Saturday 12 September 2015

SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox

SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox* - £32.90

I'm sure that for most of us SkinnyMint is a brand that needs no introduction. Their teatoxes are all over social media right now as many people are looking for that quick fix to weight loss. If you've somehow not heard of SkinnyMint before, it is a detox tea programme consisting of two unique blends - Morning Boost & Night Cleanse. Both of the teas are all natural & when used together they can help to kickstart a healthier lifestyle. A little while ago SkinnyMint sent me their 28 day ultimate teatox so that I could reap the benefits of the detox for myself.

Now this isn't the first time that I've tried a teatox. Last year I bought Your Tea's Tiny Tea Teatox as it was one of the few teatoxes I could find without senna. I even took loads of photos ready for a review post but I couldn't finish the programme. The tea tasted disgusting & it was such a faff to fit in with my meals. The teabags were really poor quality too & most of them split during steeping. Although the SkinnyMint Night Cleanse does contain senna I decided to give it a go anyway as you only have to drink one or two teas per day & you can have them straight after finishing meals. I was also very impressed by the quality of their teabags. It sounds like such a weird thing to be picky about but it really does make all the difference! They're basically the same as those lovely pyramid bags that teapigs use.

In the 28 day ultimate teatox kit you receive 28 of the Morning Boost teabags so you're supposed to drink one of these every day. Morning Boost claims to increase energy, burn fat & reduce your appetite. It contains quite a few stimulants including green tea, yerba mate & guarana but it still has less caffeine than a cup of coffee. They've included nettle & dandelion leaves to help detoxify your body. Nettle is a natural diuretic so this really helps to banish bloating & get rid of water weight. Natural grapefruit, strawberry & pineapple flavourings are also added to make it taste even yummier. I absolutely love the flavour of this tea. It just tastes like a really fresh & fruity green tea plus it goes down a treat with my daily bowl of porridge. This tea has definitely helped to reduce my appetite. I'm a huge snacker & this is one of the few things that has helped me stick to a proper meal plan. It gives me tons of energy too so I always look forward to drinking it in the morning.

You also get 14 of the Night Cleanse teabags. You're supposed to drink one of these every other night of the teatox starting from the first day. It is suitable to drink any time after your evening meal. Night Cleanse claims to reduce bloating, improve digestion & help weight loss. The main ingredient in this tea is senna leaves which act as a natural laxative. It's definitely something to be aware of as you might want to stay close to the bathroom when you first start the programme. The tea also features a blend of ginger root, orange leaves, lemongrass, liquorice root, peppermint leaves, hawthorn berry & psyllium husk. Most of these aim to improve digestion and relieve bloating & constipation. To me it just tastes like peppermint tea which is something I love to drink anyway. But here's where I started to have problems with the teatox. I mentioned that I'm not a fan of senna products & the main reason for that is because I have IBS. I definitely do not need any help with going to the toilet. TMI I know but it comes with the territory of teatox reviews. I also don't really agree with promoting laxative abuse as a form of weight loss but this tea only lasts for 14 days & they recommend taking a 4-6 week break between teatoxes.

To reduce the effects of the senna leaves I started steeping the tea for just one minute before removing the bag. Even this didn't improve things & it still made my stomach churn like crazy. Things took a turn for the worse when after a couple of weeks of doing the teatox I got struck down with gastroenteritis. At this point I had to stop drinking both of the SkinnyMint teas because I felt so ill. I took a break of about two weeks before trying the teatox again.

By August I felt much better & decided to drink the rest of the teas. Things went a lot smoother this time as I mainly just drank the Morning Boost tea. During the Summer it was even more enjoyable to drink iced with a dash of pineapple juice. I tried the Night Cleanse once more but I figured it wasn't going to be any good for me. I still have some of the teabags left & I doubt I'll ever finish them off. Despite not doing the programme in full I've definitely noticed a difference from drinking the Morning Boost tea.

I appear to be getting half naked on my blog more times than I would like to lately but I was so impressed with the teatox that I felt the need to post photographic evidence of my results. My stomach looks much less bloated than it used to which is pretty miraculous. I only lost 3lbs during my teatox which was probably just water weight but as I wasn't very well I didn't get much chance to work out. SkinnyMint is best taken alongside a healthy diet & regular exercise. I would imagine that it can contribute to substantial weight loss when used in this manner. I think my figure looks pretty good right now considering I didn't really change anything about my diet!

Overall I would say that the SkinnyMint teatox is well worth trying out. It can help tremendously with bloating, just don't go into it expecting to lose loads of weight. Personally I wouldn't do the full teatox again but I'm definitely going to repurchase the Morning Boost tea separately. It's a great energy booster at the start of the day & has such a delicious flavour. SkinnyMint can also be purchased as a 14 day starter teatox or if you want to try it out with a friend they have a discounted set of two available. Have you ever tried a teatox before?

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  1. Very interesting post. From your pictures it's obvious the teatox has made a difference (you look great btw!) I'm thinking the morning boost alone will be a good place for me to start,scared of the night cleanse as I also have tummy issues! Thanks for sharing such an honest review.
    Abi xx

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