Monday 27 June 2011

Rodial Skinny Beach

A couple of weeks ago Rodial put a special offer on twitter in which you could purchase two of their Skinny Beach products - Skinny Beach Sticks & Skinny Beach SPF 15 Tinted - for just £21 including shipping. Considering this was a massive saving of £73 I decided to give it a go. I'd always wanted to try some of their diet sticks, either Crash Diet or Tummy Tuck, as who doesn't love a product offering inch loss with literally no effort? The premise of the diet sticks is that you mix one sachet with 100ml of water and drink that every day for two weeks. This supposedly results in inch loss from the waist & hip areas. However the Skinny Beach range are slightly different in that as well as slimming your stomach they boost your natural UV protection and tanning levels to ensure more time efficient and successful tanning.

If you've ever seen one of my outfit posts you would know that I am ghostly in colour but I'm pretty happy that way. And I am most definitely not heading to the beach this Summer (unless a day trip to Brighton counts?). So to be honest that whole tanning element is pretty useless to me but I could definitely do with a flatter stomach.

I tried my first Skinny Beach stick this morning. This is what it looks like in drink form. The flavour is quite pleasant, like a very watered down glass of papaya juice. I'll be drinking these for the next two weeks so I'll let you know if they actually do anything. I measured my waist and hips this morning just before drinking it. My waist is currently 29" and my hips are 37". I'm hoping that these will take either one or two inches off each of these measurements. If they can do that I will say that this experiment has been successful. I will be continuing with my current diet & exercise routine of 1200 calories a day with lots of walking & weight lifting so that this is fair. Plus I do really want this product to work!

The SPF 15 Tinted seems like a product that is definitely not for me. As you can see it comes out as a very dark brown glittery liquid. When rubbed into the skin there is not a noticeable difference in colour at all. It does give a very slight glow & from these pictures the only difference I can see is that it seems to have collected in the pores on my arm. Gross. It has also left loads of glitter on my arm further establishing my Edward Cullen sparkly vampire look.

This product is said to 'immediately firm, lift and tone the body as well as boosting your natural tanning ability, leaving you with a darker, richer tan, but in less exposure time. Meanwhile caffeine, carnitine complex and saccharide salt work together to rid the body of cellulite presence, reduce swelling and water retention and to improve the overall firmness of the skin'. These promises make this product sound like something every beach-goer could do with. However the product description appears to have left out the repulsive smell! Seriously it smells bloody awful, far worse than that biscuity fake tan smell. It actually makes me feel a little bit sick. I was planning to use this on my stomach and legs for the slimming effect but it just smells too bad for me to even attempt to use again.

So those are my initial impressions of the Rodial Skinny Beach products. I'll let you know if the sticks have had any effect in two weeks. Did anyone else purchase this offer? I'd love to know your thoughts.

EDIT: Since for some reason I never posted about these again (oops) I'd just like to let everyone know that these things do not work. I didn't lose a single pound or any inches off my waist etc. So I really don't recommend wasting your money. You'd be better off doing a juice cleanse or just a normal low-cal diet.


  1. I hope the sticks do their job! Shame about the tanning stuff, but yeah, it doesn't look like it's helped at all, and the fact that it has a bad smell is awful :(
    Sirens and Bells xx

  2. Why do they shove glitter in everything? arghghghgh. xxxx

  3. I love that blue color on the boxes! :)

  4. But Caroline, I thought it was cool to look like a sparkling vampire! OMG, EDWARD CULLEN!!!1!1

  5. In all seriousness, those skinny beach sticks have me intrigued. I didn't get to comment on your previous post, but I think your lilac hair looks lovely. Definitely unique and out there; it really works for you!

  6. Ooh, this stuff sounds too good to be true! Looking forward to hearing how it goes. x

  7. this was very interesting, thank you for posting. You are incredibly beautiful by the way.

    You have a wonderful blog, I will definitly check back to read more of your posts. I wish you all of the luck in the world (although I am sure you don't need it).

    All the best,

  8. Totally read beach as something ele, haha. Sounds like a really interesting product!

  9. Ooh those sticks sound amazing (if they do what they say they will!), I'll be really interested to find out if they make any difference.

  10. how did the skinny beach sticks go?

    I've got some myself when they had that offer on, might start them tomorrow! :)

  11. hello - did you post how the whole thing went? cant find your finished review of the product - would be really interested to see :)

  12. Came across this on Google, I'm just starting a course of Skinny Beach sticks myself, I'd love to know how they worked out for you. It's shame your SPF 15 lotion smelt so bad, I have the non-tinted version and it smells beautiful!


    1. they did literally nothing for me. hope they work out better for you. its shocking how pointless they are considering the price! xx