Thursday 5 September 2013

NSpa Beauty & Bathing Rituals

NSpa Beauty & Bathing Rituals*

NSpa is a brand of toiletries created by the experts at Nirvana Spa in Berkshire. Chances are you will have seen their Fruit Extracts shower gels & body butters in your local Asda (the coconut & grapefruit scents are my fave!) but their entire line of products is actually fairly extensive. I was kindly sent a special 'blogger bag' with six samples of the most loved products from their Beauty & Bathing Rituals ranges. NSpa's products are paraben free, cruelty free and suitable for all skin types.

First off we have the Beauty Rituals range. All the Beauty Rituals products are numbered 1-4 signifying Cleanse, Tone, Treat or Moisturise. It makes it a lot easier to know which products to buy & how to use them. I was sent the Melting Cleansing Gel for step 1, the Hot Cloth Polish for step 2 and the Illuminating Beauty Serum for step 3. All of the products I was sent feature neroli essential oil which has many benefits for all skin types. It is especially effective on scarring and as an anti-ageing ingredient. The Melting Cleansing Gel is such a gorgeous product. It is very similar to the Clarins one but a whole lot cheaper. It starts off as a thick gel when you squeeze it from the tube. As you massage it into your skin it starts to feel more like an oil-based cleanser and the makeup melting process begins. Once emulsified with water it turns into a cleansing milk to wash away makeup and impurities. It manages to remove all of my makeup with minimal effort and leaves my skin feeling perfectly soft & hydrated. I don't really like using a hot cloth cleanser for my second cleanse because I feel like they work better for makeup removal. That doesn't stop this from being a really good cleanser though. It's pretty much the same as the Liz Earle one but without the scent. Used with a muslin cloth, it does an excellent job of cleansing & exfoliating. It features cocoa butter so it leaves my skin soft & nourished. I think my favourite product out of everything has to be the Illuminating Beauty Serum. This has a rather thick texture for a serum but it is absorbed very quickly and leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft without any stickiness. The illumination actually comes from tiny shimmery gold particles so it quite literally makes your face glow! In that respect it gives a similar effect to the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer. Therefore this is probably best used as a day serum. After using this my pores look a lot smaller and my skin looks smoother in general. Followed up with a light moisturiser, you're left with a fantastic base for your makeup.

Next we have the Bathing Rituals range. These are labelled 1-3 for Cleanse, Exfoliate or Moisturise. I was sent the Jojoba & White Jasmine Moisturising Shower & Body Wash for step 1, the Jojoba & White Jasmine Body Polish for step 2 and the Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Lotion for step 3. The shower gel is really nice, lathers up well and has such a lovely light scent. The jojoba & white jasmine scent is probably strongest in this product out of the three and it lingers on your skin long after showering. I think NSpa are best known for their lovely fruity shower gels so it's no surprise that this was so nice. I wasn't as impressed with the body polish. This is a clear gel with lots of little beads dotted throughout. I prefer my scrubs to be a bit more gritty as I find gels never exfoliate sufficiently. Basically this did nothing for me. I did however very much like the body lotion. I'm pretty lazy with moisturising because I like products to absorb quickly so I can get on with things. This is a really thick cream but the texture feels more like a body balm so it absorbs a lot faster than I thought it would. It's incredibly moisturising and makes my skin feel really soft all day long.

I love how NSpa have simplified down face & body skincare routines through their numbering system. You can use any combo of products to create your own bespoke skincare routine or pampering ritual. It's a really clever idea! I have personally found it incredibly tricky to find decent skincare products on a budget but NSpa have really delivered with their Beauty & Bathing Rituals lines. As a typically high-end girl I'm actually quite shocked by how good the skincare line is! Next time you're in Asda it'd be well worth checking some of these out.

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  1. I only discovered NSpa the other week and I only saw their body butters, body mist and body lotion and didn't realise they had other items too. I bought the body mist and body lotion and I love them so now I really want to try all of the Beauty Range.

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  2. Such a good idea where theyve labelled them 1,2,3 as alot of people dont know how to properly clean there faces in the right steps :)

    Following you, would love you to follow mine back.

    Frankie xXx

  3. I've tried the cleanser and serum and was impressed at how good they were for the price. I also love the numbering system - no matter how tired you are in the morning and evening they've made it effortless to keep up a thorough skincare routine xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  4. I adore Jojoba scent so this sounds perfect especially if they're quite strong. I often find that with shower products the scent evaporates as soon as i've washed the products off!

    I'm giving away a MAC Lipstick on my blog if you'd like to enter!

  5. nice looking products and they really sound interesting and plus I love the bag!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

  6. Love the bag it comes in and the products sound really lovely too! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  7. I"ve been dying to try some of the NSpa products but I keep forgetting to look out for them when I'm in ASDA! I love the look of the Melting Gel Cleanser and Illuminating Serumn.

    Hannah x