Thursday 6 December 2012

NEOM Goodies

NEOM are fast becoming one of my favourite brands for home fragrance & toiletries. Their luxury products are all organic and packed full of essential oils so they're a great choice for a bit of everyday pampering. The range of scents available is a bit different to those found in your average toiletry brand. Thats because the products can be used as holistic treatments as each essential oil has been carefully chosen to impact upon your mood. I think they make brilliant presents for any female so heres some of my favourite NEOM products.

Organic Reed Diffuser in Real Luxury
For a continual dispersion of fragrance nothing beats a reed diffuser. The reed sticks absorb the oil and spread the scent through the air. Real Luxury mixes lavender, jasmine & Brazilian rosewood. It smells so good! Its a very light & calming scent so I keep this in my living room. One reed diffuser lasted three months for me & I'm now about halfway through my second bottle of this oil. At £35 its pretty expensive but the oil refills are a lot cheaper. I guess the initial expense is for the nice glass holder. I really like all the NEOM packaging & product design. Their products just exude class & look really posh.

Organic Room Mist in Tranquility & Refresh
I love room sprays because you can use them to refresh any area or fabric easily. I have a growing collection that I keep in my bedroom to add a fresh fragrance to my bedsheets, inside my drawers & wardrobe as well as all around the room. I find that these instantly enhance my mood. The two scents I have are quite different and therefore have almost opposite effects on how I feel. Tranquility is a blend of English lavender, sweet basil & jasmine. This is a great one to use before bed as its so relaxing. I've often used lavender oil to unwind before bed, either in an oil burner or on my pulse points so its nice to fill the room with its scent in this convenient spray. If you spray some on your pillow, you'll soon find yourself in the land of nod. Refresh is a mix of Sicilian lemon & fresh basil. I adore citrus scents as they definitely do help me feel more awake. The basil is quite strong in this spray which can be a bit overwhelming. If you've ever been to Vapiano and sat near all their fresh basil plants you'll know what I mean. But it does help me feel more awake so its perfect for morning time or as a quick pick me up throughout the day. It also works as a good mask for strong kitchen smells.

Organic Bath & Shower Indulgence Set
NEOM sell big bottles of their luxury bath oils but if you don't know which scent to go for, this mini set is a nice introduction to the range. You get six little bottles: two Complete Bliss, two Real Luxury & two Tranquility. Each bottle is enough to fill one bath. You can also apply one bottle all over your body before showering but I think a long bath is more fitting for such an indulgent product. They don't foam up at all but they don't need to. These are filled with vitamin E & other special oils that leave your skin feeling & smelling amazing. Complete Bliss is really nice. Its rose scented but not as old fashioned as some rose products can be. It also contains black pepper & lime so its quite fresh. Again the Tranquility & Real Luxury scents are so relaxing. I love these for winding down after a long day.

I'd love to try one of their candles next. I like how theres three wicks in each candle so that they burn evenly. I have my eyes set on the Happiness one. I really enjoy white floral scents so it sounds like perfection. Have you tried any NEOM products before? Whats your favourite scent?


  1. Can these be bought in a store anywhere ? I'd like to have a sniff around them first but heard great things. Nice review :)

    1. I've seen them in selfridges & John Lewis and I think those are probably the best places to look for them xx

  2. I love NEOM products. My favourite at the moment is Complete Bliss Organic Hand Cream - simply the best hand cream I've ever used and it smells divine x

  3. The Neom oils sounds so nice! xx

  4. I keep hearing such lovely things about the Neom candles that I never even knew they did bathing products. *Adds to Christmas list*

  5. I've never tried Neom, but all of the products look lovely!

  6. i've never tried neom, but i do believe their candles are made with soy which is always a winner :)

    i might get my mother some stuff for christmas, but it's deciding which smells to get! it'd also quite pricey, so possibly only one or two things as stocking fillers. the room mist is tempting, mmm!

  7. I absolutely love NEOM! there products are amazing :)

    Anna x