Saturday 8 December 2012

MAC Lipstick Collection

I finally had some free time last weekend so I decided to film another video. I thought I'd show you guys my MAC lipstick collection. I treated myself to two new ones the other day so my little lipstick holder has finally been filled with shades I love. I am literally rubbish at using iMovie so again I'm sorry about the length!


  1. VG Gaga is the exact same colour as your jumper :D
    I so love your collection!

  2. You probably already know this BUT (I'll tell you anyways on the off chance you don't know) if you aren't going to use those two or three lipsticks anymore, rather than throwing them out, be sure you hold onto the empty packaging because you can bring in 6 empty mac containers to a MAC counter or even online and they'll recycle them and give you a free MAC lipstick of your choice!

    Also, I love your videos! And your MAC lipstick collection is amazing!

  3. Loved you vlog :) I'm a new follower after reading Effy Talks Life's BOTM about you.
    Your lipstick collection is beautiful! so many pretty pinks!
    Also, yay you're in Huddersfield! Me too :) - The bowl in the countryside that never stops raining!

    Again, great post doll
    Kerys xx

  4. Haha, I literally just done a post on my Mac lipsticks then I saw your post on Bloglovin :) You love your pinks like me!

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