Tuesday 3 July 2012

Rip Her To Shreds

T-Shirt - Sheinside* / Cardigan - Urban Outfitters / Jeggings - Topshop
Necklace - Kukee / Rings - ASOS & Regal Rose

I'm pretty sure that everyone in the world owns some variation of this leopard print cross t-shirt but some reason I never managed to pick one up for myself. So when Sheinside offered to send me something, I knew straight away that I wanted this t-shirt. Its really comfy and good quality too, especially since its a lot cheaper than the one from Urban Outfitters. I paired this with my Topshop jeggings and Urban Outfitters cardigan yesterday for a trip to the cinema. Its kinda ridic that this huge cardi is appropriate for July but I love it anyways. Andy and I went to see Friends With Kids which seemed like it could've been a good film considering the great cast but it was a really lame and predictable rom-com. Not my kinda thing at all, so that was bit of a waste of time & money! The highlight was probably Andy force feeding me jalapeƱos from his nachos haha.

I put all the entries for my Sheinside giveaway into a list and used random.org to generate the winner. Congratulations to... Laura! Sheinside and I will be in touch very soon :)


  1. love this look, so cosy!! and i dont own the leopard cross tee but i wish i did haha xx

  2. great look! love the jacket with your haircolor!

  3. Your cardigan looks so comfy :)
    Love your tee too !


  4. I love the colour of your cardigan it goes so well with your hair :) x

  5. your cardi is one of my fave colours and it looks so comfy too! :) x

  6. i love this top caroline.. you know, i must be the odd person, because i don't own a top like this! haha!
    also i want your cardigan it looks too snug for words.x

  7. This is a great casual look. I really like the combo of the tee and the chunky cardi. Gorgeous!



  8. Love the colour of the cardigan, definitely a shame it's so appropriate for this awful weather though! x

    Sirens and Bells

  9. Cosy outfits are the best! I really need/want a huge cosy knit at the moment, despite it being July. I saw the perfect one in Mango yesterday but it was £30... in the sale. Not on. xx

  10. That cardi looks so cosy, yet stylish at the same time! Shame about the film! Xo

  11. that cardi looks so yum and warm
    you are so pretty


  12. Oh no I want to see Friends With Kids, the reviews make it sound really good! Love the colour of your cardigan, I was wearing a big cardigan today too, crazy considering it's July!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  13. love love love the cardigan! you look gorgeous as usual!x

  14. Lovely cardigan. The top is really cute too xx

    1. lots of love for the cardi and I love it too! fab colour and looks cosy x

  15. I love your pink hair, I wish I could get mine this colour :) xx

  16. I love you top :) and I wish I could pull of pink hair like you! :)

    Jo. x

  17. I have this cardigan! And it is still my favorite things to wear after year+ of owning it.

  18. Your eyebrows are just amazing. x