's not like I could've repurchased them. I used this practically every day for a whole year when I first got it. I love how the silvery shades look on my eyes & I've never found another a set of eyeshadows quite like this. The little 211SE brush that came with it is actually really great too. I'm tempted to replace it with the Charlotte Tilbury Rock Chick eyeshadow palette but this MAC palette has huge sentimental value for me. Anyway in order to disinfect these eyeshadows all I had to do was hold the bottle 30cm away from the palette, spray once & leave them to dry. The spray doesn't leave any residue or add a hard crust to your powders. These eyeshadows still have exactly the same texture & pigmentation as before, they're simply cleaner & safer to use. This antibac spray is a dream for fellow makeup hoarders. It is one of the best things you can buy to preserve your cosmetics & you'll be able to use your old products without having to worry getting spots or eye infections from them. Everyone knows that they have to clean their makeup brushes but it's just as important to clean the makeup itself and that's why this antibacterial spray is essential for any makeup lover.

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Witchy Vibes

One of my favourite things about having blonde hair is that you can mess about with toners to achieve loads of different colours without committing to a long term change. After three months of dodging the hairdressers I finally had my roots done last week. For most of last year I kept getting my hair toned pink afterwards but when I saw Samantha's gorgeous silver locks on Instagram I knew it was time for a change. I've had my hair toned to a silvery white plenty of times before but this time I fancied going for a full on grey. I've seen so many people on Instagram & Tumblr with gunmetal grey hair recently but most of them are needlessly secretive about how they achieved their hair colour. My hairdresser simply used a L'Oreal Professionel Dialight toner in 9.11 Deep Ash Milkshake mixed with 6 vol. developer which gave me the exact colour I was looking for. I also had my hair cut into a long wavy bob to minimise the damage & camouflage the broken pieces.

This is the first time I've washed it since having it done & I'm really impressed with how the grey has stayed in my hair. Normally when I get it toned silver or pink it soon reverts to my regular ash blonde shade. These photos make it look quite light but the colour is a bit darker & more gunmetal in real life. I'm sure you get the gist anyway. I think I'll still have to use a purple shampoo with every wash to keep it looking like this though. I just used Touch Of Silver today which is a pretty weak toning shampoo so I think I'm gonna try the Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo for a change. I'll let you know how I get on with it. I absolutely love how my hair looks right now! The colour is a bit odd but I actually really like it. It's different without being too crazy if you know what I mean. Plus if this is how my hair is gonna look when I'm an old woman then I'm totally fine with that!

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Stationery For The New Year

I first bought a Frankie diary two years ago & I simply had to get another one this year. They are my favourite diaries ever & well worth importing from Australia. The 2015 diary is bound in grey cloth & is A5 which I think is the perfect size. The beautiful pages were illustrated by Sara Hingle who has embellished every spread with colourful patterns & cute drawings. There's plenty of room to write down everything you need and a pocket at the back for storing bits & bobs. I especially like the special sections for addresses, birthdays, shopping lists & working out budgets. The diary also features gift tags & sticker sheets. I just love absolutely everything about it! I always pre-order my Frankie diary so that it has plenty of time to get here & to make sure I don't miss out on one. They seem to still have some in stock so it's not too late to order one of these utterly gorgeous journals for yourself.

I love Cassey's exercise videos and in an attempt to kickstart my fitness regime this year I decided to buy her Blogilates fit planner. I went for this one over the Dailygreatness training journal mainly because it lasts for the whole year instead of just 12 weeks. I used to track my food & exercise using My Fitness Pal but I find it a pain to use if you're not eating things that are ready made. Instead I've just been writing what I'm eating & how much exercise I'm doing everyday into the planner without obsessively counting calories. When you're writing things down it's obvious whether you're eating sensibly or not. As long as I'm eating healthy food & following an exercise plan then it's bound to have a positive impact on my body. The food & workout log sections are quite small but there is just enough room to fit everything in. I really like that it has a section for progress pics so you can see the changes & note down your measurements. It was about £27 including delivery from America which isn't too bad. I just hope it'll spur me on to finally get fit & lose weight.

I've become slightly obsessed with washi tape lately. They're so great for decorating anything & everything. I hated not having any proper storage for my tapes though so I scoured the internet for a nice looking holder. I struck gold with this adorable pink deer washi tape dispenser which I found on Etsy. The seller is based in Hong Kong but my package came super quickly & they even included another washi tape as a free gift. You can get loads of other animal tape holders on Etsy including cats, ducks & polar bears! I bought the rainbow washi tapes from Amazon. These rolls are a lot smaller & thinner than most tapes but they only cost £2 and rainbow colours always look cute.

When it comes to design, typography is my greatest passion. My personal style tends to be influenced by Swiss modernist type which is dependent on sans-serif fonts & grid systems. However I still think it's important to keep up with current design trends and listen to what consumers actually want. Modern copperplate calligraphy is everywhere at the moment. One of my goals for 2015 is to teach myself this style of calligraphy so I ordered some supplies from Scribblers. I found this excellent beginner's guide to modern calligraphy and I made my purchases based off the recommendations there. I got a plastic Speedball pen holder with Brause Steno, Rose & Extra Fine 66 nibs. I also got some Speedball Super Black India ink & a pad of cartridge paper. I'm just practicing with them at the minute but I might buy a guide so I can learn the proper techniques & different script styles.

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