Tuesday 31 August 2010

Object Of Desire: Dahlia Bow Cuff Babydoll Dress

This amazing 60s style dress just popped up in my inbox. Its by Dahlia and costs £60. The bow cuffs are the cutest thing ever and I really like the neckline. I think the way they've styled it with an updo and suspender tights is spot on. I'm tempted to get it for the graduation party. The only thing thats putting me off it the fact that its white and dry clean only - not a great combo for me, especially on a messy night out!


  1. This dress is super cute! I want it:)

  2. that dress is lovely :)

    I think I might need to get it
    nice blog by the way

  3. This dress is stunning! I think you should get it even if you don't wear it at graduation, haha. Oh and get me one whilst you're at it ;-)