Wednesday 25 July 2012

Karin Herzog Fruit Smoothie Facial @ Alexandra House

As a full-time mummy I do find it really hard to relax. I spend all day long looking after my daughter and even when shes finally gone to bed I still have plenty of housework to do. This often leaves me feeling very stressed out and exhausted. So I was overjoyed when I was contacted by Wahanda, a website offering deals for spas, facials, manicures, tanning, exercise, hairdressers and much much more. They gifted me with a £50 voucher so I could choose any treatment I desired. With Wahanda its so easy to find whatever treatment you want in an area local to you. I live in Huddersfield so I just used their easy drop down menus to search for spa days in Yorkshire. Each business on Wahanda has got reviews from previous clients so its easy to find out what people have enjoyed or if you should generally avoid that establishment like the plague. You just choose the treatment you want, purchase the voucher and either book online or by phone. Easy peasy.

I decided I wanted to have a proper spa facial and I spotted a place called Alexandra House. This was walking distance from my house and I liked the sound of their holistic treatments so I plumped for a Karin Herzog Fruit Smoothie facial. Apparently Karin Herzog products are a fave of Kate Middleton so I figured it'd be a good one to try out. The facial lasts for one hour and is a luxurious treatment incorporating oxygen, water, vitamins and gentle but effective enzymes of orange, mandarin, grapefruit and grapes. The result is skin that stays firm, hydrated and lifted, with radiance that is both instant and long lasting. It is most suitable for normal, oily or combination skin types including those with heightened sensitivity.

The spa itself is more like a manor house. It has an amazingly calming atmosphere as soon as you step inside. The approach here is very personable and friendly which differs greatly from the more clinical spas I've visited in the past. Theres a nice waiting room which you can relax in before and after your treatments. In here there was lots of interesting things to read though including a book about dreams and a little tray filled with bits of paper with daily affirmations written onto them. I chose one saying 'I am here to be a loving presence that expresses life joyously, deeply and passionately'. I'd been feeling a bit down lately as I tend to let the little things get to me. I find that positive messages such as these really help me to feel better about myself, as silly as it sounds.

After filling in a form about my skin and lifestyle my facial began. I was told to completely relax and to focus on the peaceful music. It started with a thorough cleansing removed with a lovely hot towel. Then an exfoliating scrub was massaged onto my face using a scrublet and removed with another towel. The most interesting part was the mask. I had one layer painted onto my skin then a cloth was draped over my face before another hot mask layer was placed on top of that. After the mask had been applied I was treated to a brilliant neck and shoulder massage. Again the mask was removed with another hot towel. This was followed by the final step of the facial. Some oil was massaged into my face, head, neck and shoulders. The massage was definitely the highlight. We carry a lot of tension in these areas and my therapist really helped to lighten the load. As with most spa treatments the time absolutely whizzed by. I was left feeling so relaxed and calm. It was exactly what I needed! I walked home with super soft glowing skin and a huge smile on my face. Next time I'd love to have a full body or hot stone massage. I can tell I'll be back very soon. We all need time to relax & treat ourselves from time to time. Looking at all your local deals on Wahanda is a great place to start.


  1. The building looks beautiful and your treatment sounds AMAZING i've never had any type of spa treatment before, it's making me think i should give it a whirl x

  2. People often don't realise that being a mam is the hardest job. In the end of a day she has to do everything. I love my mother and really wish she could find some time just for herself. I'm also glad you got a chance to relax, you deserve it :)x

  3. I love Karin Herzog products, sounds like a truly pampering treatment x

  4. Ooo I live near Huddersfield, I have heard this place is fab! Great review. Would love to give this a go!

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