Friday 12 April 2013

Chloe's 3rd Birthday

The birthday girl

On April 4th it was Chloe's 3rd birthday. It's so weird to think that I had her three whole years ago. I know its cliche but time really does fly. Soon she'll be going off to pre-school :( Unlike last year when we got trapped inside due to the snow we managed to have a little party with some of the family. I made a little buffet lunch and Chloe's Minnie Mouse themed cake. It was absolutely smothered in pink buttercream icing! At least I didn't end up eating half of it like I did last year haha. Chloe was well & truly spoiled. I bought her all the Disney princess costumes & the rest of the figurines for her Disney princess castle, a cuddly Daisy Duck, some books & a couple of Innotab games. Andy & I also went halves on her first big girl bike which she loves. Not to mention all the presents she got from everyone else! It was such a nice day & it reminded me how lucky I am to have such a clever, sweet & beautiful little girly. The day was topped off with her birthday card being shown on CBeebies! We also took her to see Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Live at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds on Saturday which was a lot of fun. Here's some pictures of her special day:

Excited about all the presents


Unwrapping some more presents

Playing Hungry Hippos with cousin Joshua

Trying out her bike for the first time

Getting the hang of pedaling

Minnie Mouse cake

Blowing out the candles with a birthday kiss

Serving up cake for everyone

Watching the card being shown on iPlayer

Poking through Princess Holly's head

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  1. Aww how lovely that her card was shown on Cbeebies! Hope she had a lovely day :) xx

  2. Ahh she's such a wee cutie!! Looks like she had so much fun and THAT CAKE. I'd definitely have eaten it all, haha xxx

  3. Oh my gosh she's gorgeous! I love her princess dress & the cake you made is amazing, lucky Chloe :)

    Jesss xo

  4. Oh good God she's so adorable! Sounds like my type of girl with all the Disney goodies! Hope her day was wonderful!

  5. She's absolutely adorable, she looks too cute in her little costume! Hope she had a fantastic day xx

  6. Awwh this post is so cute! Hope you all had a lovely day :)

    Danielle xx
    Danielleyc | UK Beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog

  7. Awww she is adorable!! Glad you had a lovely day x

  8. Oh she is absolutely gorgeous! Happy belated birthday to her, I wish you both all the best <3 xxx

  9. She is PRECIOUS! It's my little boy's 1st birthday coming up soon, it really is crazy how quickly time passes!

  10. Oh she's such a sweetheart, glad she had a wonderful day, and so much pink! She's like her momma! :D

  11. She's such a cutie! Glad she had a great day! Xo

  12. aaaaw she looks so happy and excited :) hope you and the family had a lovely day xx