Monday 2 February 2015

Bimuno IMMUNAID Prebiotic Pastilles + £500 Gift Card Giveaway!

Bimuno IMMUNAID Prebiotic Pastilles* - £9.99

Healthwise, the past few years have been quite difficult for me. I suffer from anxiety and the biggest cause of it is my gut. In turn my anxiety exacerbates my gut problems. It's a vicious cycle & one that is very hard to break even after having CBT. With therapy it is possible to change the way you think about certain situations but when your body won't cooperate with your mind, it makes things a lot more difficult. Although I've never been clinically diagnosed I'm pretty sure that I have some form of IBS. I've mentioned my love of health supplements many times before. One of the reasons I take so many is in order to keep my stomach under control. The main thing that helps me is taking probiotics which are live bacteria that are good for the digestive system. They also help to boost the immune system, prevent UTIs & yeast infections and clear acne & eczema.

Things like Yakult & Activia are next to useless but I've had a lot of success with probiotic pills. The ones I currently take contain five billion microorganisms per capsule so they're really potent. I was recently contacted by Bimuno to see if I would be interested in trying their IMMUNAID chewable prebiotic pastilles. Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates that act as food for probiotics. They further boost the effects of probiotics by ensuring the survival of good bacteria in the gut. Basically it's a really good idea to take probiotics & prebiotics together for optimum gut health. All of the products in the Bimuno prebiotics range feature their unique patented Galacto-oligosaccharides in various quantities. IMMUNAID also contains vitamin C which contributes to the normal function of the immune system making it an ideal supplement for the Winter cold & flu season.

I've been taking IMMUNAID for the past few weeks & I have actually noticed a difference in my body. Every morning after breakfast I eat two of the pastilles. The benefits build over time so it's important to keep taking them every day. Despite their orange appearance the pastilles don't actually taste of oranges. The taste is a little odd but they're still sweet & pleasant to eat. They are suitable for adults & children over six years old. Anyone with a weak or compromised immune system would benefit from taking this product. Ever since Chloe started school she's been picking up loads of colds & normally they quickly spread around our home. I've managed to avoid catching any illnesses so far this year & I think that taking these prebiotics has probably helped with that. When Chloe turns six next year I'll definitely buy some for her too. In terms of my stomach issues everything has felt a lot calmer & more comfortable recently. My anxiety has lessened as a result & I feel less sluggish overall. One of the side effects of IBS is bloating & I've found that these help massively with that problem. I'm going to continue taking these as I feel that they work in harmony with the probiotics I was already taking. If you ever struggle with digestive discomfort or have a poor immune system then I would highly recommend trying some of the Bimuno products.

Even if you don't normally suffer from stomach problems, prebiotics are really useful if you're travelling abroad. The best way to protect against foreign tummy bugs is by boosting the good bacteria in your gut. However your natural digestive balance can be affected by things like foreign food or drink, the climate and even the stress of travelling itself. Most people rely on measures they can take once the problem has occurred but it's far better to be prepared before you go away by taking one of the Bimuno products. In case you're planning a trip abroad Bimuno are currently running a competition to win a £500 Trail Finders gift card. You can spend it on any trip or flight organised through Trail Finders. Simply enter using the widget below. Good luck!

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