Saturday, 27 July 2019

Five Ways To Look & Feel Your Best

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If you're struggling when it comes to looking & feeling your best then don't worry, there are many simple things you can do to improve the way you see yourself. Although you may feel as though you've lost your way when it comes to your physical or mental health, it's important you do everything you can to find yourself back on your feet. When we're feeling down, it's dangerously easy to let our healthy habits slide & in the end that will only make you feel worse. Whilst it may seem incredibly difficult at first, there are lots of things you can do to ensure you're feeling better in no time. With that in mind, here are five ways to instantly boost your self-esteem:

Do Your Hair & Makeup More Often
One of the easiest ways to look & feel your best is to ensure you're doing your hair & makeup as much as possible. You might not be leaving the house or going anywhere special but getting yourself ready is a great way to boost your mood. It's been proven that feeling good about your appearance can help when it comes to mood & positivity so if doing your hair & makeup helps you to feel good, you should definitely be doing it as often as you can. Taking some time to go through your skincare regimen & complete your morning makeup routine will make you feel so much better. Who cares if you're only popping to the supermarket? Throw some glitter on your eyelids & embrace your glam side, even if you just need a fresh loaf of bread!

Go For Regular Appointments At The Salon
On a similar note, going for regular trips to the salon can really help when it comes to boosting your mood. Whether you have your hair done or you get a fresh set of acrylics, there's no better feeling than walking out of a salon after being pampered. If you can't fit regular salon trips into your monthly budget, you might want to think about how you can recreate the salon experience at home. Foot spa machines can be incredibly affordable & make you feel like you're getting a luxury pedicure when you're just sat on your sofa. If you want to go one step further, invest in a LED lamp & do your own gel manicure at home.

Consider What Will Make You Feel Better About Your Appearance
Another important thing to consider when it comes to looking & feeling your best is thinking about what is going to make you feel better about yourself. Whether this means focussing on body positivity or undergoing cosmetic gynaecology, it's important you're thinking about whether or not these are changes you want to make. For some people, going through with cosmetic procedures is the only way they can feel more comfortable in their own skin. If you're unsure, speaking to someone you trust about how you're feeling might be worthwhile.

Surround Yourself With People That Make You Happy
A great way to ensure you're always feeling your best is to surround yourself with the people that make you happy. Spending as much time as you can with your family & friends will always make you feel better. Plus the happy memories you make with these people can help you to get through tougher times. If someone makes you unhappy it's perfectly reasonable to cut them out of your life. Toxic relationships can be so unhealthy, it doesn't matter whether it's a family member or your boyfriend. Similarly, unfollowing people on social media that make you feel bad about the way you look or your life in general is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. After all, comparison is the thief of joy.

Practice Self-Care Where Possible
Finally, it's important to practice self-care whenever possible. Mindfulness is a fantastic therapeutic technique that is vital for proper self-care. It involves being more aware of the present moment & allows us to notice habits or negative thoughts that don't serve our wellbeing. Mindfulness is especially useful because it ensures that we use self-care for the right reasons. Without a mindful attitude, we may use self-care as a form of distraction to avoid our feelings or put off doing important tasks. Self-care can take many forms & it doesn't have to be incredibly fancy. Sometimes it can be something as simple as getting dressed, brushing your teeth or washing your hair. If you do want to partake in something more indulgent, take the time to enjoy a hot bath, read a good book or go for a long walk - you may be surprised just how much of a difference it can make to your mood.

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