Tuesday 28 May 2013

WIMH Discovery Kit: Welcome Back To Korres

Welcome Back To Korres Discovery Kit* - £15 (Worth £27)

I've got another one of the amazing Discovery Kits from What's In My Handbag for you today. As well as their Ole Henriksen kit I've been trying out their Welcome Back To Korres Kit. Again like Ole Henriksen, Korres are a brand who heavily promote the use of natural, botanical ingredients. The brand originates from Greece so they utilise the Greek flora in all of their products. The result is a wonderful range of skincare, haircare & makeup. I'm sure most people have heard of their lovely Lip Butters and this kit offers you the chance to try a full size one along with two shower gels, a serum, a moisturiser and a nail polish all for just £15.

The Wild Rose Brightening & Line Smoothing Serum is packed full of Vitamin C which really brightens your skin and helps to fade scarring. It's a very light yet hydrating serum that's great for both day and night as it doesn't have any stickiness to it. I only managed to get one application of out of the Wild Rose Moisturising & Brightening Cream sample but from what I could tell it's a very nice moisturiser which would be great for anyone with dry skin. Both of these products have a very pleasant light rose scent so they're lovely to use. I only wish the samples were a bit bigger so I could try them out properly.

These shower gels smell absolutely divine! The Basil Lemon one is my fave because it's super citrusy and invigorating. They make your skin smell really nice too. The only downside is that they do contain SLS which I find to be too harsh on my eczema-prone skin.

The Baby Pink Nail Colour is a lovely sheer milky pink shade. Fellows fans of Essie Fiji & Model's Own Utopia will love this one too. It took about three coats to stop it looking streaky but the finish is really nice - high-shine and very long lasting. It contains myrrh extract, oligoelements and provitamin b5 to help keep your nails strong which is always a bonus.

My favourite item from the kit by far is the Wild Rose Lip Butter. I've heard so much hype about Korres' Lip Butters but never tried one until now and they are incredible! I'm really fussy about lip balms but this one hydrates my lips so well, feels very light to wear and has great pigmentation. I love the deep berry stain of this Wild Rose shade. Both the balm and colour last so well, my lips still looked great even after eating my lunch. I really wish I'd bought one of these sooner! Let me know your favourite shades of these because I'm pretty sure I'll end up buying another.

This kit is well worth the money for the lip balm and nail polish alone, the other bits would be perfect for travelling with or taking to the gym. I don't know how I went so long without trying one of those Lip Butters though!

And don't forget you've got until May 31st to get 20% off any order over £10 at the What's In My Handbag shop with the code SPARKLY20.

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  1. My favourite item is also the lip butter, the colour looks amazing on you! The nailpolish is also a nice neutral! Do you find that it goes on nicely?

  2. This looks great. I adore that lip butter!

    And Katie / Beauty & Lifestyle x

  3. This looks really nice! I haven't tried many things from the brand apart from the lip butter in the same shade you have, and I love that :)xo


  4. That lip butter really suits you! I always want to try Korres but never know where to start so the kit is a handy way to try a few bits! x

  5. That lip butter is stunning!! I wish I had the spare cash to justify buying the kit, mainly for the lip butter!


  6. ooh I really do like the look of that lip butter!

  7. I have just discovered Korres and I like the fact that try to be a natural brand..try because in some cases (not many fortunately) there is a use of nasty chemicals but at least they put in clearly on a label on each products and I appreciate that.
    The lip balm looks unbelievable..that colour is gorgeous and look very moist and hydrated..definitely something to try :)

    Ila x

  8. That lip butter is the most gorgeous colour. I've been wanting to try one for ages! Might have to pick one up this month! ;)


  9. i love the look of the lip butter, it really suits you! xxx

  10. I have the same baby pink nailpaint and you are soo pretty!

    I have an international clothing giveaway on my blog(last day).
    Hope you participate!


  11. I've been meaning to pick up one of the lip butters for a long time, that colour looks beautiful on you! <3

    Jennie xo // sailorjennie.com

  12. This kit sounds like a real bargain, I have the guava lip butter but I didn't realise how pigmented it would be and its white so... feels great, looks awful! Definitely need to try one of the other flavour/shades! xx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool