Friday 12 June 2015

ghd White Eclipse Styler

ghd White Eclipse Styler* - £145

One of my first major beauty purchases was a pair of ghd hair straighteners. Back in the early 2000s all of my school friends were completely obsessed with them & I remember how excited I was to finally be getting some of my very own. At the time they were life changing. I used to have really frizzy brown hair & being able to sort out my messy barnet within a matter of minutes was a huge confidence booster. I've always thought that ghds were well worth the money because they just do their job so incredibly well & last for years. In fact my old ones are still going strong today! However technology has improved so much since then & ghd have certainly upped their game over the years. I was pleased as punch to receive one of their newer creations - the Eclipse styler.

This styler is a massive upgrade compared to the huge black & yellow straighteners that I used to have. First of all it looks infinitely better! This white version looks modern, sleek & stylish but the difference between the Eclipse & other hair straighteners is not merely aesthetic. The body feels cooler to the touch & the styler feels more comfortable to hold as there is aerogel insulation in the casing. ghd's patented tri-zone technology enables these straighteners to transform even the most unruly hair into soft, smooth locks. It features six quick-thinking sensors (three on each plate) to ensure that no heat is lost during styling & the temperature remains constant at 185°C. According to ghd this is the optimum temperature for styling hair & produces the longest lasting results.

Personally I tend to prefer straighteners with a temperature dial because I'm very wary of frying my hair. However these work so well that I only have to pass them through once for a perfect style. The plates are super smooth & totally snag free. They perform better than ever & heat up faster than ever. When I first turned them on I was amazed at how quickly they were ready to use. It literally only takes a couple of seconds! They even light up & make a sound to let you know that they're ready to go. We're living in the future people! They also come with a heat-resistant plate guard so they can cool down safely after use & they will automatically turn off if left unattended for 30 minutes. Not having to worry about burning your house down can only be a good thing!

I always blow dry my hair straight using a rounded brush so I hardly ever use straighteners to actually straighten my hair. Instead I use them to curl & style my hair. Fine straight hair can look a little flat so adding a few curls with your hair straighteners can really pump up the volume & make your hair look much thicker. I often use them in a zig-zag pattern to create grungy waves but those are easy to do with any old straighteners. I wanted to put the ghd Eclipse's curl creating ability to the test as this straightener supposedly provides shinier, smoother, longer lasting styles in just one stroke. Before using the styler on my hair I make sure to generously spritz through some of the ghd Heat Protect Spray*. I couldn't live without Kerastase Ciment Thermique but it's always a good idea to protect your hair further with a heat protection spray immediately before styling.

Curling your hair with a pair of ghds couldn't be simpler. Sectioning your hair will make things a little easier but as I'm growing out a weird top layer of breakage I don't really need to. Grab a small section of your hair & place the styler around it at about cheekbone level. Clamp it shut & wrap the strands all the way around it going down to the ends. After about 10 seconds release the hair & repeat with the next section. Make sure to alternate the direction of the curls to add even more movement & texture. Then just tease the curls with your fingers & voilà!

My hair doesn't hold a style very well so I normally have to use lots of hairspray to keep the curls in place. I decided to give it a miss this time though considering that the Eclipse claims to create long lasting shapes on it's own. I can honestly vouch for this as I still have some lovely ringlets going on a few days later. Most of it did drop by the next day but my hair still looked a lot more voluminous than usual. I love the texture that it can add to my hair & the soft curls have the most wonderful shine, all thanks to the Eclipse styler. I couldn't be any happier with these straighteners & they're an excellent choice whether you like your hair to be poker straight or perfectly curled. They look beautiful & work beautifully. Every girl needs a good pair of hair straighteners & if you're still clinging onto your old ones, I would highly recommend investing in the ghd Eclipse styler.

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  1. I love how you've curled your hair with them. I always use straighteners to curl my hair too. It's so easy! Although I have recently received a ghd curling wand, so I need to practice with those. x

  2. Oh my gosh these are so gorgeous!! And look how pretty your hair is, wow!

    Charlotte - xx

  3. OMG i absolutey love these!! Unfortunately I dont have enough hair to justify spending £145 on some straighteneners to do my fringe. hha! #pixiecutproblems

  4. OMG i absolutey love these!! Unfortunately I dont have enough hair to justify spending £145 on some straighteneners to do my fringe. hha! #pixiecutproblems