Tuesday 30 April 2013

TRESemmé Platinum Strength 60 Second Treatment Shot

TRESemmé Platinum Strength 60 Second Treatment Shot - £1.49

Whenever I get my roots done I like to use a good conditioning treatment on my hair to try and reverse some of the damage. TRESemmé aren't normally a brand I opt for but I've heard lots of good things about their new Platinum Strength range. Sainsbury's have all the new products at half price so I decided to give this treatment shot a go. At just 79p it would've been silly not to! The Platinum Strength range claims to reverse two years worth of damage in just a few uses. The products contain a renewing complex that will supposedly reinforce & restore the condition of your hair. I've not tested the shampoo & conditioner out as I wanted to see the merits of this treatment on it's own. It's quite thick & there's a lot of product in the tube despite it's small appearance. You could probably get a couple of uses out of this one shot but considering how damaged my hair is I whacked the whole lot on. The instructions say to leave it on for just 60 seconds before washing off but I kept it on for a couple of minutes for good measure. It makes your hair feel incredibly silky even when it's still wet. It also says to just use it on the lengths & ends of your hair, avoiding the roots but seeing as that's where my hair was just bleached I used it there too. This didn't make it greasy at all, just added some nourishment to where my hair needed it most.

After drying my hair the difference was instantly noticeable. It didn't actually make my hair feel as soft and sleek as other treatments I've used previously (although it does do a good job of that too!) but what I really like about this product is the thickness & fullness it adds to my hair. I have quite thin hair so this gave me a rather welcome volume boost. Overall my heavily bleached barnet was left in a much healthier state after just one use of this treatment. This is something I can see myself repurchasing again & again as it really works and that super low price makes it all too easy to slip one into my shopping basket!

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  1. I was so surprised by this, it really does have amazing results! xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie Blog

  2. Definitely gonna try this! Sounds awesome.

    Katie x
    And Katie / Beauty & Lifestyle

  3. i really want to try this, looks so good. and for the price, you cant go wrong!

    Chloe Witty

  4. seems like a really nice product! :)

  5. This is the first positive review I have seen! :) x

  6. sounds great and is a good price to try something out. Hate paying £8+ for treatments and finding out that they make my hair super greasy x