Thursday 13 March 2014

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Hair Tutorials

You might have noticed that I love experimenting with my hair. I've dyed it nearly every colour under the sun and dramatic hair cuts simply don't phase me. I've had everything from an asymmetric pixie cut to the 'Rachel' to a scene kid mullet (oh dear...). Creating different hairstyles on my own however is something I'm not too good at. Thank the lord for YouTube & all the wonderful hair tutorials on there. It's much easier to try out a new style after watching a video guide several times. At the minute I'm embracing my longish hair and I like to use products that can give it oodles of volume. Next time I pop into Boots I plan on buying some of the John Frieda Luxurious Volume products. I was using their Full Restore products but the Luxurious Volume Touchably Full shampoo & conditioner now come with colour protection which is great news for my bleached blonde hair. John Frieda have just unveiled some fabulous hair tutorials on their YouTube page using some of the products from the Luxurious Volume range. If you're into big hairstyles then you should definitely check them out!

Big Bold Waves

I've always wanted to recreate this kind of hairstyle but never knew how! Big bouncy hair is always a good look & this doesn't seem overly difficult. The John Frieda Fine To Full Blow-Out Spray used in this video sounds like a potential dupe for Oribe Maximista. I'll definitely have to try it out & compare the two.

Floral Curls

This cute but edgy rockabilly style would be perfect for anyone with shorter hair. I love the floral hair pins as they soften up what is otherwise quite a masculine look. I'm not sure it would suit me personally but I'm sure there's plenty of short haired girlies who could totally rock it.

*Written in collaboration with John Frieda

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  1. I love these tutorials, especially the big bold waves :)! thankyou for sharing! xx