Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Favourites

Benefit Roller Lash
Like probably everyone else in the UK, last month I picked up Elle magazine for the exclusive sample tube of Benefit's latest mascara offering. While I do think that a lot of Benefit's products are quite gimmicky & don't really live up to their reputation online, I am completely loving this mascara! Roller Lash is extremely uplifting & holds a curl like nothing else. It manages to coat every single tiny lash & dramatically lengthens my lashes. The formula is super black & stays put all day long. It kinda reminds of the Kevyn Aucoin Essential Mascara but without the fibres. My one issue with Roller Lash is that it can be hard to apply more than one coat so my lashes don't look quite as voluminous as I would like. I tried using Roller Lash as a second mascara last week & I much prefer it that way. I can get the thickness I want from another product & then this mascara on top really amps up the length & curl of my lashes.

Lancome Artliner
Artliner is basically my holy grail liquid eyeliner. I religiously used this stuff for years & after my recent clear out I realised I still had an unopened tube! I swiftly cracked it open & it was a complete revelation. Perfect liner every time. It is quite expensive for an eyeliner but in my opinion it's totally worth the money. I love the pointed nib applicator on this & it applies really smoothly. The pigmentation of the liner is fantastic & it doesn't transfer onto my upper eyelids at all. If you've always struggled with liquid liner then this is the product I would recommend because it is utterly foolproof. It also comes in some really interesting but wholly wearable colours. Black is obvs my fave but I also have it in brown which I think looks lovely with a neutral smokey eye.

Palmer's Skin Smoothing Lotion With AHA/BHA
From a young age we are taught that in order to exfoliate your face & body you need some kind of grainy scrub. I'm glad to see that a lot of people have come round to ways of chemical exfoliation as it's just so much better for your face. However most people still use a salt/sugar scrub on their body, myself included. Well I recently discovered that there are loads of body lotions out there featuring BHA/AHAs and much like acids for your face, these lotions are a whole lot more effective at removing dead skin. I really like this Palmer's Skin Smoothing Lotion. I hate the smell of their regular cocoa butter products but this one is a lot more bearable. It blends together cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, salicylic acid & lactic acid for super smooth skin. It's not very moisturising but the main point of this product is exfoliation rather than hydration. It works wonders on keratosis pilaris & ingrown hairs. It can also help with things like bacne & scarring. Body lotions aren't the most exciting thing in the world but this one is pretty fab.

Swell Advanced Root Nutrient Complex*
I've been using this every time I blow dry my hair & it is such an amazing product. The entire Swell range is designed to provide volume & thickness to fine, flat hair. The Root Nutrient Complex features a unique blend of eighteen active botanical extracts which help to nourish & protect hair at the root. You simply spray it onto your scalp & massage it in. It has made my hair feel so much thicker & stronger whilst giving it some mega volume. My hair was in desperate need of something like this. I'm dreading this bottle running out though because the full size version is so expensive!

Organic Surge Extra Care Hydrating Eye Cream*
Organic Surge make some amazing skincare products and I'm especially fond of their Extra Care range. These products are slightly higher in price than the rest of their skincare but they feature some really high quality ingredients so they're worth the extra expense. This eye cream contains jojoba oil which smooths & moisturises the skin without leaving any oily residue behind. It feels extremely light but incredibly hydrating at the same time. It's suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin. Some eye creams make my eyes water if I apply them a bit close but this feels very gentle. It helps to nourish & rejuvenate the eye area leaving it looking smoother & brighter.

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Friday, 27 February 2015

Pretty In Pink

Top - Topshop / Skirt - Fashion Union* / Shoes - Garage Shoes
Bag - Whistles / Necklace - Mikey* / Watch - Shore Projects*

Being somewhat challenged in the neck department I used to always avoid buying high-neck tops. I'm really struggling to find clothes that I like at the minute because everything seems to have a turtleneck. Even worse, most of these high-neck tops are cropped as well. Whilst I do like 90s fashion some of it is just so ugly & unflattering. These ribbed funnel neck tops from Topshop are my current fave as they're still on trend but they aren't cropped & the neckline is just right for me. I have them in a few colours but I wear the black one the most. I'm kinda tired of wearing dull Wintery colours so today I paired it with lots of pink things. I adore this bubblegum pink skirt from Fashion Union. It's a bit of a nightmare to iron & creases up again as soon as I sit down but it's such a pretty colour! I really like how the high shine material looks too. Not totally sure if A-line skirts suit my figure but I'm stuck in a bit of a fashion rut & fancied trying something new.

I'm also loving this gorgeous pink necklace from Mikey at House Of Fraser. Although House Of Fraser are generally considered to be a high-end department store they also sell a wide range of more affordable brands. They have so many beautiful pieces of jewellery available. I chose this one because I really liked the combo of pink & clear gems with a gold rope chain. It's so lovely & goes with loads of outfits. I've gone a bit shoe crazy lately & seem to have bought rather a lot of new ones! I'm so glad that chunky heels are everywhere right now because they're so comfy to wear but still give me some much needed height. I've always wanted a pair of tassel loafers but I'd never been able to find any that I liked until now. These ones are from Garage Shoes & they are perfection!

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Flamingo Gifts

When you live in rented accommodation, it can be difficult to make your house feel like a home. Hardly anything in my house is to my taste. I wish I could swap the yellow walls, green curtains & red leather sofas in our living room for something more Pinterest-worthy but we're not really allowed to redecorate. That's why shopping for cute & quirky homeware items is one of my favourite things to do. Small changes can make all the difference & something like a new candle, cushion or storage box can transform different areas of your home without breaking the bank or angering your landlord. So when Flamingo Gifts kindly offered me the chance to pick some items from their online shop I was completely overjoyed! Their website is a veritable treasure trove of unique & fun gifts that are sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Be prepared to spend hours looking through their shop because everything they sell is simply amazing! Here are the wonderful gifts that I was sent...

I've always wanted to have a Buddha statue somewhere in my home. I'm not a Buddhist or anything but I just think they look really cool. They're a symbol of good luck & having one on display can enhance the good Feng Shui in a room. I like my decorative pieces to be functional as well so that's why I chose this golden ceramic Buddha Soap Dish*. I needed a soap dish for my Dr Bronner's soap that I use to wash my makeup brushes & I couldn't be happier with this one! I love anything gold! It's very eye-catching & would look awesome in either the kitchen or bathroom.

Ever since falling in love with Jill Tomlinson's book 'The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark' as a child, owls have been one of my favourite animals. I was sent this stunning Pink Folk Owl Mug* & I'm completely obsessed with it. I pretty much only drink out of this mug now. I normally use a cocoa mug for my hot drinks so I'm really glad that this mug is absolutely huge! I can't be dealing with tiny cups of tea or hot chocolate! The detailing is just beautiful & it also comes in blue. Both mugs would make such a lovely set together.

This Baby Squirrel Night Light* is just so cute! Chloe won't sleep without a night light & her one broke recently so I requested it especially for her. It fits in nicely with the rest of her bedroom decor & adds a warm comforting glow to the room. The light is powered by LEDs & runs on batteries so it's safe for young children. This charming little squirrel has fast become one of Chloe's favourite bedtime companions as he emits just enough light to keep the scary shadow monsters away through the night.

I love quirky storage pieces and this Wu & Wu Tiffin Tin* is no exception. The colourful designs on each layer are completely adorable with things like kitties, deer & roses. It's made from food grade tin so it would be perfect for stashing away sweets or cookies. However you could keep anything in it really. At the minute I've got it in my bedroom as hair storage because I'm forever losing my bobby pins & hair bands so it's great to finally have a proper place to put them. Plus I can sneak a few treats in there as a midnight snack!

I'm so happy with everything I received & I can't thank Flamingo Gifts enough for sending me so many lovely items! Their website is full of cute little gifts like these & I'd definitely recommend checking them out whether you're buying a present for someone or just want to spruce up your home. There really is something for everyone on there & I can guarantee you'll fall in love with it all. What do you think of Flamingo Gifts?

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