Saturday 24 May 2014

DIY Nails Fruity Decals

DIY Nails Fruity Decals* - £6

I first tried some of DIY Nails' water activated decals back at Christmas and have been hooked ever since. I love doing my nails but I never have time to do much more than paint them with a single colour. My nail art skills aren't the best either. Polka dots, stripes & daisies are within my ability but that's about it! That's why these decals are such a brilliant idea. They're a quick and easy solution for an awesome looking manicure. No scratchy nail art pens or technical tools required. I recently got sent an incredible package of decals from DIY Nails. The ones that instantly stood out to me were these fruity designs. They're just so bright & colourful, they needed to be on my nails ASAP. For my base colour I went for Model's Own Pastel Pink. It goes really well with most of the designs but the banana is a little hard to see against it. The strawberry looks super cute though. I feel like Carmen Miranda haha!

To use these decals all you need are some scissors, a little bowl of water and a clear top coat. Just cut out the designs you wish to use, pop each one in the water for about 10-20 seconds and then slide them onto your nails. It can be a bit fiddly to begin with but once you get the hang of it, application couldn't be any simpler. I find it easiest to put the transfer at the base of the nail so you can slide the image upwards. You then have a few seconds to adjust the positioning before the design sets into place. I use a bit of kitchen roll to gently pat my nails dry and finally I apply the clear top coat. The decals sit flat on your nails but the extra layer of polish seals everything into place and makes the artwork look completely seamless.

Along with the fruity decals I received a whole host of their new designs. The cats, letters & doughnuts are my other favourites. There's even a little speech bubble with 'sashay away' written in it! This is the perfect opportunity to do some Rupaul inspired nails. At just £6 per pack you can afford to go crazy with these. Each design sheet comes with tons of decals so not only will they last for ages but you can create a totally different manicure every time. DIY Nails decals are available to buy from their online store, ASOS & Urban Outfitters. Check out the DIY Nails Instagram page for some badass nailspiration!

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  1. I have seen these floating around the net a lot recently and they look so good i defiantly need to try them
    Fashion & Beauty Tribes

  2. Aww these are very cute! I want some! Definitely makes basic nails a bit more interesting!


  3. These are totally adorable! So summery xx

  4. I follow them on instagram and their decals are the cutest thing ever! I love all the different designs, I'll definitely be getting some! xx

    ☾ ☾

  5. Oh my gosh these are ADORABLE! I've never tried water decals before, but these are so pretty!

  6. Hey Caroline,

    I just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award tag on my blog. I hope you have a go! Also, these decals are seriously awesome. I must get some!


  7. Love those little stickers! So so cute and they look fab with the light pink base. I'm a new bloglovin' follower. Your blog is beautifully designed. xx

  8. I had some of the Christmas decals too and loved them. The fruity ones are perfect for summer!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  9. THESE ARE SO COOL! The cats :') I want some custom Seinfeld nail decals (y) x

  10. These look awesome! Think I'll have to pick some up for summer. :D