Wednesday 3 June 2015

May Favourites

Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil
My cuticles are one of my most neglected areas & the skin around my nails is always really dry. I can't resist peeling the skin away which in turn makes my fingertips red & sore. I've been trying to take better care of my nails lately & the condition of your cuticles makes a huge difference to the finish of your manicure. Slathering on a bit of the Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil every night has really improved things & has made my fingertips look much healthier. The oil is quite light in texture so it sinks in quickly & doesn't feel too greasy. It nourishes both the skin & nails plus the lovely apricot scent makes it a pleasure to use. It comes with a nail brush applicator so it's really easy to apply & it's something you can quickly do whilst sitting in front of the telly. I'll never neglect my cuticles again, pinky promise!

Illamasqua Rosepout Lipstick
This is one of Illamasqua's newer Glamore lipsticks which have a creamy satin finish. Although I do own and love quite a few of the older Illamasqua lipsticks, they were often very dry, matte & unforgiving on the lips. The Glamore lipsticks are definitely where it's at & I would highly recommend these if you're looking for something that is colour intense, long lasting & comfortable to wear. Within the Glamore range there are seven different nude shades & they even have a guide to choosing the perfect nude lipstick for your skin tone. Rosepout is a gorgeous neutral pinky brown colour & works beautifully with my cool toned pale skin. It has a modern retro feel to it & looks amazing paired with 1960s style eye makeup.

The Library Of Fragrance Mountain Air Cologne Spray*
Having never climbed a mountain before, a perfume inspired by the smell of mountain air was very intriguing to me. It's normally quite easy to imagine what The Library Of Fragrance's fantastic range of single note colognes will actually smell like but Mountain Air is a lot more complex & very unique. This breathtaking cologne spray combines together all the different elements that you would find at the top of a mountain. It's a cool, crisp & clean concoction of snow, water, flowers, trees & soil. This wonderfully refreshing unisex scent is really something quite special.

Alterna Caviar CC Cream
Hair creams have become my weapon of choice when it comes to styling my locks. After a quick blow dry I love running a few pumps of this stuff through the lengths of my hair. It helps to smooth down any flyaways & adds just the right amount of hold. Whilst CC Creams are normally for facial colour correction, the Alterna CC Cream delivers 'complete correction' to the hair. This one product provides 10 different hair benefits which are moisture, shine, smoothness, softness, UV protection, manageability, strength, anti-breakage, heat protection & light hold. It really helps to keep my bleached hair looking healthy & it smells amazing too! The whole Alterna Caviar range is simply incredible & well worth the investment if your hair is looking a little lacklustre.

BECCA Flowerchild Mineral Blush
Peachy pink shimmery blushers are my absolute favourite & this BECCA Mineral Blush is exceptionally pretty. Flowerchild has the most gorgeous golden sheen running through it that really illuminates the cheeks & gives them a fresh Summery glow. The shimmer is extremely subtle with no chunks of glitter so it won't accentuate large pores. The texture of this blusher is silky smooth & it blends like a dream. The colour can be built up without it ever looking cakey or chalky. Flowerchild adds the loveliest flush of colour to my cheeks & really lifts my complexion. It doesn't look like much in the pan but this is a truly stunning product & it would look fabulous on many different skin tones.

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  1. Beautiful picks! I need to check out Illamasqua Rosepout, pronto! :)


  2. I love the look of Rosepout, such a pretty colour!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  3. Oh god, just added all five to my wishlist, I desperately to buy a cuticle oil, my nailbeds are so dry!

    lillies and lipbalm