Wednesday 25 September 2013

Full Body Exfoliation With NSpa

NSpa Massaging Body Brush* / NSpa Eucalyptus & Sea Minerals Sea Salt Scrub*

I have really bumpy skin on my upper arms and if you've ever had Keratosis Pilaris, you'd know that it's almost impossible to treat. The only thing you can really do to help it is to exfoliate regularly. Dry body brushing followed by a good body scrub is a great place to start. Dry body brushing is something I always hear about in the press. So many celebrities credit it with improving the texture and tone of their bodies. The idea is that you massage your skin using the brush in circular motions, moving towards the heart. You have to use it on dry skin before your bath or shower. In addition to sloughing away dead skin cells, body brushing improves circulation and helps rid your body of toxins. It is most often used as an effective treatment for cellulite. Recently I've been using one of NSpa's Massaging Body Brushes. When it comes to my face I'm all about chemical exfoliation but the skin on my body is definitely a fan of this stiff bristled brush combined with a bit of elbow grease. It does feel a bit rough so you do have to be gentle with it but the results are brilliant. It really does makes my skin feel softer and more toned. It's one of the easiest and cheapest yet most effective methods for full body exfoliation.

For the best results you should always exfoliate again when you get in the shower. Kinda like a double cleanse for your face, your body will be super smooth & soft after a double exfoliation. I like my body scrubs to be full on gritty. Anything less than that and you probably won't even notice a difference. I recently reviewed a set of NSpa samples I received. In that review I said that although I really enjoyed using most of the products, their Jojoba & White Jasmine Body Polish didn't really do anything for me. Being the lovely people that they are, NSpa then sent me another one of their scrubs to see if I liked that better. This Eucalyptus & Sea Minerals Sea Salt Scrub from NSpa's Bathing Rituals range uses natural Dead Sea Salt to exfoliate the skin. Dead Sea Salt is well known for it's ability to treat eczema & psoriasis. Despite this it actually made the little patch of eczema on my elbow sting a bit. Due to how my eczema reacted to this scrub I wouldn't say it's great for sensitive skin. It does say on the label to avoid using it on broken or irritated skin so I probably should've listened to that advice! If you don't have any kind of skin condition like I do, then this is a lovely scrub. Everywhere else I applied it felt amazingly smooth after my double body exfoliation. What's really nice about this product is that although it is really gritty, it is contained within a base made from Mango Seed Oil and Vitamin E so it's actually really moisturising too. It also features essential oil of eucalyptus which has a really refreshing and invigorating scent. This scrub combined with the body brush make a fantastic duo. Follow them up with a good moisturiser and you'll be the proud owner of some silky soft skin.

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  1. I just love Nspa, I felt like I had found a pot of gold when I found them in Asda! Lovely review chick.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. I've had a dry body brush for years but I am terrible at remembering to use it! Exfoliating gloves are my favourite in the shower (although they do make you look insane).


  3. The scrub sounds gorgeous, I love the sound of this routine! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. That sounds amazing!
    I've never seen anything by nspa here in Ireland, but they have so many products that I want to try that I will definitely keep an eye out!

  5. this sounds fab! will need to give this a go for sure!


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