Tuesday 11 March 2014

Mini Boots Haul

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara / Maybelline Expert Wear Mono Eyeshadow in Iced Fudge
Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in Demure

Three words. Eleven letters. Say it and I'm yours. Three for two. I have some kind of weird reverse logic when it comes to buying makeup. I'm happy to splash out £50 a time in Space.NK but I never buy makeup from Boots or Superdrug unless there's some kind of offer on. I guess I'm generally a 'quality over quantity' kinda gal. However the three for two deal in Boots is the ultimate enabler. I always take this time to try out a few new things & I'm very pleased with everything I picked up.

I made a beeline for the Revlon stand as I couldn't resist the new ColorBurst Lacquer Balms. I loved the original balm stains, they're some of my most worn lip products. The Matte balms didn't appeal to me that much but the high shine formula of the Lacquers definitely did. I went for the shade Demure which is a soft peachy pink colour. It's a totally gorgeous 'your lips but better' shade. The mix of shea, mango & coconut butter feels lovely on the lips & it has a pleasant minty fragrance. As well as their glossy finish, the Lacquers contain small glittery particles to give the appearance of a plumper pout. Frosty or glittery lip products are not my thing at all but the shimmer is barely visible. It can make it feel slightly gritty but I'm willing to overlook that for the sugary sweet colour.

I've read a lot of reviews about the L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara & it seems to be a very divisive product. Some people love the super voluminous formula whilst others find it rather clumpy. I knew it was something I just had to try out for myself. I love anime & manga so the advertising campaign had already piqued my interest. I assume they're going for a gyaru makeup look though rather than that of an actual cartoon character. If only I weren't so squeamish about putting in circle lenses I'd be rocking gyaru makeup all the time! Anyway, I'm a big fan of fat black voluminous lashes so I had high hopes for this mascara. It makes my lashes look really long, adds a decent amount of volume & holds a curl really well. It can get a little bit spidery as you layer it up but I don't really mind that. The conical shape of the brush allows you to coat every lash & it's easy to do your bottom lashes with too. I can't say I like the flexible wand. I'm used to using more force when applying mascara so it just felt a bit flimsy. I do think it's a good mascara overall but unfortunately it doesn't quite make me look like Sailor Moon.

The last item I bought was the Maybelline Expert Wear Mono Eyeshadow in Iced Fudge. I have a plethora of shimmery brown eyeshadows in my collection but there was just something special about this shade. It almost gives a metallic wet look to your eyes. If you're into one eyeshadow makeup looks then this would be a great product to buy. The colour is quite similar to MAC Satin Taupe but with a slight rosy tone. It wouldn't look out of place in the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. The shadow is a bit glittery but it applies very smoothly without a great deal of fallout. It's an easily dupable eyeshadow & I'd be surprised if you didn't already own something similar but that doesn't stop it from being incredibly lovely.

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  1. Your photography is absolutely gorgeous, I was scrolling down my bloglovin' newsfeed and wasn't planning on stopping but seriously - beautiful, beautiful pictures! I'm desperate to try the Miss Mange and the ColourBurst, both look lovely and have had rave reviews pretty much across the board. I've never really had a proper look around your blog but I'm definitely going to now!

    Jade | skinsweet

  2. That Revlon lacquer balm looks stunning on you Caroline, such a beautiful shade! x


  3. Demure is definitely my favourite colour from the Lacquer balm range, such a gorgeous colour! I was quite tempted by the Miss Manga mascara too but I ended up with a Collection one that I've read is a great dupe for They're Real.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  4. Oh, that Revlon balm is a beauty! I was underwhelmed by the Miss Manga mascara too. I was expecting big things but it just wasn't particularly special.


  5. You look gorgeous, the lip colour and mascara look lovely x

    Catherines Loves

  6. Lovely picks - I have that shade of Revlon Lacquer balm (love!) and Miss Manga. We clearly share excellent taste! x

  7. Absolutely love the Miss Manga mascara! I can quite easily spend £50 in Boots, intact I often do.

  8. And orange toned lip product is a must! Love your picks!


  9. I have both the L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara and Revlon Lacquer Balm in Demure and my thoughts are very similar to yours.. The mascara is quite good, but I hate how much it clumps and it's not very buildable.. I do love the Lacquer Balm in Demure though, the colour and formula are right up my street! The matte balms just don't appeal to me either.. x

    Rachael | overdosedemaquillage.com

  10. The Maybelline eye shadow is gorgeous! I definitely need to check my collection for something similar. xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  11. that eyeshadow looks absolutely stunning xx
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

  12. I've read other bloggers raving about that eyeshadow, but I have yet to find it! I bought the same lip lacquer recently, but unfortunately I don't think it quite suits me.


  13. Holy lashes Batman! I'm jealous!

  14. I'd been debating over the miss manga mascara for a while but was unsure but it looks lovely on!

    The Student Blog x

  15. I really want to try that Miss Manga mascara!
    PS. Your photos are always perfect x

    ♥ elín from elin likes

  16. I bought the Miss Manga mascara on a whim, I'm glad you like it! It looks great on you so lets hope it works for me :)
    Roshni’s Journey

  17. I really don't like the Miss Manga mascara! Bought it with such high hopes as well.