Thursday 2 December 2010

death by bagel.

Dress - Topshop
Necklace - This Charming Girl

Today I'm wearing this black ponti shift dress from Topshop. I love the flared sleeves on it. Its so basic but I think the shape is pretty cool & classic. I never get to go anywhere exciting anymore & wearing my PJs all day every day is depressing so dressing up is making me feel better. Sorry that you can't really see it! I guess I should stop wearing black in outfit posts. My flat is so tiny that the only place with a plain background and enough light is in front of the wardrobe which happens to be black... ah well. I bought this necklace from This Charming Girl who do some amazing jewellery. I have a similar Marc Jacobs necklace which is more of a pewter colour but now I'm blondie again, I'm back to my excessive gold jewellery loving ways so I bought this to wear instead.

God I am so sick of this snow! I really need to go buy some food but still haven't ventured outside. I've had a bagel for pretty much every meal the last four days. It is actually sending me mental and making me massively crave vegetables! Captivity is also making me so unorganised. I've only bought Andy and Chloe some Christmas presents so far and I totally forgot that its my mums birthday today. Shes 63 years old now. I feel so awful, she always sends me stuff and buys anything that I don't have enough money for but I couldn't even remember to send her a card. Hopefully a text & a call later will do? Lol, I suck.

Anyways, I'm probably just gonna spend the rest of the day watching Sailor Moon and complaining about stuff on Twitter. Feel free to add me if you've not already!


  1. I love This Charming Girl's jewellery, I'm always tempted so buy so many items.
    I know what you mean about the snow, I need to get out to buy things but the buses are so unreliable. I'm starting to feel like a hermit staying indoors.

  2. This Charming Girl is amazing. You're daughter is stunning, bless her. It's so cold to go out isn't it. can't you order your food shop online? Get it delivered, or is the snow that bad? xxx

  3. You look so in love with your necklace, its brilliant. I too could live on bagels...the ones with raisens, toasted with a little bit of butter? Forever food.
    BTW love Sailor Moon...been watching it with subs on youtube? xx

  4. i swear bagels are the nommiest thing ever. you are a beautiful mummy! x

  5. Your daughter is soooo cute, I love her over the shoulder look so adorable. I really love your necklace and these photos are great of you, your hair really does suit you blonde. It is bloody uber cold :P xxx

  6. Wow! you have such a cute blog here! I really like it and you look awesome in the photos (and so your daughter ;) )

    I invite you to visit my blog. There's a giveaway going on right now, so good luck if you decide to join it! :)


  7. I love that kind of sixties make up (pale lips, winged eyeliner) and black clothes on platinum blond girls! beautiful :)

  8. absolutely adore the necklace!!
    you look really gorgeous, loving the photos!

    check mine out my blog!? x

  9. such lovely pics man! I am now following.


  10. This dress looks lovely on you and I think you'd really suit a full fringe, cause it looks like you have one on these pictures! Your baba is so adorable too :-(
    I always forget my mums birthday too, ha ha. Sailor Moon<3