Monday, 19 May 2014

Don't Be Jelly

JuJu Babe Jelly Shoes In Multi Glitter & Black - £25

Who didn't own a pair of jellies back in the 90s?! They have always been one of my favourite fashion trends & I consider them to be everyday shoes rather than just beach attire. JuJu are the creators of the original British Jelly Shoe. Although every clothes store seems to be selling their own jelly shoes at the minute, I think the original is always the best. Office started stocking JuJu jellies again when I started uni. I promptly bought a pink pair of Fergies and wore them every single day. I even wore them with tights in the winter because I loved them so much. I couldn't be happier that they're back in fashion again & the Babe shoes are my new favourite. They're so comfortable & the chunky heel gives me some much needed height. I actually bought these last year from American Apparel because Office, ASOS & pretty much every other online JuJu stockist were completely out of stock. Now that we've finally had some lovely weather come our way I figured I'd get them out again & indulge in some jelly loving.

There's so many different colours available but I went for the classics - Multi Glitter & Black. I'm sure I had some similar glitter ones as a child. I kinda wish I could've gotten the Mega Glitter ones because they're insanely sparkly but nowhere had them at the time. If I had the money I'd buy a pair in every single colour. The pastels are divine. I find myself lusting after the baby blue & pink ones all the time. I know not everyone likes the socks & sandals look but I think that JuJus look amazing no matter how you wear them. The glitter ones work really well with black tights or socks because you can see the particles a bit more. I especially like wearing the black ones with some frilly ankle socks, it makes them look even cuter! Are you a fan of jelly shoes?

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  1. I love me some jelly shoes!
    I always had the flat ones back in the day so when these came out again I HAD to buy the heeled ones haha. I'm after a pair in white now :) xx

  2. I know they aren't as classic but I love the Chelsea style boots they do! Xx

  3. Just bought simillar from Primark, not the same obviously, but they're fab:-)

  4. I really struggle with these. A part of me thinks they're hideous but another part of me just really wants a pair!


  5. I remember having a pair of glitter, pink and clear jelly shoes as a kid and I loved them so much! I would love to pick some up for the summer time and these ones just look that little nicer than the ones the high street shops are selling. :)

  6. these are soooo cute, wish I could get some wider ones. I love my Mel jelly shoes too x