Saturday 4 December 2010

Object Of Desire: Christmas Edition

Christmas came early for me this year because I decided to get myself a little treat. Back in July I lost my Nokia N97 when I was getting off the bus and because I still had insurance with Dial-A-Phone, which is basically a scam, I couldn't get a replacement. So I had to revert back to using my really old Nokia 6280 which is pretty much broken. Finally my Orange upgrade date came around and I decided to upgrade to an iPhone 4. I got it last week and I haven't stopped playing with it since! I love it so much. I was always hesistant about getting an iPhone because I couldn't type anything on my sisters iPod Touch and was considering upgrading to a Blackberry Torch or Nokia N8. But I'm so glad I went for this, you get used to the touch screen very quickly and I love buying apps haha. Other than Twitter & Facebook my faves are Hipstamatic, MyFitnessPal and Chu Chu Rocket which is an epic game I used to play with my sister when we had a Sega Dreamcast. Tell me some of your fave apps please, I love playing about with new ones :) Plus check out the gorgeous case I got off eBay! I wanted a Japanese deco style case or one of the cute cases from Strapya World but this'll do for now.

Anyways here is my Christmas Wishlist for this year. I realise its very unlikely that I'll get any of these as they're quite expensive but thats why its a wishlist ;)

Filofax Raspberry Metropol Personal Organiser
I know I've just got an iPhone which is a good organisational tool but nothing can beat writing things down on paper. Crossing out things on a to-do list is so much more satisfying than ticking it off on an app. Plus the Raspberry Metropol is a gorgeous creation.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum
This smells absolutely divine! I keep finding myself wandering into Debenhams and showering myself in the stuff. I used to use Marc Jacobs Lola and still have some Chloe perfume left but I want something new and nothing smells better than this little beauty.

Miu Miu Vitello Lux Satchel
Ahh the much coveted bow satchel bag. Although I do have a couple of designer bags already I can't stop myself from wanting this one. Its massive so you can fit tons of stuff in there, the bows are adorable and it looks like a really classic bag. I love the grey colour too. I know shes a goon but I saw Vanessa Hudgens with this bag and it looked stunning on her arm. I can't afford the real thing though so I'm thinking about getting one off eBay instead.

H&M Leather Shorts
These are the perfect leather shorts!! I much prefer the hotpant style to the high waisted long leather shorts available in the likes of Topshop & River Island at the moment. Unfortunately the H&M in Leeds only have them in a size 16. I even tried those on in the hope that they would fit because we all know H&M have really dodgy sizing but they were just too loose. I WANT these though, if anyone sees them in a size 10 or 12 please buy them for me & I will pay you generously for them!

Agent Provocateur Love Lingerie Set
I have asked for the Love demi bra & panties for my anniversary and my birthday but Andy has still not bought them for me! So I'm asking for them again for Christmas. I don't own anything from Agent Provocateur but I am desperate to. Their lingerie is the best in the world, even the packaging they use is gorgeous. Its such a shame all their bras are so expensive. I kinda just want this so I can strut around pretending I'm Lady Gaga in the Bad Romance video. If its good enough for Gaga, its good enough for me.

Bones Season 1-5 DVD Box Set
I saw a couple of episodes of this when I went to New York in 2008 and it was definitely my kinda show. Normally I would just download it all but I only get 15GB a month on my crappy 3 dongle & BTOpenzone kicks me off for a day if I download just one MP3. So box sets are the way forward.

Hopefully I'll get at least one of these things for Christmas or I will be a sad panda. And I hope you all get everything you want as well!


  1. I was never sure about the touch screen phones as I had a touch screen MP3 player and was always pressing the wrong thing. I'd love one of these iPhones just for the apps though, fingers crossed I get one from Santa.
    I prefer to have the actual DVDs rather than download them. I haven't see Bones before, but love him "that played Angel & was in Buffy" (don't know his name)

  2. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb, oh how I love thee. I so want this fragrance, I too go into Debenhams just to spray it lol, although I prefer the one in the dark bottle which is more expensive... typical!

    Also my favourite iPhone app is the Where's Wally one because I am a big kid really lol, takes me back to my youth! People must think i'm a right weirdo when i'm searching for Wally at the bus stop/in the staffroom/ in long queues!

  3. So jealous of your iPhone, I just got a Blackberry back in June but I'm so envious of you! The case is lovely too, I'm on the hunt for a similar one for my BB :)
    Love the wishlist too, the Miu Miu was present on the one I just made too. Ahh, such a beautiful bag!

  4. My boyfriend upgraded to the iPhone the other day, so jealous! I love my iPod touch and wish it would just magically turn into an iPhone haha xx

  5. Eeee Bones is amazing! We have all 5 series and they are just fantastic - there's not a single bad episode. Me and my husband first discovered it when we were on holiday in Madira and now we're both utterly hooked. Trust me, you need this in your life!

  6. i like the design from your handy and the grey bag is pretty :)

    maybe you want to follow my blog <3

  7. I want an i-phone.. but I my phone is new ahahah!
    I have bought the leather shorts from berskha...

  8. Oh wow your iphone cover is adorable! I have been looking for something similar for my iPhone for a while. xoxo

  9. Ow man, you lucky thing! I want an iPhone 4! Great cover, too...

    P.S. Gotta say, you look great all blondie - beautiful! x

  10. Brilliant wishlist, and I completely agree with you about the iphone, I couldn't live without mine! x

  11. great shopping list my dear! I love seeing peoples wish lists gives me ideas for my own :) x

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  13. Wauw looks so pretty with all the pink stones on your phone! Love it :D

  14. Aw I love the jewelled phone case its so cool! I have a raspberry filofax on my wish list too! x

  15. aaah I have an iphone and bought it a gorgeously sparkly and mildly tacky Hello Kitty case for it on ebay! Love :) xx

  16. i couldnt agree more with you regarding flowerbomb, my fella got me it as a treat! It is amazing - i hope you get it x

  17. Your iPod is really gorgeous!

  18. I'm always ordering crap off that website that I don't need! Like rilakkuma headphones :}
    I love your Christmas list, I want one of those organizers too. Hope you get everything you wish for :-)