Friday 26 July 2019

Bravura London Moisturisers

Bravura London Azulene Moisturiser Glycolic Acid Night Treatment

Hardly a week goes by without the launch of some new skincare products. These launches can be difficult to ignore because it's only natural to want to try something new & improved. As a beauty blogger I love trying new things, especially when it comes to skincare so it can be quite rare to come across a product that I will continue to repurchase again & again. I change up the actives & serums constantly but one thing I have stuck with for a very long time is my moisturiser. These two little pots of joy come from Bravura London. They have a perfectly curated range of skincare products designed to treat the problems that come with many different skin types. I love the First Cleanse Oil for removing my makeup & their chemical peels are simply fantastic. I don't use as many of their products as I used to ever since The Ordinary came along but I have stayed loyal to their moisturisers for several years.

Bravura London Azulene Moisturiser

Bravura London Azulene Moisturiser (£10.20 / 50ml)
A quick search through my inbox revealed that I first bought this moisturiser back in 2016 & have repurchased it a countless number of times over the past three years. If that doesn't tell you how much I love this product, I don't know what will! It's a really lovely way to finish off your skincare regime whether you have normal, oily or combination skin. I sometimes switch to their Collagen Moisturising Cream during the Winter when my skin gets a bit drier but for the most part, this particular moisturiser is the best thing for my personal skincare needs.

The blue colour of this moisturiser comes from one of it's most important ingredients, azulene. This is a natural, botanical extract from chamomile flowers that helps to soothe sensitive skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to prevent the formation of blackheads & blemishes. Don't let the colour put you off, the Azulene Moisturiser looks completely normal once you've applied it to your skin. If anything, the ever so slight blue tint makes your complexion look brighter & less sallow. You only need to use a small amount of product so each jar tends to last me quite a long time. This light, emollient cream is fragrance-free but in my opinion, it smells a tiny bit like marzipan. The Azulene Moisturiser has an aloe vera base so it never feels heavy or greasy. In fact it has stopped my skin from producing as much oil, probably because it has helped to keep everything properly hydrated. It absorbs quickly & feels really comforting. Along with azulene & aloe vera, this moisturiser features rosemary, sage & hop extracts to help calm irritation & heal the skin. The combination of hazelnut, wheatgerm & avocado oils provide lightweight yet effective hydration without clogging pores. This is why it's such a great product for my blemish-prone skin.

I use this moisturiser every morning without fail because it helps to keep excess oil at bay & has an almost matte finish. Yet it still provides all the hydration that my skin requires. The Azulene Moisturiser makes a wonderful base for makeup. It works really well with the rest of my skincare routine & doesn't cause pilling. The soothing formula has helped to prevent breakouts & reduce redness. It leaves my skin feeling softer, smoother & a whole lot healthier. I also use it at night because those healing properties are always welcome after some chemical exfoliation. You can mix it with a few drops of something like rosehip oil, argan oil or squalane for some extra hydration. This simple trick turns the moisturiser into more of a luxury treatment to really pamper your skin before bedtime.

Bravura London Glycolic Acid Night Treatment

Bravura London Glycolic Acid 15% Night Treatment (£17.40 / 50ml)
Although I do mainly use the Azulene Moisturiser mixed with a facial oil at bedtime, I'm also a big fan of this moisturiser that has been supercharged with glycolic acid. I adore Bravura London's chemical peels as they are extremely effective but they can be a bit of a faff to use. Sometimes I'm just way too tired to do my full skincare routine at night even if my complexion is crying out for help. When I'm feeling lazy I just wanna wipe off my makeup with some micellar water, pop on a tiny bit of moisturiser & jump into bed. But that's probably not the best thing for your skin. So to combat my chronic idleness, using a rich moisturiser infused with a high percentage of glycolic acid means I get some much needed exfoliation & nourishment at the same time. I've tried moisturisers with acids in before but none of them have been quite as effective as this one.

The Glycolic Acid 15% Night Treatment is ideal for dry, mature or problem skin. It's particularly good for blemish-prone skin that gets too dry when using gel moisturisers or oil-free lotions. However it should be avoided if you have really sensitive skin. The cream is quite thick & luxurious with a lovely buttery texture. You only need to use a tiny amount & have to massage it in really well. It doesn't smell quite as pleasant as the Azulene Moisturiser but the scent soon dissipates after application. I find that it can make my skin sting a bit when first applied, especially if I have any active spots but it doesn't cause irritation or redness. After a couple of minutes it melts into the skin & makes my face feel incredibly soft. It also kills off any blemishes, clears blocked pores & fades scarring. I honestly noticed a difference after just one use as when I woke up my face was glowing. When you first start using this moisturiser, you should only apply it every other night so that your skin can adjust to the high acid content. Over time the glycolic acid in this moisturiser will make your skin look smoother & scars will become less noticeable. As well as exfoliating the skin, it stimulates the production of collagen which will give you a more youthful & plumped up complexion. It also allows your moisturiser to penetrate the deeper layers of skin to provide some truly intense nourishment.

Another way I like to use this moisturiser is as a targeted blemish treatment. You can just apply it directly on top of any congested areas to quickly tackle any pesky spots. Many fast-acting spot treatments tend to dry out the skin & that often makes things look worse, especially if you want to conceal it with makeup. Just like the Azulene Moisturiser, the Glycolic Acid 15% Night Treatment has aloe vera & safflower oil as the two main hydrating ingredients so it will keep your skin feeling perfectly moisturised whilst banishing blemishes. This product really does make your skin look clearer overnight & it allows you to streamline your skincare routine so you can get even more beauty sleep. Brilliant!

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  1. These products sound great but i dont like the fact they are full of essential oils especially when there glycolic acid in there talk about irritation central

    Andrew James -

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