Monday 16 August 2010


Today was my 22nd birthday. It was a bit crap to be honest. I wasn't really looking forward to it at all. I think its because my priorities have changed since becoming a mum. I wore a peter pan collar dress from Primark but I don't have any pictures of it because its basically ruined now. I got toothpaste on it in the morning and mustard from a hot dog on it later in the day :( At least I dressed Chloe up nicely.

I didn't get any presents, just £200 from my dad towards a new phone. I lost my phone in July and Policy Admin Services screwed me over (if you have phone insurance with them, cancel it NOW. They're basically a scam concocted by Phones4U/Dial-a-phone) so I've had to revert to my shitty old Nokia 6280 which doesn't charge properly.

My mum and sister looked after Chloe while me and Andy spent the day at Xscape. Its definitely not like how I thought it would be. It was just full of little kids playing crappy machines that give you tickets to get crappy prizes. One of the highlights was when I traded in my tickets for some Fizz Wizz... oh dear. We didn't do any of the activities. Instead we got drunk and went to see Inception which I loved.

I didn't really expect much of the day so it wasn't much of a disappointment really.

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  1. Happy belated birthday! I've become like that about birthdays too, I think when you become older it's less exciting.
    Chloe looks so cute!