Monday 28 September 2015

Invisibobble Hair Ties

Invisibobble Traceless Hair Rings - £5

Ever since the top layer of my hair broke off last year I've been trying really hard to take better care of it. Despite how damaging they can be to the hair follicles, I could never give up bleach or heat. Stupid, I know but I just love having blonde hair too much! However I have invested in tons of products in order to improve the condition of my locks & reduce the chances of it all breaking off again. One of my favourite purchases is a very simple one. I changed the hair bands I use & am now a devotee of the Invisibobble. I only wash my hair once or twice a week so it spends a great deal of time up in a ponytail. This can put a lot of stress on the hair & cause breakage without you noticing. You might not think that a new hair band could make much difference to your hair but you'd be surprised!

The innovative telephone cord design is what makes the Invisibobble so special. They have many benefits including being more gentle on the hair. You can get them in loads of different colours but I went for the limited edition clear glitter version because they reminded me of jelly shoes. I'm sure everyone struggles with unsightly kinks after putting their hair up in a ponytail all day but with the Invisibobble this can be a thing of the past. They are traceless which means that they won't leave any marks in your hair. As you wrap the band around your hair, it places uneven pressure on the ponytail. This gives your hair strands more space within the ponytail & allows for the hair to be held in place without needing to tie the band too tightly. It's great being able to put my hair up to wash my face & do my makeup without ruining the style when I want to wear it down again.

Invisibobbles are also more caring to the hair as they are completely snag-free. I gave up hair ties with metal in them a long time ago but these work even better than the bands I normally use which still pull out strands of my hair & put stress on my crown. When I take one of these out, it slides out easily & doesn't pull a single hair out with it. The rings look a bit stretched out after removal but they always return to their original shape. If you often get headaches from wearing your hair up then the Invisibobble also offers respite from this. As the weight of your hair is evenly distributed through the coiled ring, it doesn't pull on individual hairs or your scalp. This reduces the tension & makes the hair band comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I always get a headache if I sleep with a hair band in but I can sleep perfectly fine with an Invisibobble. They can also be worn as a bracelet so you always have one handy but this looks a bit silly in my opinion. I'm happy enough with just wearing it in my hair! I honestly think that the Invisibobble is an amazing invention & I've not had as much hair loss or breakage since I started wearing them. The difference that this small change has made is unbelievable. I only wish I'd bought some sooner!

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  1. I have these and I do really like them, they don't keep my hair up in a high pony for long as it is so heavy but, I don't get that headache you sometimes get and they are really comfy x

    Zoe Mountford x

  2. Oh my gosh I need these hair ties in my life!

  3. I have thick hair and worry about breakage all the time, these sound brilliant. I will have to try these!

    Lucy x

  4. I got some of these in the September Glossybox and have been looking forward to giving them a try. I've popped one in for the first time tonight and so far I'm really impressed with how well they hold my hair. I'll be checking for kinks when I take it out to go to bed later x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  5. The top layer of my hair is also breaking off due to bleach and straighteners, but like you I love my white hair too much and I'm so not willing to give it up! I'd really love a post about how you helped yours to recover/how you maintain the condition now - I'm using plenty of moisturising products and protein-rich masks but advice from someone who's been there too would be so helpful. Love your blog, long time reader! X

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